Janie's Midnight Visitor

by Brandi Payne about a year ago in fiction

Virgin Innocence

Janie's Midnight Visitor

She felt his warm breath on the back of her neck as he whispered in her ear. His wet tongue glided over her ear lobe before closing his mouth over it kissing it gently. She could feel his body pressed against hers as his hand caressed the shape of her body starting from her neck, then to her arms, then over her hips before grasping one of her cheeks with his hand.

Janie let out a faint moan as his strong hand released her cheek and slid down over her crack and between her thighs feeling on her plump swollen mound. She never wore any panties to bed and he could feel the wetness of her shaved vagina. She was so young and had neve been with a man before. There was something about a virgin vagina that turned him on and made him return every night.

Janie was eighteen years old and had never been touched like he touches her. She has never felt anything inside her, not even a finger. He loves it so tight and fresh. Janie showers for him every night before going to bed so that she will smell sweet for him. Every night he comes to her room and lays with her, but has never taken her innocence, her very essence that drives him mad.

It has been a few months now that he has visited her. Whispering her name in her ear and professing his love for her. He caresses her and feels her body against his. She has felt his hardness against her and it cause her to want him more with each visit, but he will not give in to her madness. He truly wants her and wants to be inside her, but then she would lose the very things that draws him to her.

Sometimes, he lays with her staring at her young, curvy body and just lets his mind go wild with eroticism. He wants to feel her innocence as it splashes over his erect penis inside her. He does nothing more than grinds his body against her and ejaculates on her fresh skin. He knows how pure she is and desires to keep her that way.

Laying there next to her he slides his hands around to the front of her fondling each of her young thirty-four C cupped breasts. If only she would roll over and let him taste of them in his desiring mouth. It is almost as if she heard his mind because she is doing it. Janie is rolling over still very much asleep. He looks down and sees the deep cleavage between them and that one perky nipple has almost fallen out of her silky nightie.

He imagines the color of them being rose pink or a mauve against her well-tanned skin. He uses his fingers to gently lift her nightie up away from her skin and her breast falls out exposing dusty rose-colored nipples that are about half an inch long and fully circle with a few ripples here and there. He has finally seen with his own eyes the color of those nipples and it makes his penis throb.

He gently takes his fingertip and runs it over that nipple causing Janie to let out a quiet moan. It is so arousing to hear those moans come from her pink smooth lips. He can also see that she is wearing a lip gloss that makes her lips shiny and wet. If only he could take her and the naughty things he could with those lips. As he thinks and fantasizes about such things, his penis jerks and jumps with every thought.

He takes her hand steadily and lightly rubs it against his penis. If Janie would just wake up, she could see the masculine naked body laying next to her. Maybe it would drive her crazy enough to give in to him? Maybe she would want to feel his penis inside her wet vagina. Right now, she is just a tease for him to masturbate to.

Her hand feels so good against his penis that he just wants it to wrap around it and watch his semen fall onto her thin fingers with golden nail polished nails. It is taking everything inside him to keep from taking her. He knows he can not take her, but it is getting harder to hold back. He wants her so badly.

She rolls a little more and is now laying flat on her back. Both of her young breasts still standing and plump. He takes his hand and fondles both breasts gently not waking her. He wants to remember her this way, innocent.

He stands up next to her on his knees and looks down to see a drop of his precum bubbled at the tip of his penis. He takes his finger and scoops it up placing it on the lips of her mouth glossing them with it. As he smooths it out over her lips his penis shutters. It knows what it wants.

After glazing her lips, he slides down to the foot of Janie’s bed and gently spreads her legs apart exposing another set of pink lips that need some attention. It’s purely a shame not to taste what is so sweet and right int front of you. He slips his body right between her legs and leans down taking a whiff of her enticing aroma.

It smells so sweet and looks so delectable he must take a taste. He leans further down and touches the outside of her shaved vagina with his tongue making sure not to wake her. He wants this to be the best dream she has ever had. He notices that she has a swollen clitoris that extends past the rim of her vaginal lips. It wants to say hello.

