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I Really! Like Her

by Jana Muse 3 years ago in erotic

(Lesbian Erotica)

Once upon a time I was going to the local coffee café to sit and write my thoughts on my tablet as I wanted to write a book at some point. The café was bohemian in style and the energy was abundant. Most of the time I would see Kyra. She worked in the café and had this energy that rubbed off on all the patrons of the store. She was beautiful. She had a pretty body with those perfect curves and long legs that wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t help but stare sometimes. I was in lust. Her eyes were a hauntingly green and gray color, her long hair was a dark reddish brown. She had the perfect olive skin that looked so soft. This woman was just so beautiful. I would sometimes stare at her wondering what she looked like underneath her clothing, and then looked away if she eyed me looking at her. I think she noticed. I always had a big grin when I saw her. When she walked by me, I would smell the air… her scent lingered as did her aura. I could tell she had this beautiful aura around her. Sometimes she would sit and talk to me for a bit and I would get chills at times when she walked by or sat and talked with me for a bit. Turned out she owned the coffee café that I so happily sat in day after day. She was something special. I needed to know her more but it would not be for a while but oh, how I wanted to know her, inside and out.

One Friday, I came into the café for my usual coffee and work. I noticed Kyra was absent. The café did not seem to have the same energy I looked forward to. I could not help but be concerned. Was she sick? Was she on vacation? Surely, she would have told me since we talked every time I come in. What was going on? I truly missed her that day. Terribly. I like talking to her. The entire café seemed lost without her.

The weekend came and went… she hadn’t returned yet as she was gone several more days. I could not sit for very long in the café because her presence was sorely missed. Finally, someone told me she had gone away unexpectedly for an emergency for a few days. I was relieved to know she would be back but I still felt weight on my shoulders and I still felt the stress of not seeing her. I was missing her fiercely now. I hoped everything was alright. As some sort of solace, at least I knew that this beautiful muse would be back and I knew I had to try and see where she was at personally. The idea of not knowing, was killing me. I had to try.

The days went by, no word. Another weekend went by and all I could do was fantasize about her. Where was she, what was she doing. I prayed that all was well. All I could do was see her beautiful face and body in my dreams. I fantasized about her lying next to me, tracing the curves of her body with my fingers, gently kissing her lips and awakening her gently… no… STOP. The chills I had. She’s not here yet but how I dreamed that she was. LOL. Her very presence dominated my every thought at night. I wondered if she was thinking of me too despite whatever she was doing or where she was. Oh the visual thoughts were rampant. I couldn’t wait for her to come back... if there was a hell, damn! I think I was in it. I just missed her.

I struggled through her absence. It was so noticed at the café, and many missed her. It was about three more days before she finally came back! I think everyone was happy to see her back. Many were wishing her sympathies and condolences. I wondered. It was my turn at the counter for my order of coffee and muffin. Kyra looked at me with tears and she said her mother had passed away suddenly in Ireland. I felt a blow to my chest and I wanted to reach out and hug and kiss her face but the counter seemed to be widely in the way. I knew I had to wait. As I sat down in my corner of the café and started my work, I had hoped she would come out to talked to me. She quietly kept to herself for the first days while she was back. I’m sure she had a lot on her mind and I wanted to ease that for it somehow. I know she knew I was watching over her. She glanced my way several times and smiled. I think Kyra was sensing my thoughts but still kept away for a bit.

After a few days of giving her the space I think she needed, I decided to ask her to come and sit with me for a few minutes so we could “catch up.” She said she would once the crowd died down. She was glad her business was back in order after leaving for so long. I think her patrons were relieved she was back. Krya was IT according to the customers. I knew she was IT. I knew that I wanted her SOON!

