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A Little Bit More Than Just Yoga

There are more than conventional sports at the gym

By Clementine LipsPublished 4 years ago 6 min read
Picture credit: Mark Zamora

I had been going to yoga class for a few months. My life was proving to be super stressful and I needed something to relax and make me feel like I was at least trying to look after myself. I loved the class: I left full of energy but relaxed each time and feeling at peace with myself. I had made a few friends with whom I sometimes went to a bar after the class. One of the recurring topics we talked about on those nights was the affair we were 100% sure the yoga instructor and a personal trainer were having. He used to come at the same time each session to train with his customer right in front of our transparent walls. We were sure he stayed for a few hours afterward too, just with a different company. We spotted the looks they shot each other when he passed by our room when only the glass walls and their duties as gym employees separated them. We also saw that he stayed waiting by the lockers when we were all filing down the hallway to shower and go back home. Our class was the last of the day, so we were always debating if they just directly went to one of their apartments, or if they would have dinner together first if their neighbors would hear them...

However, you could tell that they were trying to keep it a secret. We assumed that the gym didn't allow for relationships between its employees. But we were sad to admit we knew it was just a matter of time until they were caught because if it was obvious even to us, who just spent a couple of hours a week in the gym, it must be glaringly evident to anyone working with them for longer.

By Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

One of those days when we went out for a couple of drinks, I noticed while entering the bar that I had left my jacket in the changing rooms so I excused myself to go and fetch it from the gym before it closed. While going towards the changing rooms, I walked by our classroom. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked inside. I could see two bodies at the other side of the room, close together and leaning on the wall. Clearly, they thought they were alone. He was already shirtless, while she still had her sports bra on. They were passionately kissing each other, his body pinning her to the wall, hers very happy to be there. Her hands were traveling intensely around the man's back, going down to his ass and pushing him closer to her there. His hands were tangled in her hair, her ponytail already half unraveled.

She raised one of her legs over his waist and held onto his neck. He was clearly excited and continued with the maneuvers typical of a sexual encounter: he lowered his hands to her breasts and massaged her nipples through her bra. Her head hung back while she moaned. The bra disappeared quickly, leaving her breasts exposed, ready for him to lower himself to lick them. They moved away from the wall and she pushed him onto one of the yoga mats. She pinned his arms to the floor and, while she pressed his hips down with her pelvis, immobilizing him. Now that he was in her power, she brushed her nipples across his lips, close enough to touch, but far enough so that he couldn't grasp at them. Eventually, he got bored and with a strong impulse turned both of them around. As soon as he was on top, he grabbed her breasts and pushed them together, sucking on both nipples at the same time.

He started to descend over her abs with kisses and licks, nibbles at the height of the pelvis. He pushed her legs open. The leggings, which already had a wet patch on the crotch, had to come off, so he stood up slightly to maneuver. He moved the sliver of underwear that was her thong, his desire manifesting in the way he bit his lips; he was indeed very hungry for her.

Slowly, while still staring her in the eyes, he lowered himself over her sex. He started by kissing gently kissing her lips and she breathed in loudly. He stuck the tip of his tongue out and toured around the warm hole in which he longed to enter. She moaned again, even louder this time, and arched her back. His lips tightened around her clit and he started to trace light circles around it, while he opened her legs even wider. Her hips started to move and her hands went to her breasts, where she started to pinch her nipples. With one hand he opened her lips to get a full immersion into that wet paradise, while with his other hand he untied the knot holding his tracksuit bottoms in place. He reached his erect member and gave her a few intense licks while following the rhythm on his member. She saw him and wanted to get up to help, but he pushed her back down while he stared cheekily into her eyes. Then he traced her figure with his fingers until he reached down to where his tongue was and introduced them in her. She grabbed his head and pushed him into her while her moans gained in pitch. He continued moving his fingers to the beat of his hand on his penis.

Knowing that if he didn't stop she would come at any minute, he grabbed her waist and turned her around. He asked her to lean over so that her wet hole would be easily accessible to him from behind. He started to stroke her clit while he continued to penetrate her with his fingers. She couldn't take it any longer, so she reached out for his member, red and desperate for some warmth, and leaning back towards him, he introduced it in her while throwing her head back with pleasure.

He closed his eyes and grunted. In the milliseconds that he was able to stay still inside her, he grabbed her ass cheeks with yearning, trying to get as much flesh in them as he could. But she started to move and he lost his concentration. He held on to her waist again so as to gain more impulse and go as deep as possible inside her while she touched herself, ravenous for pleasure. After a few minutes, she leaned forward, turned around quickly and pushed him back down onto the floor. She mounted him and she swiftly regained the swing. He kept up, raising and lowering his hips so that he could still fill her up as much as possible. She continued to touch herself while he grabbed onto her ass and stroked her waist. They devoured each other with their eyes until her head flew back one last time and with the next two thrusts loudly came. When he heard her, he pulled back quickly so as to come without dirtying her. Afterward, they just lay there, one beside the other, looking at each other and smiling, complicit.

Only then did I realize that I had been spying on two people in one of their most intimate moments and with my face burning up out of embarrassment I left the gym, forgetting what I had come for yet again. However, you could tell that they were trying to keep it a secret. We supposed that the gym didn't allow for relationships between its employees. But we were sad to admit we know it was just a matter of time until they were caught because if it was obvious even to us, who just spent a couple of hours a week in the gym, it must be glaringly evident to anyone working with them for longer.

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