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I'm a photographer who takes special art shots of models, and on this day my model was my wife

I feel sorry for Amy. When she insisted on following me this poor boy, now still accompany me to live in dozens of square meters of shabby rental house.

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My name is Jack. I'm an ordinary office worker.

My fiancee, Amy, is a beautiful, high-spirited woman who has been the belle of college since her days. Now in her thirties, she is saggy and no longer youthful, but she still has good looks.

Women in their 30s are usually in high demand, but Amy is not only having to sleep in a separate room with me, but she's also growing impatient with me.

I couldn't figure it out until my mother-in-law called.

"Jack, Amy's not old anymore. You guys should think about getting married."

Hearing this, I suddenly saw the light and for a moment became a little ashamed. I was not considerate of Amy's feelings and difficulties.

I looked in the mirror. The man was dark and unshaven. It was time to settle down.

But until I heard a word from my mother-in-law let me instantly deflated.

"The bride price of one hundred thousand yuan, the wedding ceremony in the people's Church, a stylish."

"What? A hundred thousand for the bride price?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, embarrassed and embarrassed to make sure I hadn't misheard. No dowry in our area was over fifty thousand."

What a big mouth!

I argued with her until I was red in the face and hung up.

Not long after, Amy went home, bought a lot of dishes, said she would cook me my favorite steamed pork ribs.

For a moment, the breath all deflated.

I feel sorry for Amy. When she insisted on following me this poor boy, now still accompany me to live in dozens of square meters of shabby rental house.

I must let her marry me in style, so that all the counties know that Amy is not a laughing stock.

Sadness welled up in my heart, I went into the kitchen to hug her, in her ear to say a lot of love.

We were both satisfied with this intimate exchange, and I sniffed her flowing black lines, both physically and mentally reaching orgasm.

The night brought us back to the throbbing of our school days, and she had stars in her eyes as she talked about how many of those days had become big bosses.

This big meal made me more determined to marry her.

The next day, I arrived at the office glowing. My colleagues were teasing me. I was even more worried.

I boasted to my mother-in-law yesterday, but where did the money come from?

I was at a loss again when Chris from the next cubicle pulled me over to the company toilet.

Usually he is the most evil ideas, I looked at him naive and a little shy, some speechless, really don't know what this boy is holding in bad water.

He pointed to a small color advertisement in the corner. "Brother Jack, is this true?"

I fixed a look, xx company recruitment high salary photography, will carry the camera, a 30000.

And that colorful sticker, it's a sexy, revealing beauty in a bikini.

"It's hard to work when you get paid like this." Chris is getting stareyed.

I rolled my eyes. There is no such pie in heaven. This kid is so immature.

I told him it was all a scam, and I coaxed him back to work.

Is this really a lie? I ask myself.

Looking at the attractive numbers, I added wechat by some miracle.

The opposite replied quickly, saying that they were in urgent need of photography, as long as they could carry the camera and find the Angle.

I was in the photography club in college. I won an award once. I have a camera.

Ryan was satisfied and asked for my photo and ID information, which I gave with skepticism.

Negotiated the price, he hit five thousand deposit to my card, I almost jumped out of the station, this is my salary for a month.

Ryan said he'd give me another $5,000 deposit when they showed up.

I immediately asked my boss for leave and went home to cuddle with Amy for a while.

I noticed a little red dot on her neck and asked, "I didn't kiss your neck yesterday."

She smiled sheepishly and said that the new male colleague at the company was going after her, so she had faked the hickey.

I didn't care. I felt ashamed. Amy says no to all the flirting for me, and I take sexy pictures of other women.

I immediately took her out to buy a few Dior lipstick, looking at her happy appearance, I was very satisfied.

Holding the longing uneasy, I came to their designated building at the appointed time.

The building is in a remote location, on the edge of the city, and the security is not very good. It's a little dilapidated.

With my camera on my shoulder, I came to the front desk and asked.

The receptionist is a beautiful receptionist, black hair, red lips, graceful. Looks like 20 years old. That's young.

The beautiful woman smiled seductively when she learned who I was, and my heart pounded. I didn't realize she was wearing a bikini until she stood up.

Her name was Ada, she said, and I chatted with her, leading me through the maze of offices. Posters of strippers line the hallways.

We entered Reception room 1033, which was clean and tidy, with leather sofas and massage tables.

"Jack, Ryan is still in a meeting. He'll come back and talk to you in half an hour or so." Ada's voice is so sweet and soft, it's hard to imagine a man who doesn't dream.

"Well, well all right." I dared not look at her, a little embarrassed, ashamed of my dreams.

Ada suddenly clutched her stomach and gave a cry, turning pale.

I hurried to get her a cup of hot water.

She gave me the glad eye and took it. "Jack, I'm fine. I just had a few drinks last night and I'm having a bad period."

I don't head awkwardly sitting on the sofa: "It's okay."

She looked at me playfully. "Brother Jack, don't be shy. Do me a favor."

