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Her Dragon Slayer

by Marie Ross 2 months ago in fiction
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Part One

Part One

There weren’t always dragons in the valley, but shortly after they came, he arrived. Mallick was the bastard son of the fairy queen that had been sent into exile. He had arrived in their valley with nothing but the clothes on his back, the first dragon he slayed had earned him what was left of the village and ten chests of gold and jewels. He had taken that treasure and built a stone fortress into to the mountain, and that was where everyone went when they needed help, or protection from the dragons.

This is what had brought Arwen to the stone fortress. She stood at the door with the clothes on her back and a small satchel that held a puzzle box that had been in her family for generations, and a handful of gold coins. Taking a deep breath she lifted her arm, grasping the thick iron ring she let it bang on the wood, and she waited. Minutes later the door opened with a groan, and the man standing before her spoke.

“May I help you miss?” He asked.

“I need to speak with the Master.” She said.

“Of course, follow me.” He said with a slight bow as he stepped back.

Arwen walked past him and paused letting her eyes adjust as she looked around. There was a corridor in front of her that had doorways every few feet. The man passed her, and she followed as he led her down the corridor. Glancing left and right she saw groups of men and women in varying states of undress and sexual acts, and she started when the man cleared his throat discreetly making her realize that she had stopped to stare at one of the rooms. She blushed and was thankful that the hall was so dark that he couldn’t see as she caught up with him. then waited as he opened the door at the very end of the hall, he gestured her in with another slight bow and shut the doors at her back.

“Come closer.” The command was issued in a low husky voice that had her shivering as she stepped away from the door.

When she stood a few feet away from the throng he was sitting on she stopped and gasped as she stared. He was absolutely stunning, he was sitting on his throng in only a pair of tight leather pants, and his pale skin seemed to glow in the firelight show casing his muscular form, and the dragon tattoo that spiraled up his left arm, with its head resting on his left pec. His midnight black hair fell to his shoulders in soft waves, and his piercing blue eyes seemed to bore into her, but her eyes were drawn back to his bare chest where there were three deep angry red scares.

“Why are you here?” He asked as Arwen continued to stare.

“I come seeking protection.” She said finally lifting her eyes to his.

Mallick watched the woman as she watched him. she was a pretty little thing. Filthy from her journey, but under the grime she had pale skin to go along with her dark red hair, and emerald green eyes. The dress she had on was thinning in some places and the bodice cut in on the sides showing the sides of her breasts with a deep vee that opened to her naval, and the skirt had slits up both sides that stopped at her hipbones revealing the full length of her legs.

“And do you know what the young women who come seeking protection do here?” He asked.

“I have heard stories?” she said not taking her eyes from his.

“Have you been taken before?” He asked as he nodded his head.

“My father sold me the day the men of our village began noticing my body.” She replied.

“Sold you?” He asked with a tightening of his muscles, and Arwen jumped a little as the flames in the fireplace leapt higher, and the people in the room gasped.

“Twice a week to anyone that could pay top dollar every week until the dragons destroyed the village.” She explained weakly.

“And did your father make the journey with you?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“My entire family burned when the dragons landed.” She said dropping her head a bit.

“I can’t say I’m sorry to hear your father burned, but I am sorry for the rest of your family.” He said as he rose.

Mallick descended the three steps that raised his throne above the room. There was something about her that intrigued him. it felt almost magical, tickling something in the back of his mind. Walking to her he held out his hand and waited. Arwen stared at his hand as her breathing increased.

“You have my protection for as long as you want or need it, and we can take things as slow as you want to go.” He ducked his head to catch her eye, making sure she looked at him.

“No need to take it slow, I’m all in, and thank you Master for your protection.” Arwen said on a deep breath, looking him directly in the eye.

“Then come with me little one.” He said as she took his hand.