Krya came out of her office after a while. She had changed her top, where the neck of the top was lowered enough so I could the edge of her bosom and the curves of her hips. It was definitely her color. She hugged me before she sat down. As she sat, she told me what had happened. It was a tragedy of gargantuan proportions but I vowed I would be there for her if she needed anything. She did need me. Kyra wanted me to attend a party with her that night at a small bar in the back of the town’s shopping center. I was shocked? Me? Ok… I would do anything for her. I could not wait to see her at this party. I wondered what I would wear. I wondered what she would wear. I must have changed five times before picking the right dress. I looked good, for once. I knew she would look stunning.

I arrived in the parking lot and was just putting on my earrings and lipstick, I saw her. I saw walking across the parking lot into the bar. I wasn’t paying attention yet to what she wore. I was glad she didn’t see me yet. I wanted to make an entrance as I’m sure she had.

I got out of my car and slowly walked over to the bar, breathing heavy, head going around in circles. I stepped inside, the door bouncer just waved me in. Damn, I hoped I would get carded. No such luck as I am sure my age showed. I looked for Kyra. I found her in the back and she was incredible. She looked stunning in black jeans, a low-cut blouse and boots. I wanted to kiss her face. She came over, smiled that fabulous smile, leaned over and hugged me and I could smell her… that same smell I had in the café. That hug felt like hours and by pure accident, I kissed her lips. Her head bounced back a bit. She put two fingers to her lips and looked at me in a way to indicate she wanted more but we would need to wait. OMG, I wanted more as I watched her perfect body walk away, motioning me to follow her. She made quick introductions around the room and we conducted small talk with everyone. This bar was basically her stomping grounds. Cool, I thought. Future new friends I hope. After a couple of cocktails and appetizers and each talking about our respective lives and where we came from, she wanted to step out back quickly for some air and asked me to come with her. She did not have to ask twice. I felt the excitement brewing and my nipples hardened with pure joy as I followed her out. There were a couple of other women that she knew standing outside getting that same air. They vanished down the alley holding hands after a few minutes. I was happy for them. I hoped I would get the same result. Kyra just wanted to see what was going on and somehow, we both knew better. As she did that, I could not help but to grab her arm, pull her to me and back into the wall by the pallets and lean in…asking her quietly what she wanted. She told me she wanted me. Joy to my ears. I leaned in hot and heavy wanting to kiss her as she leaned in for the same. There was such a hotness between us that led us to take our time looking into each other’s eyes, running our hands into each other’s hair and around the napes of our necks, wanting so much to move my hands from her arm to her breast… I just wanted to feel her nipples rubbing against the sweaty palm of my hand… and I wanted to go lower to feel the curve of her hip with that hand… and reach around to grab her ass as I stood there with my mouth so close to hers… The hotness filled the air and I knew we were bound for a ride. I finally let go, leaned in more, and kissed her mouth. She responded with her cherry flavored tongue on mine. My hands stayed still. I wanted to taste her more… she was amazing. The electric energy was driving me wild. I felt my wetness become a waterfall and I had a desperate throbbing down below like never before. No other woman would make me feel this way. I wanted to grind her right there. Hell, I needed to taste her AND fuck her… immediately.

