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Taking a Virginity

I unknowingly took a man's virginity.

By ELPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Yes. You read the title right. I took a sweet catholic boy's virginity and I didn't remember doing it.

Now, before you make judgments, let's set the scene. My friend and I decided to crash a boy's trip to the Dirty Myrtle (Myrtle Beach). So there are two girls and eight men—not ideal, I know. Not only were there ten of us, but we were staying in a two bedroom one bathroom small condo. The friend who came with me was actually dating one of the eight men, so she was set for the week. Now, without sounding too slutty, I knew I had to capture one of the other men as my prey for the week, but after thinking about my options, I decided I would venture outside of our group of men (I have needs).

We are young kids who like to have fun, so we were often drinking in the condo or at the nearby bar (that's what vacation is for) and definitely doing it too much too often. But this one night took the cake for one of the hardest blackouts I have ever experienced. It was a rainy day on the beach and we all decided the best way to deal with the rain was to drink so much we didn't realize it was there. So, we woke up at 10 AM sharp and began our day. It did work. We were outside on the beach all day being somewhat of delinquents, but overall just having fun. After about six, we thought it would be a good idea to go downtown. Now I am a person who goes to bars pretty often, and pride myself on being able to hold my liquor, but not that night. It all went downhill at Señor Frogs. As a girl, it is pretty nice being able to go to a bar and not spend a single dollar, which is what happened. All I had to do was flirt a little and BAM, free drinks (I suck, I know). So basically, the last thing I remember from that night was walking into the building.

The rest of the night had to be told to me, and it was not pretty. Apparently I had gotten so drunk, I grabbed one of the eight men I went with (let's call him Jimmy) and was VIOLENTLY making out with him on the dance floor. A little background on Jimmy: We were from the same hometown but never ran in the same group. He went to a private Catholic school and didn't drink a lot. So I had decided who my victim for the night was going to be. As the night ended, we were so sexual at one point that we missed our Uber because we were rolling around in a bush making out. Somehow we got back to the condo, and that's where the sex came in. He brought me into the second bedroom and placed me on a twin bed. Not only was there another person on the bed next to us, but there were seven more people outside our door. My drunk ass SCREAMED at this boy, "Are you going to fuck me or not?" That is the romantic sentence I said to this sweet virgin boy. The next morning, I woke up on the floor with no recollection of the night before. So I was doing my normal morning routine of showering and making breakfast when everyone started laughing as they saw me. Now I am not super self conscious, but man, something about people laughing in your face gets you worried. So I asked my friend what I did the night before, and that was the moment I realized I took a boy's virginity, in MYRTLE BEACH, in a dirty little condo, surrounded by people. I apologized to the boy, but he seemed quite happy with himself.

Now we have been dating for a year, and I have never been more in love.


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