Mallick led her from the room, and down the corridor to the left. Deeper into the mountain, stopping to speak quietly with the man that answered the door. And about five minutes later they came to another set of doors. When he led her through them Arwen stopped and stared. There where half a dozen mostly naked women hurrying about. Some where lighting the dozens of candles spread about and lighting the fire. The others were filling a tub with steaming hot water that filling the air with a dark sensual scent. When the women finished, they dipped curtsies in front of Mallick as they left the room.

“Remove you clothing and get in the tub.” He commanded softly as he leaned back against the now closed door to watch.

Arwen shuttered as the low husky tone of his voice washed over her. Lifting her bag over her head she looked around, then set it on the chair near the fireplace. Next, she slipped off her worn leather sandals, then loosened the belt on her dress so she could slip the straps off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Keeping her eyes down she then stepped into the warm water of the tub, leaning back she closed her eyes on a soft sigh.

Mallick watched her lounge in the water for a few minutes before moving quietly to the side of the tub. Kneeling there he dipped his hand into the water to start caressing her calf, smiling a little when she started, and opened her eyes to watch him.

“Easy little one, just lay back and enjoy.” He said.

“Enjoy what?” she asked with a puzzled look.

“Being touched.” He said.

“Have you never been touch in pleasure before?” he asked when she stared at him quizzically still stroking her calf.

“No, the men only ever took what they wanted, and didn’t care if I got anything out of it.” She said dropping her eyes.

“Then tonight is all about you.” He said leaning close to her face.

“Let me show you the joy your body can feel.” He whispered as he clamed her mouth in a gentle kiss.

Arwen felt drugged as his lips caressed hers. Pulling a soft moan from deep in her throat, and she gasped against his mouth as his hand slid up her inner thigh. Her gasps turned to panting breaths as he kissed his way along her jaw to her ear, and then down her throat. his teeth bit down gently as his fingers started petting her sensitive pussy lips causing her to jerk, spilling water over the edges of the tub.

Mallick smiled against her skin as she came that first time and kissing his way back to her ear, he whispered sweet nothings as her orgasm swelled, and calmed. As she relaxed back against the tub, he then went about gently washing the grime of her travels from her body, loving her sighs as he began washing her long red hair massaging her scalp. When he finished Mallick helped her stand on shaky legs, only to help her stand in an empty tub so he could rinse the soap from her hair and body. He then led her over too stand in front of the fire as he reached for a towel.

Arwen swayed slightly, gripping the Master’s shoulders as he gently rubbed the soft fabric over her skin. The combination of his light touch, and the flow of the towel had her shivering with goose bumps raising all over. With her hair mostly dry he then twisted it up, so it sat in a loose bun atop her head, and she squealed a little when he swept her into his arms.

Mallick laughed aloud as he carried her over to the bed. Laying her out on the cool satin sheets he stretched her arms above her head and wrapped a length of silk rope around her wrists to secure her to the headboard. He stroked his hands down her arms to cup and knead her breasts, loving how she arched her back to mold them more firmly into his hands. Her gasp made his body tighten with desire, and his cock grow thicker causing his leather pants to tighten, but tonight was about her so he took a few calming breathes locking down his desire. Next, he leaned down suckling one firmly peeked nipple into his mouth to lick and nip at as he continued to knead and pinch the other breast.

Arwen began to whimper and moan moving restlessly against him. it felt amazing what he was doing with his hands and mouth to her breasts, and it caused little flutters and pulls low in her belly. All the sensations were merging together, and she couldn’t keep her bearings, as he left her breasts beginning to kiss his way down her ribcage and belly she moaned, then yelped when he circled her naval with his tongue and nipped a sharp bite just below it. His low chuckle rumbled through her causing even more feelings as he worked his way lower, kissing his way from one hipbone to the other before he shifted to open her thighs and settle between them. Lifting his head, he stared up at her.

“Are you still with me little one?” He asked in a velvety soft voice.

“Yes.” She moaned low straining against her bounds as she arched her back.

“Are you ready for more?” He chuckled against her heated skin.

“Yes.” She whimpered.

