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Hidden Pleasures

Are you also hot for teacher?

By Clementine LipsPublished 4 years ago 11 min read
Photo via Unsplash, credits to Shubham Sharan

The corridor was endless, or at least it seemed like it to her. The appointment had been set for five o’clock and thinking that she would easily find her way to the office, she had taken her sweet time with the coffee. Now it was ten past and she still hadn't found it.

A little out of breath, she finally got to the door. It was open.

"Hi! Sorry, I’m late..." she said while entering the office.

There was no one inside. At the door, there was a hasty sign that said that he had had to leave on an urgent errand and that he would be back in about an hour.

An hour was quite a lot of time to be waiting alone in the office. Paula hung up her scarf on the door and started to wander around the room. She decided to close the door so that she could look around without any worries. A sudden air current reached her and filled her nostrils with the scent of that perfume that made her lower regions dilate. The smell reminded her of those times when he would come close to explain something to her that she “hadn’t understood.” If she had an hour, maybe she could use that perfume to remember some of her least professional thoughts about him...

She went to the desk chair; it was one of those that sink down so much when you sit down that it seems like they are enveloping you. The seat seemed so comfortable that she couldn’t be blamed if she felt tempted to sit down for a while, right? Again, a current of air reached her as she sat, carrying with it a breath of that intoxicating perfume. Her attention shifted from the present to her memories, dominated by the desire that took control of her every time she saw him.

She remembered when he leaned over the workbench to repair one of the machines they were using and how the pants tightened around his ass and his arm muscles grew tight when he closed up the machine again. She would have loved to approach him from behind and press up against him. What would have happened if they had been alone?

With this picture in mind, Paula got comfortable in the seat and imagined that it wasn’t the sofa that was hugging her, but him, while she was sitting on top of him. She imagined that she also felt his breath on her neck while he came closer to kiss her. She got goosebumps just by thinking about that, while she stroked her neck with the back of her hand where she imagined his kiss to have landed. She could feel her nipples getting more sensitive, brushing against the embroidery of her bralette.

She opened her legs and hitched up her dress. She caressed them, moving closer to her thighs as she went. She imagined herself sitting on her workbench in the lab while he fitted himself between her legs, their intimate parts brushing against each other, only separated by the clothes that would continue to cover them only for a short time. Their lips wet with foreign saliva, hurt by bites full of pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her breasts pressed against his chest. Without noticing, she had moved her knickers aside and her fingers had gotten wet. Those same fingers, which had been entwining in her hair had become his in her imagination. They stroked her head, moving her hair out of the way and they slowly opened their lips to kiss. The sparks that she had noticed during classes had now turned into a fire that grew from her lower belly and burned her whole body.

Her fantasy had turned her blind and deaf to the external world so that when she heard the voice of her professor in the hallway, it was already too late to convincingly pretend that she had been innocently waiting for him in the office; she barely managed to run under the table on time.

She heard the door close and the lock turn when he came in. Shit, what the hell was she going to do if this guy decided to start working? She huddled close to the inner side of the table, trying to occupy the least amount of space possible. Her knickers were still out of place and the cold of the floor had snuck in between her legs and calmed her pulsating intimate regions.

After a few seconds, the teacher’s legs appeared in front of her. But he didn’t sit down in the chair where she had been touching herself a few minutes before. The computer wasn’t switched on, no drawer was opened. There was no sound of shuffling papers. Instead of that, his trousers fell to the floor.

It was then that he sat down and started to rub his member through his underpants. She saw how it started to grow in response to the physical stimulus and maybe also to the owner’s imagination. His hand slipped through his boxers and the tip appeared. All the calm and control that the cold floor had infused her with disappeared. Her lips started to get wet again and she inevitably led her fingers back to that part which produced so much heat. His fingers grabbed the arm of the chair, while with the other hand he clearly masturbated. With the friction, his underpants had come off and Paula could fully appreciate her teacher’s member.

Biting her lips, she tried to avoid being heard while she still touched herself with the HD vision of that dick just in front of her. It was taking all the self-restraint that she had to keep herself in check and not reach out to accompany him in the massage he was giving himself. In the silence that dominated the room, it was easy to distinguish the teacher’s rapid breathing, which accelerated her own. She was close to climaxing and it felt really hard to keep silent and not let out the low moan that was loading in the back of her throat. Just when she felt that the tension was starting to accumulate down low, something fell into her sight.

What had fallen from his lap was no other than the scarf that she had taken off before setting her imagination free.

Fuck, that’s my scarf, what do I do now? Because I won’t leave without the scarf, that’s for sure, my grandma bought it for me and I’m not just going to leave it here, so...

She reached out to take the scarf discreetly; maybe by tugging at it from one of the corners, she could recover it without him noticing. But as she grabbed the scarf, the teacher’s hand appeared to do the exact same thing. Both of them pulled at the same time and the scarf tensed and relaxed to their absolute shock.

