The Gym

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Straight Erotica

The Gym

I can’t believe the morning has slipped past me. It is 12:30 and I still haven’t gone to the gym. I better stop what I’m doing now and go, otherwise another day will pass without me pumping any iron. To be honest, I’d rather pump that little redhead from risk management. She is usually at the gym around this time. This time I’m going to talk to her.

Thank God I have a clean set of clothes in my gym bag. I’m going to start with some cardio first. As I walk in I say to myself “hello little redhead.” She’s on the treadmill. I think I’ll take the one next to her. No one else is in the gym, that’s very strange.

OK. Here is my chance. How come even in black biking shorts and a big white tee shirt she still looks cute? Jesus man, get a hold of yourself. The last thing you want is a hard on while on the treadmill.

I say hi and she actually smiles and says hi back. That’s a good start. I wish she would stop reading that damn book. Come on honey, put the book down and glance this way again. Fuck… she puts the book away, but now she has moved to the weights. I’ll wait a minute then I’ll move over to the weights. If I keep staring at her lifting, my dick is going to get hard. Concentrate.

Fuck! She left. Shit. Another opportunity gone. I’m just going to hit the shower. I’m so bummed. Why is it that I cannot just speak to her? A nice hot shower will help.

The hot water does help. I’ll just think about what I need to do tonight and put the little redhead out of my mind. At least for another day.

Was that a knock on the locker room door? Holy shit—the redhead is in the men’s locker room. I open the curtain, not thinking that I’m naked, and she says, I’m sorry, I thought you were still in the gym, the ladies showers aren’t working. Then she does it, she looks down to my cock and sure enough, it’s getting hard. She just smiles. Then she says, do you mind if I join you? What? Are you fucking nuts… of course, you can join me. But what do I say? I say, “I think you might get into trouble.” What the fuck is wrong with me? I think you might get into trouble. Thank God she is at least thinking. She says I’ll take my chances.

I back into the shower and watch her as she strips off her clothes. Damn… she really is kinda cute. As she slips into the shower I don’t say a word. To be honest, I don’t trust myself to not say anything stupid again. I just pick up the soap and start soaping up her entire body. She is really getting into this. She faces me and starts soaping me up at the same time. Her hand slowly goes down to my cock. Which is, by now, totally hard. She washes me to almost cumming. After a couple of minutes, she drops to her knees and starts sucking on my dick. Jesus Christ... the water running down her hair and back while she is blowing me looks great. I can feel her tongue making small circles around the head of my cock while she is sucking me and stroking the shaft. Fuck—her mouth feels so warm and wonderful. She can tell that I am about to come… so she stands up and turns her back to me. She reaches behind her and guides my cock to her wet and soapy pussy. She leans forward slightly and my cock just glides right it. Oh fuck! She feels great. She is trying to grab onto the tile wall but it is too slippery. She is moaning really loud and she is saying that she is going to come soon and she wants me to keep on fucking her. Fuck her harder and faster. Man, I can’t hold on much longer. She says she is coming and at that point, I explode inside her. Fuck. She feels so great. I am so exhausted I fall against her on the wall but she turns around so that I can kiss her. We kiss deeply for a few minutes then she says she needs to get back to work.

I think I can say something now without sounding stupid. I tell her that that was great. She just smiles and says thanks.

I have got to make it a point to go to the gym more often.

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