We were still entranced in that kiss when we were totally interrupted by a straight couple coming out for air. Damn… I didn’t want to lose that momentum. With the mood spoiled for the moment, Kyra wanted to go back inside and get another cocktail. I so didn’t want that. Ok, so I followed her in. I figured what the hell, another cocktail won’t hurt. It didn’t. As we sat at the bar and she introduced me to the bartender who winked at me, he told me I had a special friend in Kyra. He didn’t need to tell me twice. I want to make that friendship last. As we sipped our cocktail, more people came up and talked to Kyra, wishing her condolences, and just simply saying hello. She was a testament to that community it appeared. Oh, the more I wanted her. She kept touching my thigh when nobody else seemed to notice as I kept rubbing the small of her back… wanting to slip my hand lower into her jeans, to let her know I was serious about her. She leaned over and kissed my neck. I asked her if she would like to go back out for some more air, but she declined. I was confusedly stumped… oh how I wanted to just feel her breasts and go down and just feel her pussy mound for just a minute… That’s all I wanted in that moment. Instead, she wanted to go and talk to her friends as that is what she needed. I gave her the space she needed while I sipped on another cocktail waiting for her to come back. I talked to the bartender for a while. He was nice and told me Kyra had many friends in town and was glad I was one of them. I wanted to be more than friends and I think he somehow sensed that. He told me don’t worry, she’d be back. He was right. She did come back, sat down and rubbed my thigh and we flirted a bit more. She ordered another cocktail and then took my hand leading my tipsy self to the ladies room. Nobody was in there, and she locked the door behind us. Oh my….she sipped her drink and kissed me hard. She slipped her hand up my thigh and felt that I was wearing pantyhose….wet pantyhose. I must have just exploded without realizing it. My hands were on her neck while kissing her mouth…tongues entwining roughly…omg, this was going to be epic. It was time to leave I told her. Not yet, she wanted to “play with me” some more. I sat up on the sink while she ripped the crotch of my pantyhose open and started playing with my mound with her curious fingertips. Was this a dream? I don’t think I could have spread any wider for her. I just wanted her. She started rubbing two fingers inside my labia…spreading them out, playing on either side of my swollen clit, rubbing down further to my opening but teasing me until I was ready to yell “JUST DO IT”…nope. She even went further spreading my lips, rubbing me back and forth and teasing my ass just a bit. I wanted all of her at this point. I wanted to moan but she covered my mouth with hers. That cherry taste was making me crazy. All I could do was feel her breasts for now…her blouse was untucked from her jeans and I stuck my hands under her bra...a beautiful handful, I reached for the front clasp and undid her bra, exposing the beauties in the light while she was still playing with my wetness, so wet you could hear it as she teased me. She hadn’t entered me yet, and I couldn’t figure out why but was enjoying her touch as well as I started licking her neck and finding my way to her soft supple tits. I licked each one like candy, around the nipples, taking each one in my mouth, and could hear her moan quietly. I put each breast on the sides of my head, feeling them with my face, they were glorious and so soft. I wanted to play motorboat! I wanted to scream very loudly as she played with me but couldn’t. Kyra gave me insurmountable pleasure. She still hadn’t entered me but realized she wanted to go home with me, NOW! She wanted to play more there. We pulled ourselves together the best we could, and opened the door. No one seemed to notice, except the bartender who winked at me and I could feel the blood rush to my face, proudly.

She paid the tab and we hurried out of the bar through the back. As we got out the back door, we kissed again some more against the pallets along the brick wall. She felt me up some more through my clothes and I just kept kissing her. I could not wait to get home with her. She wanted to go home to her place. I got into her truck. We started making out heavily again – damn, we just couldn’t help it. She told me if she didn’t start the car, she would have to fuck me right. I was game although it was not my intended place, but I was READY. She pulled her senses together and started to drive to her place. I had my hand on her crotch the entire time. I took off my pantyhose earlier so she could have easy access but she resisted the temptation in the truck. I was so ready. She said I was driving her insane and kissed me more in the truck before helping me out of the truck. I could not wait to have to sex with this woman…there was no going back.

As Kyra and I made it inside her place, she led me to her bedroom. She threw me a t-shirt and told me to put it on….um, no, I wanted to be completely naked in front of her. She said don’t worry…you will be. I went into the bathroom and changed into nothing but the t-shirt. I felt her shirt against my skin and I felt like jelly of sorts. I couldn’t wait to cuddle up. Tonight was going to momentous…I could just feel the anticipation.