He licks the tip of it gently and smoothly watching it twitch with excitement as her hips begin to move. He can imagine Janie placing her hands on his head telling him, “more please.” He begins licking that tasty virgin clitoris before slipping his tongue inside those swollen vulvar lips. She tastes so delicious that it is enough to drive any man mad.

He feels his tongue slide between her lips until it finds that tight virgin hole. He can’t help himself, he knows that it feels good to her by the quiet moans she is making and the gyration of her hips. Her body is telling him it wants more. Should he give it what it really wants?

His hands caress her firm tight thighs as his tongue dives deeper inside that wet dark place only to feel her virgin hymen with his tongue. This is not how he wants it. He does not want his tongue to take her virginity from her. He begins to back his tongue out to not disturb the hymen leaving it intact.

How is fingers want to introduce themselves to her innocent hole, but he cannot do it. It is not the way he wants to have it done. He wants to feel his penis inside her tight vaginal, yet welcoming hole. Sliding it inside slowly and gently feeling her virgin vagina as it wraps itself around him.

As these thoughts are going through his mind, his tongue slides down finding that other virgin puckered hole. That sweet brown hole of a virgin that he just wants to eat. The more he plays around the louder Janie gets in her moans and he can feel the quivering in her vaginal area. It speaks to him, enticing him to have it all.

He fights within himself to not take her innocence, but it is too hard to fight. He wants her so badly but he will ruin her for any other man. He must. While Janie lays there sleeping, he gently squeezes between her firm thighs and leans down over her licking his tongue around those dusty rose-colored nipples tasting how sweet they are.

It is now making him go mad with ecstasy. As he kisses all around her breasts, his penis is slowly rubbing up and down over her swollen hairless mound. He cannot stand it anymore. He must have her for himself. He props himself on one arm as he uses the other to reach down and slide his penis up between her pinkish lips feeling her wetness run down his shaft.

He slides it between her lips for a moment before stopping to make sure she stays asleep. She cannot know that he has taken her virginity after all these months of just laying with her. He gently takes each one of her legs and places it over his strong masculine shoulders where he has open access to everything.

Once he has her legs, he stops for a minute to hear the soft moans and sounds coming from her partially opened mouth. He gently leans forward over her lifting her bottom up off the bed with her legs over his shoulders. She is open for him and all he needs to do is penetrate.

He reaches down beneath himself and grabs his penis placing it at the very opening he plans to violate and ruin. He allows her wetness to lubricate his helmet before slowly and gently pushing himself inside. He can feel each fiber of her hymen as it tears away, allowing his penis to enter. He can feel the drops of blood as it leaves her body covering his scrotum.

He keeps pushing forward until he is passed what remains of her torn hymen and enters her vagina. More blood spills out as Janie lets out a gasp in her sleep. She can feel him inside her but remains asleep. He goes all the way inside her and holds his penis there for a moment as her vagina quivers around his now throbbing shaft.

He has now done it. He has taken her innocence and purity from her. He feels bad about it but cannot help himself she just feels so good around him. He pushes inside and pulls back out doing this several times before having to pull out and stop his penis from orgasm.

With the helmet soaked in her blood, he uses it as lubrication to slowly and gently push his way inside her brown puckered hole. Again, she gasps but stays sleeping. He can’t imagine how she stays asleep while something is tearing her insides and taking her purity. He pushes deeper inside her brown hole and once he reaches as far as he can reach, he feels juices squirting from inside her and flooding over his shaft. He has brought about her first orgasm.

He backs in and out of that sweet brown hole feeling the shuttering of her vagina through the wall that separates the two. He is nearing his climax as he begins taking nice long strokes in and out. He leans down further over her kissing her sweet lips as he succumbs to his orgasm ejaculating deep inside the one hole that cannot get her pregnant.

Burst and burst, his semen enters deep within her anal region filling her tiny space full to overflowing. He has no regrets except for the fact that he cannot enjoy her innocence ever again. He has taken and ruined her forevermore. This was Janie’s midnight visitor.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne
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