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How To Get My Husband To Notice Me Sexually (Why Doesn't My Husband Notice Me Anymore)

Are you in a panic right now thinking how to get my husband to notice me sexually and don't know what to do about it? Are you wondering why doesn't my husband notice me anymore? You're not alone, it's happened to many women before you. But the women who did the right things, and changed themselves in the right particular ways are the one's that ended up with an even better marriage than ever before.

By Amora StevPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
How To Get My Husband To Notice Me Sexually (Why Doesn't My Husband Notice Me Anymore)
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Getting your husband to notice you again may feel like something of a challenge. Many married women go through a period where they feel neglected by their husband. He doesn't give them the attention they need and that leads to difficult feelings like resentment and frustration. It's often just a result of outside influences such as work and your husband having to tend to other things. He may not even be consciously aware of the fact that he's making you feel those things. It's not something you have to resign to live with for the rest of your life though. You can change this part of your marriage and make your husband as wild about you now as he was on your wedding day.

Many married women fall into this pattern within their marriage where they start to feel as though they've faded into the background. It often starts to happen when children arrive or when the husband's career becomes more consuming. All of a sudden all the attention he was showering on you is now displaced. It's directed to others or other things and that leaves you feeling alone and confused. Before you place all the blame on your husband though take a look at your own behavior within the marriage. We often are guilty of the same neglect as our spouse is. If you have pushed your husband aside in order to tend to other things, you need to place him higher on your own priority list. Doing this is simple and can make a huge difference in the way he relates to you.

Each and every day do something special for your spouse. Go out of your way to cook his favorite meal or arrange a dinner out for the two of you at his favorite place. Another wonderful gesture is to plan a weekend getaway for the two of you to a place he really enjoys. Maybe it's to the mountains for some hiking or to the lake so he can indulge in some fishing. The goal for you should be to plan outings that will enable you two to reconnect without any distractions.

Remember the woman you were when you two first married? He absolutely adored who you were then. One of the effective ways of getting your husband to notice you is to focus more on your own life, apart from his. That may sound odd but it actually works in a very specific way. Your husband wants to be with someone who is dynamic and interesting. Focus on the things you enjoy in life for now. That may mean reinventing your career or taking some classes at night. When your husband sees that you are embracing life more, he'll be magnetically drawn back to you again.

7 Tips For How to Seduce Your Husband

After two or three years of marriage, the love life of most couples can get fairly routine - and maybe even a bit predictable and boring. If you are like most couples, it is not so much that the sex is no longer any fun. Rather, it can just be hard to get the motor running, so to speak. This brings us to the topic of seduction.

By learning the skill of how to seduce your husband, you will find yourselves making love much more often. If you can just learn how to get him in the mood, the lovemaking session will surely follow. To get you started down the path that has worked so well for me, here are 7 tips for seducing your husband tonight:

Tip #1: Pay a little extra attention to making yourself look your best: Let's face it: men are visual creatures. They covet what they see. If you have been married to your husband for a few years or more, chances are that he has been paying less attention to the way you look lately. At the same time, you are likely putting less effort into making yourself look your best. This can be a vicious cycle that feeds on itself. In order to break the cycle, try spending a bit more time making yourself look pretty or sexy when you get ready in the morning. For you, that may mean putting on makeup every single day (if you do not already), painting your fingernails or toenails, or paying more attention to the clothes you wear.

Tip #2. Show interest in what he has to say when he talks about his day: Getting into the mood for love is difficult when couples do not even make enough time to have a meaningful chat about their days. In today's busy world, wives often have little knowledge about what their husbands really do every day, and men have the same problem understanding exactly what their wives spend their time doing. However, do not let this lack of understanding create a communication barrier between the two of you. The best way to bridge the communication gap is to take the first step and ask your husband about his day: and then really pay attention to his answer! What he tells you may not be immediately familiar or meaningful to you, but to your husband it is a huge part of his world, so pay careful attention. I guarantee that if you do, he will be more prone to being in the mood for lovemaking.

Tip #3. Cook a light meal: If you plan to make love tonight, be sure to cook a light meal for the two of you. There is nothing like being in the mood for love, only to then eat a large meal and start to feel too sleepy or full to make love. Feed him something light and nutritious and save your energy for lovemaking.

Tip #4. Give him advance notice that you are in the mood: Many men are not spontaneous by nature: they like to know what they are doing in advance. And, all men like to have something to look forward to. For both reasons, it can be a great idea to tell your husband a few hours or days in advance that you would like to spend some intimate time with him. Your doing so will help him clear his mental (and actual) schedule for your lovemaking session.

Tip #5. Wear something sexy around him without mentioning it directly: When you first see your husband after his day, greet him while wearing something sexy. But, the trick is to not let him think you are trying too hard. For example, while cooking dinner, try wearing an apron with only some skimpy underwear on underneath it. You may notice that his has trouble watching TV or reading the paper because he is too busy stealing glimpses at you.

Tip #6. Do something out of the ordinary: There is something very sexy about the element of surprise. Even if you have already let your husband know that you want to make love, this does not mean you have to give all of your secrets away ahead of time. Do something that is a bit surprising - maybe even a bit kinky. For example, tell him an erotic story over dinner. Or, watch a video that you both find arousing or sexy. Be sure to adjust the level of sexiness to his mood and personality. The point here is the element of surprise: keep things interesting and keep him on his toes.

Tip #7. Just before making love, change into something sexy: Husbands like to think that they do not have their wives all figured out. Men want that element of mystery. So, as you are seducing your husband and you see that things will soon lead to lovemaking, casually slip away for a moment and slip into a sexy negligee, piece of lingerie or other sexy clothing. If you are lucky, he will be so turned on that you won't get much of a chance to show it off before he quickly removes it.

Learning how to expertly seduce your husband is your best bet for a happier, healthier sex life between the two of you. Most couples find that, once the lovemaking begins, the experience is often very satisfying. The challenge, then, is getting you both into the mood. Follow these 7 tips and you will find yourself on the path to a much more fulfilling love life with your husband.

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