As I rejoined her in her bedroom, she had lit several candles, music playing and her scent was around the room and she was in the same clingy t-shirt. She had poured two glasses of wine and gave me one. She kissed me softly before we sipped the wine. I felt a great wave of euphoria come over me all of a sudden even before we commenced the act. I knew this had to happen. We put the wine glasses down as we kissed. She scooched around me…kissed the back of my neck ever so slowly, moving her hands to the front of me cupping each of my breasts. Oh how I enjoyed her touch, her tongue….! She lifted up the t-shirt without taking it off, exposing my back and backside to her. She kissed and licked my back until she got to my buttocks…she began to rub them standing up and whispered in my ear to lay down on my tummy. Her whisper sent chills to my skin. Kyra wanted to know my body and wanted to massage me…I let her. She pulled out a bottle of oil and began to massage my back and buttocks and kissed me hotly as she laid upon my back massaging her breasts into my back. She started to massage her pelvis into my back and I could feel her juices spill out onto my skin…it was hot! She made her way down to my buttocks and massaged me for quite some time. I couldn’t get enough of that. I even lifted myself to meet her hands so she see what she was doing to me. The throbbing was killing me. I needed her. She played with me again from behind, playing with my lips as they quivered. I lifted myself up just enough for her to finally get her fingers in me… and SHE DID. JOY…RAPTURE… omg! It was heaven that she was playing with me… my wetness was loud as she fingerfucked me. I moved right along with her. I could not wait to move around for her to see me fully. I wanted to see and play with her pussy so badly. I had to stop her and I moved around, taking off this t-shirt which she did not mind as she took hers off. Well I must have had an orgasm right there as her entire body was so beautiful. It was almost mythical. I reached up for her to lean down and kiss me. She laid on top of me, holding me tight as our breasts met and we started to move together, grinding our sweet clits together. She kissed me all the way down to my mound, spread my pussy apart and started to lick around my clit and sucking it while fingering me… I thought I was going to die a happy death. Her tongue made it down and she started tongue fuck me. OMG. I gyrated along with her—and I could feel myself with a crazy orgasm starting… I just wanted to do the same to her. GUSH! I came with shudders. She was so excited and she lept up and sat on my crotch and started grinding again… She was so wet. I didn’t want that right then… I pushed her off on her back and kissed her. I could taste myself and it was good. I kissed every inch of her body… everywhere. I could feel her shake a little and I knew Kyra was feeling right. I spread her thighs a bit and looked at her, adoring her pussy knowing I would get some sweet satisfaction on my tongue… I began to play with her as she did me and she spread her legs wider, moving along with my fingers as I entered her world. My tongue enjoyed her engorged clit with excitement as I started to suck on it hard… and my fingers became fastly ensconced in her pussy. I noticed a side toy on the bed and looked hard. It was a strap on vibrator… I asked if she wanted me to use it. She was breathing hard and motioned for me to get it…as she started to get wetter. She wanted me to fuck her hard. I grabbed the toy, somehow got it on and she turned over, beautiful ass facing me. She wanted me to fuck her from behind and I obliged… I used a little lube for it, although it really wasn’t necessary. I found her easily and teased her a bit with the strap-on, slowly against her ass and rubbing against her clit. She couldn’t wait any longer, wanting it in her in the worst way. I slowly made my way into her moving back and forth listening to her moaning as to how she likes it. I fucked her soft and slow at first but I needed to hear her louder so started fucking her harder and faster—she started to come. I kept encouraging her to cum hard. I could almost feel the tight grab on my faux cock. I watched her nipples harden and her body produce goosebumps all over… She held me tight and started to cry with emotion. She so needed that release and I so needed her. It certainly was a wonderful night and I wanted more.

After she dropped me back off at my car, I realized I was totally “in like” with Kyra and she expressed her mutual feelings, and couldn’t wait to see each other again. Euphoria erupted again between us both.

The next day I went to the café and we were ecstatic to see each other again. We started planning the next outing which would be more EPIC than the first.

To Be Continued….



Jana Muse

My name is Jana and I love to write in many erotic genres. It’s a passion really to write about real life experiences as well as fantasies. 😎💕🌸❤️

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Jana Muse
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