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Hustle with Pleasure 13-15

Truce of Livelihood

By Peace Published 6 months ago 15 min read
Hustle with Pleasure 13-15
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Chapter 13

I had no other choice but to follow Love's driver. No matter how things were with my mother, I would handle it. Thank God my brother was with her, he already knew what was going on and he would help me take care of my mother until I finished working for Love.

When I saw Love's house, it was like paradise. As the driver dropped me off, there were security men everywhere and many staff members. I entered through the front door, not the back door like Madam Gold's house. The way everyone was minding their own business as the driver led me to where Love was, it surprised me. They didn't even wonder why a young boy like me was coming to this kind of place at this time. It was then that I realized I didn't know anything about the woman that I’m having sex with, whether she had a husband or children.

When we reached Love's room, the driver knocked on the door. Before Love opened it, he had already left me and walked away. My madam looked like an angel, her skin was glowing and her face looked fresh as if she had just washed it. The smile on her face almost melted me. This was a woman I had never really seen smile before, she always had a serious expression, and it was the first time I saw her hair that she always covers with a scarf. Her hair was long and she had a big scorpion tattoo on the back of her neck, things I hadn't noticed before. Love is well put together, if I was a girl and she was a man, I would have fallen in love with her.

The way she hugged me, as if it had been 5 years since she last saw me...

Love: My sugar, welcome to my house. This is where we will meet, since your mother and brother live with you. Relax and feel at home whenever you're here, consider it your second home, okay?"

Thomas: Okay, no problem. I would like to ask you a small question, but I'm afraid it might upset you...

I hope it doesn't turn out like Madam Gold telling me to relax in her house, but trouble still erupted with her children.

Love: I have already told you to feel at home, my dear. You don't have any problem, I assure you. Feel free to ask me anything you want to ask.

Thomas: Alright. Please, what about your husband and children? Have you not been married? I hope you're not offended."

Love: Hahaha! Stop apologizing when you talk to me, my boy. What's bothering you? You're the one enjoying my company, yet you're shy to ask me questions. What is it about my body that you haven't seen enough of? Anyway, to answer your questions, I am married and I have two children - a boy and a girl. Both of them live in the UK and attend school. My son is 22 years old and my daughter is 19 years old. My husband stays in the family house. He and I are both politicians and we have secret houses where we find happiness. We don't have any problems."

Thomas: I don't understand what you mean by you and your husband having secret houses where you find happiness."

Love: What I mean is that just as I have you as my sugar boy, my husband also has his own sugar girl or many sugar girls. He has a secret house where he takes his girls to, just like I have this house. He can't locate this place, and I can't locate his. But we have a main family house where we live together, and no one can try anything foolish there. For almost 10 years now, my husband hasn't touched me. We both agreed to have affairs outside, so that everyone can be happy. We respect each other and our personal space."

Thomas: Wow, your husband is a strong man to leave a beautiful woman like you to have affairs outside. If it were me, I wouldn't let another man touch you. I would worship you, I swear. You are a valuable asset."

Love: Hahaha! Don’t mind that man. Men don't know who an asset is, they just want to take advantage here and there, as if women don't have needs too. I endured it for many years, until I got fed up and started doing my own thing. Since he didn't want us to divorce, this arrangement has been working well for us. If I had met a guy like you with this kind of "penis" would I still be crying over my husband? Speaking of "penis," give me some sugar already, we've talked enough. I hope you've eaten before leaving the house?"

Before I could respond, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest, I didn't waste any time, and I got into action immediately. I wanted to squeeze it as if it was one girl’s own that I was squeezing back in the neighborhood, but then I remembered it was Love, who is as soft as bread. I slowly started attending to her chest, it wasn't really flat like Madam Gold's, this one had plenty curves. By the time I finished, I used my tongue to locate her soft belly, which was smooth, and from there, I moved my face towards the "honey pot". Looking at me, I was already tired, as soon as the "honey pot" entered my mouth, my "machine" stood up straight and started searching for something it hadn't found yet, small semen had already started dripping from the tip.

Finally, she started confessing and begging me not to leave her, and not to put my mouth on another person's "V.J", she said what I was doing to her was special and not to do it with someone else. I didn't even say anything; my mind was in the red sea staring me eye to eye. I used my hands to part the red sea, so I could see inside, it was filled with plenty meat, it looked like well-cooked "red pepper", very clean meat that looked like it had been washed with a cleaning product. It does not have any smell; it is not irritating at all. I put my tongue inside, until the V.J swallows everything. Then I start licking the red sea, if I do a little, I circle it with my entire mouth, dragging everything out, as if I want to empty the Honey pot. The cream that comes out from there rubs all over me, even in my nose.

By the time I want to dive in again with my mouth, she stops me...

Love: Sugar boy, you want to kill me in this Port Harcourt, see how my body is shaking, oh my God. If you don't satisfy me now, I might faint, I'm not sure if I can control myself anymore. I don't know how a young boy like you managed to have sugar that should be enough for a whole community, only you have it. Oh, you have finished me with sugar, I swear. Please scatter this V.J, I don't need mercy. This time around, do it as if you're angry, because the ways you're already making me shake; only your mighty machine can cure my madness...

