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In Love With the King of Cold

by Jezebel Rose about a month ago in literature

Romancing The King

She had always liked big men.

It was just a weakness she had. She always gravitated to the guards and soldiers with wide chests and a good few feet on her. She saw a lot of them, too, being a servant in one of the royal family's many homes. There was no shortage of big men to catch her fancy.

But none of them were bigger than King Cold himself.

King Cold towered over everyone, not even the other gigantic men were as tall as he was, and on average, they were damned to be eight feet. To say the sight of him made her swoon was an understatement. She would look at him whenever he was in her sight. She was never close to him sadly, but when he crossed by her, or she was setting his tableware, she would steal glances at him—admiring his muscles and his height.

He was truly everything she wanted in a man. Sure, she came up to only his hip, but she always fancied herself a bit of a size queen.

He was not too bad looking for an older man, either.

And soon, he noticed her too.

Suddenly she found herself going from setting tables and cleaning floors to serving him meals and pouring his wine. She could look at him now. Now she had the pleasure of seeing his calm smirk nearly every day and hearing his smooth deep voice.

At first, she thought her sudden promotion was a whim to fill a position. That was until his tail curled around her ankle one day as she poured him and his youngest son wine. It snaked up too high to be reflex, and when she looked at him, he was looking right at her, a relaxed smirk on his face.

It was seductive.

He kept playing ‘footsies’ with her over the next two weeks, and she cast him all the coy little smiles she could back at him. Just to let him know that yes, she liked it.

One afternoon she was called to his quarters to pour him wine. Not unusual. He liked to laze about like anyone in retirement would. Some of her former workmates were tidying up the large table. He had finished a meal.

“He’s in the bath.” One of them said quietly.

That was unusual. But she nodded, taking the large wine bottle with her inside. The air was thick with steam, and she could hear the water lapping as he moved, seeing his massive form through the haze.

The bath was more like a public one for many people, yet it was only for him—the benefits of his size and wealth.

“Hello, little one. I was expecting you.” He turned, looking over his shoulder and holding up his large glass. Despite his lack of the usual silhouette his battle armor gave him, his shoulders' width was still impressive and very attractive.

She put the bottle down, removing the cork with a bit of ki, then tilted it. “I brought you a rosé. I hope that will suffice?”

“Hmm. Sounds lovely. Dry or sweet?”

She had no clue. It was just recommended she brought it to him by the sommelier. “I am sorry, I am new to pouring wine. I am unsure.”

“Hmm, that is fine. Think of it as a surprise.”

She stopped pouring, and he took a whiff, swirled it in the glass, and then drank. He made a thoughtful sound. “Dry.”

She looked at the bottle, taking the label in and putting it to memory. This one was dry.

She watched as King Cold rolled his neck, then looked at her again from over his shoulder. “My neck is stiff. How are you at massages?” The grin he gives her makes her knees weak. He could not possibly be...?

She tilted her head, smiling at him from under her lashes. “I have given a few. No one ever complained.”

“Oh, wonderful.” He turned back to the water, and she set the bottle down, putting the cork back in. After a moment of hesitation, she put her hands on his neck. She pressed her knuckles in, running them up and down his skin, then she gave a pulse of ki. A trick she had learned. She was not strong enough to fight, but she had enough to give a nice deep massage.

Cold hummed low in his throat, tilting his head forward. The water splashed a little as his tail moved, the tip twirling above the surface. She took that as him enjoying it. She leaned against him, intentionally pushing her breasts between his shoulder blades, putting more weight into her massaging. He had a lot of necks to rub, but she didn't care.

She was finally feeling those muscles under her hands. It was better than she had ever fantasized about.

After a few more pulses of ki, Cold shrugged, and she pulled away. He took another long drink of his wine before finally looking at her again. “Undress. Join me. I wish to Talk.”

She blushed, but she was eager. As he turned back to the water, she undid her dress, stepping out. Her undergarments were next. She walked to the edge of the large inset tub, crouching down to his left and putting a foot in. The water was quite warm, and the surface was dotted with swaths of bath oil. How luxurious.

Cold cast a glance as she slipped in, motioning to sit opposite of him. The water went up to her chest, but the seating on the opposite side was higher than his, letting her sit comfortably. King Cold chuckled at her. “So how tall are you, little one?”

“I’m a little over 5 feet,” She twirls her hair in her fingers, looking up at him, “I know it's quite a bit less than you, my Lord.”

“I am twice your height, yet you continue to tempt me.” He set his glass down, leaning forward a little, “Tell me, how big have you taken?”

She jumped around the obvious question, smiling shyly. “The biggest was eight feet…”

Cold laughed, for the moment amused. Still, she figured it was best not to act too coy for too long. Not every man liked it. “No. No, not the height of the man. The length of him.”

She pressed her lips together, lifting her arm out of the water. She motioned to her elbow, then up to her wrist.

Cold shifted from a cross-legged position to sitting with his legs spread. He smirked. “My, that is big. But…” he leaned forward, holding out his hand. After a moment, she gave him her arm.

.“I am more… Like this.” King Cold slowly drew his dark nails from her elbow to the center of her palm. She felt a throb between her legs at the very thought of it. He gave her a little tug, bringing her closer to him, his massive hand enclosing hers entirely.

“Are you still interested?”

She looked up at him, leaning closer to him. “I’ve been interested for a while. A few inches won’t scare me away.”

King Cold’s face split into a wicked grin, his other hand moving under the water. She felt his fingers at her hip, then slowly drag up, lifting one of her breasts. He gave it a small bounce before his hand moved to grip her side, pulling her ever closer.

He kissed her slowly at first. She was well practiced with larger men, so the difference in size did not deter her or make it awkward. She moved the kiss along to how she wanted, opening her mouth and giving his lower lip a small nip. He chuckled, the hand that held hers moving to grasp her head, his fingers in her hair as he deepened the kiss.

To say he was skilled was an understatement. He was a master. His tongue touched hers just right, making it feel wonderful. He coaxed moans out of her with a kiss faster than most men could with a finger.

Truly one of the joys of older men. They knew how to please a woman.

The hand on her side moved back down to her hip. His thumb rubbed her lower belly before sliding down and pressing on her clit. She moaned into his mouth, not only from the contact but the realization his hands were so big he could hold her in place and pleasure her. His hand was a vice on her hip, and she could not even push herself harder against him.

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