If I Can't Have You Part 2

You belong to me...whether you like it or not!

If I Can't Have You Part 2
As I continue to feed you my brand of mind entertainment, mental arousal and emotional stimulation I engaged you the reader in a game of back and forth in my last post called You Belong to Me. After some thought I realized that...there's no way you as the reader would know how much I can take when you give...you don't know if I can take it hard n fast or slow n deep...the only way for you to know is for me to show you! I will continue where I left off because I know you need to know more about Wanda. LEGGO!

"Deep in my thoughts Life realized I was ignoring his screams so he grabbed me to get my attention."

'You must've sucked the life out of her pussy because not only is she fucking with my car, she's threatening us like we're supposed to be scared! Didn't you talk to her about me before you brought her home with you? Where the fuck did this come out of and what are you going to do about it?!'

His questions were hitting me more rapidly than I could answer never mind the fact that I myself had questions and was literally overwhelmed by the whole scene. There's no way I would have engaged in a threesome if I had any clue how Wanda felt about me or if I felt like she would go this route; I thought we were just going to have some fun, get our rocks off and have a good time...that's all it was to me anyway. We had just met, fucked a couple of times...yes I took some money from her and she paid a couple of my bills but I wasn't committed nor did I make any promises to Wanda...if anything my loyalty was to Life because no matter what I want him in my life....I decided within myself that if bringing him side pussy would keep him I would oblige BUT the side pussy had to be approved by me so that if I wanted to play with side pussy it would be available to me as well. Wanda was the first woman I introduced to my relationship and by the looks of it I picked the wrong bitch. I have to talk to Wanda before I see her at work, based on all of this I know that waiting to talk to her would be a bad look.

'I'm going to call her and see what happened. I promise baby I will pay to get your windshield fixed and I'll get to the bottom of all of this.' I said to Life as he left my apartment, whether he even heard me was a mystery. I sat for a minute and replayed the scene of the previous night's events. When she arrived she seemed enthused about everything...but then again...seeing the way Life slays me with that eight inch, thick piece of wood was probably too much for her, I don't know. I picked up my phone to call her when I realized I had several missed calls; my mom, my dad, my sister, even my grandmother. Before calling them back I decided to check the messages to see what I should respond to first. Each message said basically the same thing.

'Yo, call me back. I got a call from some chick named Wanda telling me that you had sex with her, used her, swindled her out of money and she wants everyone to know about your evil ways. Who is she & why does she have my number?'

I couldn't believe it. Why was Wanda doing this? What could she possibly get from lying about me like this? My family had no clue about my dating preferences, mostly because they knew Life and were aware of our on/off relationship. No one in my family knew I had a taste for women never mind what I was willing to do to keep my man so Wanda....wait a minute...Wanda used my phone bill to call my family...oh my God. You see one of the bills she paid for me was my phone bill, online with my user name and password...so she's using that to contact my family and out me to them. Before calling my family back, I decided I would call Wanda first and let her know exactly how I feel about her actions and reactions. Surprisingly, she answered on the first ring.

'Wanda, please tell me what the fuck is going on. What happened last night and why did you do that to Life's car? We did talk before you came over right? I mean damn! You calling my family for what?! What did I do to you-' Her low hiss cut me off.

'Bitch, what you don't know is I've been watching you...I was watching you and plotting to get that pussy for two months before I met you! You don't remember but the first time I saw you was two months ago at the Tunnel. You came in there chasing that same low life fuck boy you left me for last night! I secretly took a picture of you, Google'd you and got your address, phone number and email address. I got that last bitch working at the office fired and sent you the job link anonymously and low & behold you applied for the job. I swear to you when I saw your resume come in for that job, I literally got in my car and drove over to your house with a throbbing pussy just ready to knock on your door...but I didn't...I didn't want to scare you off. You could have a great life with me bitch but you want to choose to offer me up to that fuck boy and I ain't having it...not after what I saw him do to you last night! You got a choice bitch! Leave him alone now or both of y'all going to feel my wrath and you already can see that I don't play nice! WHAT'S IT GONNA BE?!'

Wanda had me in a corner, that I will admit but what I was not going to do was let her win! FUCK THAT!

WELL....Know this...I give & take it hard, I give & take it good, I give & take it strong & if you can take it...hang in there with me! Learn more about Kai Storm Books here or here!

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