Smiling Mallick began stroking her inner thighs. Listening to her breathing increase even more, loving her gasp of surprise when he parted her folds allowing the cool air to hit her heated flesh. Rubbing his fingers slowly through her wet folds he worked her up higher and higher, and then she screamed as he began rubbing his thumb in circles on her clit making her fall over and over into bliss. Pulling back but keeping his hands stroking her thighs lightly he let her calm some before he dipped his head. Placing his mouth on her oh so hot flesh he began to lick, eating her creamy sweet nectar like it was his last meal. He made her cum over and over not letting her come down from her high, licking up he began sucking on her clit until he felt her go lacks in his arms. Pulling back, he sat up, moving to her side once more he stroked her face lightly.

Arwen shuttered shaking her head a little as the fog began to clear. Coming back to herself she felt his hand on her cheek and opening her eyes she found him staring at her.

“Are you okay little one?” He asked gently.

“Hum...” was all she could manage.

“Do you want me to stop?” He caressed her jaw.

“No, more.” She whined so sweetly.

Mallick chuckled in his dark seductive tone as he trailed his fingers down the center of her body. Starting to stroke and pet her folds again, when she began to shake and whimper, he slowly worked two fingers deep into her pulsing core. Fucking her nice and slow as she squeezed his fingers tighter and tighter. Just before she came, he stroked his other hand up her quivering body to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple sending her over the edge. He made her come twice before pulling his fingers out of her.

“More, please.” Arwen begged sliding her legs restless over the sheets.

Mallick stood waiting until she looked at him with hooded eyes. With a wicked little smirk, he then reached for the waist of his pants. As her eyes fell to where his hands were resting, he began opening his pants slowly revealing that he had nothing on underneath. Sliding his thumbs to his hips he worked the leather down his thighs, loving her gasp when his thickly engorged cock was revealed. When they were at his knees, he bent to remove his boots before taking his pants the rest of the way off. Tossing them aside he gripped his cock as he watched her stare, and then she moaned and licked her lips when he stroked it once causing a drop of cum to slid from its tip.

Arwen gasped and panted. Staring at his impressively sized cock she began to shake. She had never wanted a cock as much as she longed to feel his thrust into her wet core, or even for him so fuck it deep into her mouth making her gag. Moving restlessly on the bed she took her eyes from the hand that was still stroking him up to lock eyes with him.

“Master, more.” She begged breathlessly.

That’s all Mallick needed, coming back to the bed. Settling between her thighs he brushed his tip through her wet folds before placing it at her entrance. Locking eyes with her once more he watched her as he slowly sank into her oh so tight core, watching for any sign of discomfort until his hips hit hers. He stopped shifting so his hands were on the bed by her breasts he bent his head to lick her nipples, and when she gasped, he began to move. Pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in, he kept up this slow torturous pace until she started to whimper and beg. When she contracted around him cumming that first time his control snapped, and he fucked her fast and hard. She came three more times before he placed his mouth at her throat biting down hard as he emptied his seed deep into her pulsing womb. Breathing heavily, he reached up, unbinding her wrists before rolling onto his back. Pulling her to his side he rubbed the feeling back into her arms as they both drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Mallick rose from the bed carefully so as not to wake her when he heard a soft knock on the door.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Forgive my Master, but the dragon is coming.” His butler said gravely.

“Gather the troops, I’ll be there shortly.” He said in a commanding voice.

Mallick walked back to the bed. Stroking her cheek gently to wake her he waited.

Arwen stirred feeling loose and sore at the same time, then she felt the hand on her cheek. Opening her eyes, she saw him standing above her.

“I have to go little one.” He said when her eyes focused on him.

“Master?” She questioned with a frown.

“The dragon has come. I need to deal with it. We’ll talk when I return.” He explained kissing her on the forehead.

“Go back to sleep.” He commanded as he rose to dress.

Once he was dressed, he glanced at the naked woman in his bed one last time before slipping out the door to go deal with the dragon.


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Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook. Looking for the missing chapters of Mistress Manor? you can find them on Amazon, it is free through kindle unlimited

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