Chapter 14

After I finish with Love, her body starts shaking, even her voice joins in. She wanted to tell me something, but she couldn't find the words, she was trying to catch her breath. I didn't even realize when I fell asleep, I am completely exhausted. While I was sleeping, Madam Gold called me on the phone, Love tapped me on the shoulder to wake me up and answer the call. She signaled for me to put it on speaker, as she knew who was calling. See trouble...

Madam Gold: Son, are you still angry with me? I said I would give you some time before calling back, maybe your anger would have subsided."

The next thing, Love interfered in the call, which had nothing to do with her. I thought she didn't want Madam Gold to know about us; this woman has a big mouth. Anyway, she has more money than Madam Gold, those who have more money always have more courage...

Love: Hey woman, won't you leave this young boy alone? I didn't want to say anything before, but you've gone too far. What's all this? You keep calling him when we're busy, even at this time. Please, go find another young man; I've taken over this one."

Madam Gold: Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Oh my God! Are my ears deceiving me or whose voice am I hearing?"

Love: Your ears are not deceiving you. It's Charity's voice you're hearing. Leave Thomas alone, I've marked my territory, he's mine now."

Madam Gold: You, woman, is this how you behave? So this is the reason you asked him to help you carry something to the car? The moment you saw my boy, you started hustling him. Something that doesn't belong to you, something I wouldn't do to you. I thought we were friends."

Love: What happened to our friendship? We are still friends, unless you don't want to be anymore. If you're going to let a young boy come between our 15years friendship, that's up to you."

Madam Gold: Thomas, is this the GRA where your uncle lives?"

Madam Gold; Charity, it will not end well for you. The same thing you did to me, someone else will do it to you, just wait and see. I am crying for you and my tears will not go in vain. The boy I brought out from poverty, cleaned him up, and you took him away from me in broad daylight. You will see."

Love: Ridiculous! You dare to say it will not end well for a multi-billionaire like me. You have no shame, crying over a little boy, a boy you could have easily given birth to and kept in your house. Hehehe! This food vendor, are you trying to provoke me? You will be the one to lose guard, knowing that you have no money, yet flaunting what you should protect. Someone wealthier than you has taken him away from you, and you are talking nonsense. Well, don't be late for our next meeting. Now, let me block you so my sugar can rest, there is a lot of work ahead"...

After she finished speaking, she ended the call. She stood in front of me and blocked Madam Gold's phone number...

Love; It seems like your ears are just for decoration, right? Didn't I tell you to block this person? Don't make me angry with you, it's too early. I don't want anything that will cause a quarrel between us. If I tell you to do something, do it quickly. Do you understand me?"

Thomas: Yes, I hear you. It won't happen again."

Love: I know it won't happen again, unless you want to see a side of me that you won't like. Does she have another number she uses to call you?"

Thomas: No, there is no other one."

Love: She will still attempt to try your line with another number, I know that woman well. She doesn't easily give up. If you hear her voice, block her immediately. So, what is she begging you to forgive her for?"

Thomas: Oh! She thinks that she did something to me that made me avoid her"...

The good thing about Love is that she notices when I am weak, she tells me to drink water and rest, she sees how weak I am. If it were Madam Gold, she would want to exploit me, she doesn't care.

One year later...

I have balanced well in the new house, my mother is selling foodstuff in the market, she is happy and doing well. My brother is processing his admission and Love agreed to pay the school fees for university. I have mastered cruising in the ride, money is flowing into my account. Life has become easy. I sleep with Love every two days, that's the arrangement. I have even traveled with her to the UK once; the 5-year visa they gave me is still valid in my passport. We have been to Ghana, South Africa, and the US. Life is just sweet, nothing can ruin it. I don't even see other girls, none of them compare to my Love.

One day, I was at Love's secret house, our usual meeting point, waiting for her. I had called her on the phone to let her know I had arrived, she told me to wait that she was stuck in traffic. I was on the balcony, sipping orange juice, when an Angel enters the compound. This girl is beautiful, I have never seen her before, I don't know who she is or who she is looking for. I tried to divert my attention from her, but I couldn't. Her long legs and beautiful face captivate me, she is like chocolate. I just watched as she talks to the gate man, ideas fill my head, my manhood becomes erect, responding to the stimulus. I didn't even remember Love at that moment. My mind was on the Angel...

Chapter 15

I patiently waited for her to finish talking to the gate man. Fortunately for me, she walks over to where I am on the balcony to greet me. As she approaches, my palms start to sweat and heat gathers on my forehead. I try to quickly sit down on a chair, hoping she doesn't notice my nervousness. I don't want to lose this girl, as it feels like a blessing from God that she has come near me like this. It's not that I don't see other girls since I've been with Love, it's just that they don't move me at all. Only this particular girl has stirred something inside me, which makes me realize that it's a serious sign. I have to make my move...

