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Licking Me Clean

by Dark Cherry Collective 2 years ago in erotic

A Husband and Wife Erotic Short Story

You think you know someone, you’re with them for years, but you’ll find they can always surprise you. Take my wife, for instance.

We were at a dinner party a few months back thrown by one of my wife’s clients, and yes, it was as tedious as you’re imagining. It was full of corpulent men eager to talk about their jobs and their out-dated political views, and trophy wives who’d turned bitter way before their time.

Every now and then my wife drags me to these “parties”, they’re good for business, apparently, but I detest them. I begged to be left at home that evening, but my wife said she couldn't do it without me. She said if I came, she’d reward me. She wouldn’t say how, she said it would be more fun if it was a surprise.

So I went to that dinner party, and I quickly regretted it. No reward could be worth that level of tedious awkwardness and fury-inducing small talk. I made frequent excuses to go to the bathroom just to get away from the table. Everyone must have thought I had stomach problems or a rampant cocaine addiction, but I didn’t care. I just needed to get away from those people before I started screaming at them.

I was just coming out of the toilet for what must have been the four hundredth time, when my wife appeared in front of me. She apologised for making me come, she knew it was worse than ever, but we shared a moment of camaraderie together.

We laughed and bitched about the terrible people in hushed whispers, we said things so awful we made each other gasp, then this sly look slid over my wife’s face. She glanced around, she made sure we were alone, then she shoved me back into the bathroom.

My wife closed the door behind her and locked it. She looked up at me and grinned, and that look on her face told me exactly what she was planning, and I liked it. Finally I’d get to have some fun that evening.

We moved together, and for a second I still wasn’t totally sure we were on the same level, but my wife gave that look again. She kissed me, then she slid her hand down my leg and grasped my cock through my trousers.

It was like a switch had been flicked for both of us. One minute we’d been two, polite, bored, sensible guests at a dinner party, the next we were scrabbling at each other like lovestruck, aching teenagers. We kissed hard, my wife’s lipstick smearing over both our faces, we pawed at each other’s bodies, we moaned together as the heat came on stronger inside us.

I pulled my wife’s dress down and freed her tits from her bra. I squeezed them, I got my mouth on her nipples as she freed my cock from my trousers and underwear.

We fell back against the sink together, scattering bottles of overly expensive lotions and makeup and other assorted beauty products all over the floor. We kissed like we were desperate for other, like we hadn’t been this spontaneous in years. She tugged eagerly on my hardened prick, I sucked her nipples and stuffed a hand up her dress to rub her through her underwear.

I hadn’t felt this turned on so fast in god knows how long. I tore my wife’s knickers aside and she was soaking wet already. I slid a finger into her, she pressed herself against my hand, so I pushed a second one into her pussy too.

We kissed even more urgently, our hands moved faster together, I groaned, my wife moaned, we put our hands over each other’s mouths to muffle our sounds, but that made us even hotter.

My wife turned around and put her hands on the sink. I kissed her neck, I reached down and pulled her dress up around her waist, and she bent forwards and moved her legs apart. I pulled her underwear to the side, I took my cock in my hand, I rubbed the head of it between her buttocks to find her wet, waiting slit, then I shoved it all the way into her.

We didn’t even stop to savour it. I grasped my wife’s hips and started thrusting, she pressed herself back against me, and just like that we were fucking hard in one of the four bathrooms of our dinner party host.

I felt wild and bad and free, I felt high, like I’d taken cocaine or something. My nerves sung with adrenaline, my cock throbbed it was so hard, and my wife’s pussy felt hot and wet and tight. I reached around and pulled on her nipples, we fucked harder and faster. She shoved herself back into me urgently, she felt every bit as turned on as I was.

My wife grunted and groaned so loud I put a hand over her mouth again, and she sucked on my fingers. I rubbed her tits, I pinched her nipples, I pulled on her hair, and she went really nuts.

We fucked so hard the mirror above us started rattling and the shower head fell out of its perch and clattered onto the tiled floor below. I reached down between my wife’s legs and spread her lips and got a finger on her clit. I couldn’t manage much more than holding it against her as we pounded back and forth, but it seemed to do the trick.

My wife pushed back into me even harder, she bit my finger, her whole body tensed, then her head came up and her neck strained, and she was coming in my arms. She shook all over, she moaned and whimpered through my fingers, and her cunt clamped around my prick, and that did it for me too. A rush of pleasure surged through my head and my cock and I was coming inside her as she climaxed.

We gasped and juddered against each other as our orgasms rode through us, then suddenly I was back down to Earth, I remembered where we were. I slipped out of my wife and began to pull my clothes back into place, but she stopped me.

And here’s where the real surprise happened. Yes, my wife accosting me inside the toilet was a shock, and a wonderful one at that, but it wasn’t totally out of form for her. We hadn’t done anything like that for years, but it wasn’t the first time we’d had a hurried fuck in someone else’s bathroom. No, the real surprise came next.

I was just about to stuff my cock back into my trousers, when my wife dropped to her knees at my feet. She looked up at me and flashed me that grin again, she told me this was my treat, then she grabbed my dick in her hand and slipped it into her mouth.

My cock was only just softening, and I felt over-sensitive from my orgasm, and the warmth of my wife’s mouth sent another jolt of pleasure through me. She looked me in the eyes as she sucked me gently, then she opened her mouth and licked me.

My wife ran her tongue slowly up the length of me, from base to tip, then she did it a second time, and a third, her tongue took a different route up me each time, and I realised she was licking me clean. She was licking her wetness and my come off my prick, and she was doing it slowly and lovingly, and the sheer filthiness of it made my stomach tighten and my head swim.

And then I shocked myself. I felt so sensitive, and what my wife was doing felt fantastic, and it looked wonderfully dirty, watching her slowly lick my cock like it was a luxury ice-cream, and much to my surprise, I felt myself hardening again.

My wife raised an eyebrow at me when she realised what was happening, then she took me back into her mouth. She sucked me deep and tightened a hand around the base of me. She moved her mouth and her hand in time, she moved quickly, she sucked me hard, and I felt my second orgasm coming already.

She cupped my balls and lifted them gently with her other hand as she sucked and pumped me, she drew that second climax inexorably out of me. I barely had time to gasp and moan, and then I was coming again, coming in my wife’s mouth.

She sucked her lips tight around the head of my dick, she kept moving her fist up and down my shaft, and I pumped spurt after spurt of come into her warm mouth. She kept it up until I was done, then she swallowed, wiped her lips, and raised up to her feet. She grinned, gave me a quick kiss, then she suggested we make a run for it.

The whole incident, from inception to glorious finish, and then second finish, only lasted a few minutes, but it was a hell of a few minutes. Sometimes the people you think you know best can still surprise you, and sometimes you even surprise yourself.

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