Shit, shit, shit, shit she thought while she quickly let the scarf go, now he’s going to look down and here I am, with my hand in my panties.

And just like that, the teacher looked under the table. His eyes opened wide in surprise as he saw the young lady from his fantasies sitting right in front of or rather, underneath, him. After the second it took for his brain to process what he was seeing, he stood up with a start, fumbling to pull up his zipper. She crawled out of her hiding place slowly, repositioning her knickers and pulling her dress down in the process. Her vagina contracted as she caught a glimpse of the still erect member of her professor, who had finally managed to do his trousers up. However, his effort in getting dressed again was quite absurd, since the bump between his thighs was still visible, with and without clothing.

His dick also reacted to the glimpse of underwear that he saw while she stood up. The mound that he saw between her thighs tempted him terribly and he had to actively concentrate to keep his hands at his side until it hid back under the dress.

There was an uncomfortable silence until they reached the door. When they got to it he stretched his hand to open the door for her. A nice gesture, polite even, in any other situation; a provocation in this one. Their bodies were now extremely close, hers against the door and his blocking the way for a clean and quick escape. The look in their eyes said it all. I want to, but I shouldn’t. Who would break the tension first?

Well, it was her. She had way less to lose, so she took the reins of the situation. In any case, if the attempt failed, he couldn’t say anything, given the situation, i.e. that she had caught him masturbating with her scarf.

Decidedly, she put the palm of her hand on his trousers. There it was, still stiff and imperturbable. All the warnings that he had thought up had disappeared. He could only think of the hand that was touching him. His look grew darker. With both hands, he grabbed the back of her neck and brought her near to him. He kissed her quickly, avid to feel at least one of her damp spaces. His tongue explored the corners of her mouth, the commissures of her lips, the nervous stress bites of the exam period. She was still a bit surprised, but corresponded by moving her hands up his back and searching with her tongue for the gap between his lips.

Everything was moving very fast. The unexpectedness of the situation made them feel like they should hurry up to extract as much pleasure as possible before the other one realized that what they were doing was crazy and stopped it immediately. First grab all that you can and keep it in your memory: the touch, the weight, the heat of each part of the body so that you can recreate it in your bedroom later and finish what you should be doing already.

His hands landed on her breasts, touring over her nipples millimetre by millimetre, remembering each bump and the feel of her smooth breasts, tight against her bralette and his palms. Her hands moved across his stomach, following the hills and valleys of his abs, the shape of his chest and road shoulders and back down across his back, following the burrow of the spine until she got to his ass. She gripped hard there. A loud exhalation and her back was against the door.

It hadn’t been necessary to touch their lower regions; the heat coming off from that part of their bodies gave a pretty clear explanation to what had been happening down there. But everyone knows that the temptation is too strong once the clothes are out of the way. They both dedicated themselves fully to the other: up and down and in and out. His kisses started to descend over her stomach in a straight line: sensual but fast, lest she decide to leave at the last minute. Her head was now resting on the door, her eyes closed, concentrating only on the feeling of touch. Her legs opened to receive him. First a few kisses over the mount of Venus and an adventurous finger that split the lips. Then a few kisses lower down, where the entrance was awaiting him. A curious tongue that drew tempting circles first there, in the opening, and then higher up. He was reaching the key spot for a woman’s pleasure. She grabbed his hair to lead him, but he stopped. He kept his tongue just below for a few moments and then moved down again a couple of times. Then his tongue went inside her and she had to bite her lips once again to keep herself from making noise. A long lick travelled from top to bottom and at last his tongue found her. Her back arched. She lifted her leg to wrap it around his shoulder and make it easier for him to manoeuvre down there. First, there were circles, then letters and then... well, she couldn’t distinguish anymore because she couldn’t concentrate enough to follow everything that was happening. A finger slipped inside her, then two, then three. He pushed at her wall tentatively, searching. He found it: the G spot. It became too much for her, she was losing control.

It had been a while since he had started touching himself. She knew because he was going so hard that she could hear it. She warned him: “I’m going to come, you should stop.” But he continued even faster than before. Maybe he hadn’t heard her. So she repeated it, louder than before. And he, immutable, continued. He flicked her clitoris; this was definitely too much for her to handle. With a drowning moan, she came. He came all over his hands as soon as he felt her contract. They looked at each other for a few seconds after, still groggy from the orgasm. Now they had to make an awkward decision: were they going to leave without acknowledging what had just happened? She again took the reins and while he dressed, she asked him:

"Why didn't you stop?"

"You’re my student and we’re in my office. It’s risky. But I couldn’t let you go without seeing you come. "

When she crossed the door, he called her one last time: “I think it would be best if you came again to solve the question you had about this week’s lesson. Let’s say tomorrow evening at my place? I think we need an in-depth discussion.” He closed the door with a hint of a smile on his lips.

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