She speaks, "Good evening, sir. My name is Grace and I am from Awo, Imo state. I am looking for work and have been going from house to house to see if anyone needs a house girl. The gate man told me to come and meet you, to see if you would like to employ me. He mentioned that there is already a cleaner here, but I can do other things like cooking, washing clothes, and any other type of house work."

I haven't said anything yet, not even a response to her greeting. I am still in shock. This girl, who I thought was associated with Love, is actually looking for a house girl job. Wow! What a jackpot. How can a beautiful girl like her, who is well-dressed, tall, with smooth skin, and the right curves, want to work as a house girl? Some lucky guy must have hit the jackpot with this girl. People really don't have good judgment...

Grace continues, "Sir, I apologize if I am disturbing you. You haven't said anything about what I told you. If there's any way you can help me get this job, I would be very grateful. I really need it, please."

I gathered myself...

I responded, "That's enough. I have a few questions for you first, so I can understand how I can help you and where to start."

Grace replies, "No problem, sir. I will answer your questions."

I asked, "How many years of experience do you have? Why are you looking for a house girl job? What about your parents? Beautiful girl like you..."

Grace: I am 20 years old, my mother passed away when I was young, and now it's just my father. He works as a bricklayer. I am the oldest child, and I have two younger siblings who also work as house girls."

Thomas: Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your mother's passing. Have you done this kind of work before, or is this your first time?"

Grace: I have been doing this work for many years, since I was 12 years old. The reason I left my previous job was because my employer started getting angry with me, claiming that her husband likes buying me things. She would also beat me for no reason. Every little thing I did, she would shout at me, and that's why I quit."

Thomas: So, does the man maltreat you? Tell me the truth."

Grace: No, God forbid, sir. The man never maltreated me, he is a good person. I work well in their house and take care of their children. So, whenever he buys things for his children, he also buys for me, saying that I deserve it."

Thomas: No problem. Please, don't call me sir. You and I are almost the same age. I just turned 22 this year, so I'm not the boss you think I am, you understand?"

Grace: Okay."

Thomas: I'm not sure if my employer will hire you, in fact, she probably won't agree. She prefers to hire older people for house girl work, especially professionals from companies. Even the cook and the housekeeper here are not young. The woman has given birth to our age mates. Do you know what will happen? My mother needs a house help, but there isn't much work in the house. It's just me and my younger brother living with her."

She wanted to kneel down to thank me, so I took the opportunity to touch her. Her skin was so soft. It felt like God had blessed me. I have finally found a beautiful girl like her, and she will be the first girl I buy a phone for. She is so attractive, please. I touched her hands well, making sure her knees didn't touch the ground to thank me."

Grace: God bless you, I really appreciate it. You won't regret helping me; your mother will like me because I work diligently."

Thomas: No problem, Grace. When do you plan to start working and what will be your salary?

Grace: At my previous job, they paid me 2ok per month. I would like to start tomorrow, if that's alright with you.

Thomas: Don't worry, if you perform well, I will pay you more than 20k. Save my number in your phone and send me a message so I can give you my address. I will inform my mother about you today, so we will be expecting you tomorrow morning.

She took out her small phone from her skirt pocket, I gave her my number, and I hurried her to leave. I don't want Love to see her in this house, as she is suspicious of any small movement.

The way I satisfied Love that night, she herself wondered what had come over me. She asked if I had started watching adult films again, which made me learn new styles. Little did she know that it was Grace on my mind that was motivating me. I was imagining that I was with Grace while being intimate with Love.

The next day, she arrived at our house with her small tattered bag. The girl is really poor, she reminded me of how we used to live in the batcher. She has found her destiny helper now, a destiny helper with a good package. I had already informed my mother about the situation, and she had no problem with it. She was actually looking for someone to keep her company and watch Nigerian movies with, as my brother and I don't have time for those things. My mother welcomed her warmly and showed her the room where she would be staying.

After she finished talking with my mother, I called her into my room for the final interview.

Thomas: Have you seen that my mother has no problem with you?

Grace: Yes, I have seen that. Thank you for this opportunity, you won't regret it.

Thomas: Okay. No problem. Do you have a boyfriend?

Grace: No, I don't. I used to have one, but we broke up. I don't have time to see him because my former employer doesn't give me days off.

Thomas: Okay, no problem. If anyone asks who you are, you will say we are cousins and that you are my father's brother's child. I don't like calling anyone a house girl, it feels uncomfortable for me. Never make the mistake of telling anyone outside this house that you are a house girl, do you understand?

Grace: Yes, it won't happen.

Fast forward to 1 month, Grace and I have started dating, but I haven't had sex with her yet. I am slowly getting closer to her, so she doesn't think I'm only interested in that. I told her that Love is my employer and I work for her, she believed me, but they haven't met each other yet. Love doesn't come to the house often because of my mother.

On the night I finally decided to have sex with Grace for the first time, trouble erupted, Love came home...


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