She took the fishnet stockings out of the cupboard and said to me, "My stomach is bothering me. I can't bend over."

Jack, you can help me put it on.

This sentence shocked me, already small face fever, dare not look at her.

I wasn't sure what she was up to, so I avoided. She made fun of my shyness and sat down on my lap.

I know I can't do this. I'm here for Amy's bride price.

Just as I tried to push her, the door opened.

"Am I disturbing you? You go on." A pot-belted Mediterranean man entered, saw this, gave a sigh of joy, and was about to exit.

I was a little anxious. Unexpectedly Ada got up very quickly and looked unhappy.

Is there a relationship between these two?

I didn't have time to think about it, but the man smiled and said to me, "It's brother Jack."


"It's me." Ryan and I exchanged pleasantries. I noticed that Ada quickly recovered and joined Ryan. I didn't think much of it.

During the conversation, I realized that I was going to make a small film.

I was very embarrassed, but looking at Kari's extra five thousand yuan deposit, I gritted my teeth and agreed.

We agreed on the plan, the technique, the story and the location.

Ryan whispers a few words to Ada, and Ada goes down to get ready.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and prepare myself, but soon I was in the shooting room.

This time there is no male lead in the film, Ada looks very bad.

Ryan went for a cigarette and left the two of us to get ready.

My hand with the camera was even more shaky when I thought about what Ada had done.

The air suddenly became thin. Fortunately, Ryan sent me wechat.

"Ryan said he needed to make a call and let us just shoot as we had planned." I didn't watch Ada.

What I don't know is, because these few eyes of avoidance, let me fall into a huge bog.

The next thing I knew, Ada was down.

I looked at her pale face and broke out in a cold sweat. After making sure she wasn't breathing, I sank to the ground.

My eyes saw the world as pale and dizzy as Ada's face.

Ada is dead? Ada is dead.

Suddenly anxious, I reached out my trembling hand to confirm her breath once more.

Ryan pushed through the door and I saw his fleshy face explode. "What did you do to her?"

He pushed me away and called the ambulance immediately. Ryan and I just carried her body to the ambulance.

The next thing is just like the movie, Ada rescue failed to die.

Ryan sobbed and slapped me, his thick, fleshy hand as thick as the city wall, leaving my entire head empty.

Then we were taken to the police station.

Ryan said what he had seen, and I looked down, not knowing how to argue.

We were taken separately to be interviewed.

When the police asked me questions, I answered truthfully, as if I was stripped of my underwear.

Over and over again, I went back to the before and after details of the whole thing, and over and over again I recreated the scene in my head.

Four hours into the interview, it was dark when we came out.

The police said Ryan and I were suspects, but they couldn't get a conviction, so they sent us home.

The night wind was drizzling and the night was cool. I squatted on the roadside and curled up. I smoked a pack of cigarettes for a long time, but my tears still fell down.

A Mercedes pulls up in front of me, rolls down the window, and inside is Ryan.

In a funny way he said to me, "Get in the car."

I seemed to know that I could not contradict him, so I rode shotgun.

Neither of us said a word as the street flashed by.

I don't know how long it was before he said, "You did it."

"Do you believe me, Ryan?" "I said earnestly.

"If it isn't you, it has to be you." This sentence is very microsecond, I listen to a leng, did not react, the car on a brake to stop.

"You'll figure it out." 'he said.

I couldn't see his face, and then he drove me out of the car, and I realized I was home.

Back at the rental house, it was dark. I knew Amy didn't like my smoking, so I went to take a shower.

I couldn't figure out what Ryan meant, and it turned my life upside down.

Anyway, I can't think it through with my current mind.

The top of the bathroom was off-white, just like Ada's face.

Ada...... Once so alive a person, so gone in the blink of an eye.

I looked at a pool of water in the washbasin and suddenly shouted.

Amy was awakened by me. She didn't ask me anything, just hugged me from behind. I was glad that she didn't say a word.

The stress of the night was so great that I miraculously fell asleep, only to have nightmares.

The next day, Amy woke up and went to work.

I'm more tired than I've ever been. After spending the morning in a daze, Amy came back crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

My heart clattered and I asked her what had happened.

"He left you a letter......"

I opened it to see the following content.

Someone did something to her, and it had to be you.

I saw what he meant, and my face grew darker and darker.

Amy: Ryan went to my office and told me about yesterday. And said if we didn't, we'd never see each other again.

And on top of that, he took an intimate video of us from Amy's phone.

Amy's a shopping mall girl, and if this video gets out, she can't do her job.

Ryan says in the recording that if I do what he wants, the video will be on the screen at the department store where Amy works.

I don't doubt what he says. He must be able to do it.

My legs are going weak, but I have to keep calm in front of my fiancee.

If Ryan did kill Ada, then he can do the same to Amy. And I, as a common man, had no power and could not contend with him.

Amy wipes her tears. "Are these things true? Did you really go and take pictures of those things?"

I put my arms around her, and she pushed me away.


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