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How to Sell Nudes Online

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If you have ever wondered "how to sell my nudes?" this article is definitely for you.

How to Sell Nudes Online
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In this post I want to explain how you can make money selling nudes in a simple way and the different ways you can do it.

If you are interested in starting to sell your packs online (and make good money from it) - read on as I will explain exactly where and how to start.

How to Make Money Selling Nudes Online

There are many ways to sell packs online, different platforms and mediums, however I'm not going to waste your time with options that are not very effective and I'll tell you what is the best option based on my experience.

Let's start by parts, if you plan to sell packs online you need an audience willing to buy, ie people interested in buying your product, this is called traffic.

You need a source of traffic to sell your nudes and this can be for example your social networks like Instagram or Twitter or a profile on a xxx website.

It is important to consider that doing this kind of work requires some commitment and if you start from scratch don't expect to see big profits right away.

After you have your traffic source defined and ready to use, the next thing is to find a way to monetize this traffic.

This can be done in several ways, but the one that is currently working the best and is becoming the main option worldwide is using subscription platforms.

These platforms are websites where you can create a completely free account and publish all your exclusive content and then charge a monthly subscription to each person who wants to see your publications.

How to get traffic?

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Remember that without customers you can't sell anything, so you have to get them from somewhere.

The best way to get this audience is through social networks.

This is very common, hundreds of people promote the sale of their nudes on Twitter and Instagram, I could even bet that they have already made you a proposal.

In my experience the best social networks to sell nudes are: Instagram and Twitter.

So the first step to sell nudes is to create your traffic source.

You can start from scratch or you may already have a traffic source ready to monetize, in this case you should only worry about getting more followers.

The important thing here is that you have a way to get buyers fast and easy.

For example, if you have an Instagram account with 10 thousand followers, then this can be your source of traffic because from there you can promote your services and get customers.

If you are going to start from scratch I recommend you to create Instagram and Twitter accounts totally dedicated for this job and if you prefer you can hide your face in order to keep your identity anonymous, if that is not a problem for you then show yourself with total security!

If you already have a good amount of followers in your networks I would recommend you to sell your packs through that medium, but if you want to stay anonymous then you will have to create new accounts and start from scratch.

Once you have already created your Instagram and twitter accounts, the next step is to get followers. It's not very hard to get them, by posting sexy pictures and videos daily you could easily get followers.

But if you really want to gain a lot of followers fast you can post free nudes on Twitter (on Instagram this is forbidden), you will see how people will start following you like crazy!

On Instagram you can post from 3 to 8 times a day, posting different viral hashtags that can help you to be more visible and get more people to follow you.

Monetizing Traffic

By Vitaly Nikolenko on Unsplash

Now that you have your traffic sources ready to find buyers, it's time to see how you can monetize that audience.

This is where what I mentioned earlier comes in: subscription platforms.

You can monetize your followers in many ways, the most common is to sell nudes by direct message or through a designated WhatsApp number, so that customers contact you directly and after reaching a sales agreement, they pay you by PayPal or wire transfer and you just take care of sending them what they requested.

However this is not the most effective way because you can end up being scammed, wasting time with customers who do not buy anything, losing the PayPal account (and with it the money inside), etc..

For this reason I will give you my personal recommendation: it is best to use subscription platforms.

This way we avoid dealing with every customer who wants to buy our nudes, we avoid scams, problems with payment methods and it facilitates the ways in which we can get money.

If you already have an audience on social networks (let's say you have a few thousand followers on Instagram or Twitter) you can immediately start selling nudes through a website called OnlyFans.

This platform is perfect for generating recurring revenue easily through your networks.

It is basically a social media website, similar to Twitter or Instagram. But with the difference that users have to pay a monthly subscription to view the content you upload (that's how you make money).

OnlyFans allows all the nudity and explicit content you want plus every hour there are thousands of people looking for new profiles to subscribe to on OnlyFans. Although the site can be used for any industry, it is almost 100% dedicated to nudity and adult content.

Obviously it's not the perfect platform, it has its downsides like anything else, however compared to other ways to sell nudes, this one I would consider the best option in the industry.

How do you sell your nudes?

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