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Josh's Therapy Sessions

An account of a recovering sexaholic.

By Angel HarrtPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Josh had his 3 o'clock coming. She was always on time. Meticulous, from her timing to her clothes. He sat in the 'comfort' chair. Legs crossed, with a little swing awaiting her knock. Usually in two quick successions. When he heard it he smiled inwardly. He knew it was her and awaited her presence to fill his space.

He smelt her distinct perfume before actually seeing her when the door opened. Then she stepped in and he had to suck in his breath from her outward beauty. Short skirt, fitted blouse, black purse, black stocking and stiletto heels. She looked absolutely beautiful, and to think he had to listen to her speak for an hour about her sexual deprivations. About what she liked/disliked and craved. An hour he had to endure. Oh what an endurance!

She started her weekly monologue about conquering her fear of sex and being with a man. Practically wanting it every second but afraid to indulge as it involves another person. This is what made her decide on a life of celibacy. Usually he just sat and listened to her ramblings, but today he felt a stirring as she explained her masturbation process. Today his sexual tension reared its ugly head and he became, unprofessionally, aroused by her words. This was his job though, so he listened with excitement, hoping his face did not betray his thoughts.

He curtly interrupted her and requested they tried a new approach. Something more physical and less emotional. She was rather excited for the turn of events and embraced his idea. This involved her becoming more relaxed. So he suggested she unbutton her blouse and skirt. He then told her to lay down, with eyes closed and while explaining her masturbation technique to also show him what she does. All this time her eyes should be closed.

She started with touching her full breast. Playing with the nipples through the flimsy bra. He could tell it was taut and his dick felt stiff in his pants. He had to adjust it, giving it room to grow. Her eyes were closed so he just unzipped his pants and gave the growing dick room to breathe.

While speaking about how she would then pass her hands over her tummy and touch her clit. Her hands were doing the same. Roaming over her tummy and slipping into her skirt touching herself over her panties. Her breathing became rapid and he himself felt like a rush was coming from his nether regions.

Josh wanted to be her hand. All ideas about therapy were forgotten and he felt like being the one licking her pussy. In his mind he was suckling on her nipples. Bringing her to an orgasmic boil. Never once did he touch himself for he knew that would definitely be taken as unprofessional. He just sat in uncomfortable silence and listened and looked as she enjoyed her moment.

She kept up the monologue. With hands on her panties and fingers on her clit. He could see that she was reaching her sexual orgasm and sat silently as she shuddered with orgasmic pleasure. At that same moment he felt the makings of pre-cum on his underwear and knew after this session, he would need to relieve himself in the office bathroom.

She then sat up smiled, took her purse, adjusted her skirt and started to walk through the door. Just before slipping through the doors she turned to him and said 'therapy sessions should always include that', and slipped away without getting a reply. All he could have done was sigh into his chair, reliving the last hour in his mind.

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Angel Harrt

A writer/author/poet voicing her thoughts via this medium/media. I have three ebooks that can be found on amazon and I'm also on most used social media.

@angel_the_author - insta

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    Angel HarrtWritten by Angel Harrt

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