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Like Being Choked


By ELPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Photo By Dinu Atanasov

I don't know if it's the weather changing or what, but I have been extra horny recently. I have been dating someone for about a year, and things are pretty serious (I wrote about taking his virginity in another article).

Like I said, my boyfriend was a virgin before me, which gives me the chance to mold him into my perfect little sex boy. At first, I tried keeping it pretty normal; nothing too crazy because I knew he was not familiar with a girl’s body. He was surprisingly very good at what he needed to do, penetration-wise, and I never had any complaints. But eventually, my rougher side needed to be played with.

I didn’t know how to bring up the idea of bringing pain into the bedroom in fear of scaring him off. So I decided to start out with spanking. Now I felt like this was a good step to start with because he always slaps my butt when he gets the chance out of the bedroom. So one day, after he smacked my butt, I told him that it sorta turned me on and that he should do it when we were doing the dirty. That same night he smacked my butt, and as I yelled “smack me harder,” I knew by his response that he was into the pain he was inflicting on me. Before people start assuming I love being beaten, I DON’T—I just like knowing my man is in control. He continued to smack my butt hard from then on.

Now this was going great, and like I said, I had no complaints; but I was still missing one major thing. Being choked. I have no idea where this fetish came from or when it started, but it was a flame I could not put out. Any time he would accidentally touch my neck or kiss it, I was always hoping he would wrap his hands around it and throw me down. I craved the control it gave him and the way it made me look up at him. Something about being pinned down while my man does his thing while I have to lay there without squirming really gets me going.

After two to three months of our regular sex, I brought up choking me. But this time, I brought it up while we were having sex. I grabbed his wrist and put it on my throat and whispered in his ear “choke me now.” And BOY, did he listen. He grabbed my throat and began having the roughest sex with me I had ever had. Afterwards, he looked at me and said, “why didn’t you tell me to do that earlier?” From then on we were hooked, and choking became an everyday thing. I don’t like being controlled outside of the bedroom at all, but being pinned down and somewhat helpless makes me want him so bad. HE is in control. HE is putting in hard work. HE is doing whatever he can to please me just as much as him. So I guess that’s why I love being choked. I like knowing the man I am with will literally hold me down in order to please me. Also, I am a bad squirmer during sex once I reach an orgasm, so being held down just heightens the feeling.

Being choked is such an easy way to make missionary feel so much dirtier than usual. I recommend it for all, but just make sure they know how much pressure to put on, or else that could turn into a big mess.

(I in no way condone abuse. I want everyone to enjoy sex in whatever way they want as long as it is consensual.)


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