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Grandma's Panties

Oh, How They Smell and Taste

By Brandi PaynePublished 5 years ago 5 min read

It was a nice sunny day and Jeffrey’s family was having a family reunion at his grandmother’s house. All the relatives were there and even Jeffrey’s nosey sister Elaine. She was always a pest to Jeffrey even when they were young. Now that they are grown adults, she has backed off some, but being at their grandmother’s house together brought back memories.

They were good memories for Jeffrey, but not the ones any ordinary person would like. Jeffrey grew up having fetishes when he began experiencing sexual pleasures. He would experiment with almost everything and anything just to see what he liked, or rather what his penis liked.

This very day at his grandmother’s house, he tried to keep himself behaved but it was extremely difficult. He wanted to go into the house so badly that he could feel his penis jerk a few times and tried so hard to hide it.

See, there was something inside his grandmother’s house that he wanted, but he knew Elaine would follow him and find out what kind of person he really was. So, he tried sitting down and pushing his penis down between his legs where no one would notice his erection.

He kept a watchful eye out for Elaine because she would sense that something was up and try to get him to stand up to go do something. His family was all there, and he did have something to hide, his throbbing penis that keeps pressuring him to go inside but he knew he couldn’t right now.

He had to wait until everyone was almost done eating and then he would have time to escape from everyone’s eyesight. His heart was beating faster as anxiety kicked in and he tried to be nonchalant with his eating even though he wanted to inhale everything so he could be excused long enough to go inside the houses without Elaine following behind.

He watched her from a distance so that he knew her every move in case he got the chance to sneak away. Everyone was busy mingling and socializing to even pay him any mind, but he still had to be careful. He watched as Elaine got up from her chair and excused herself to seek out the restroom.

Now he had the chance to make his way into the house and to one specific room, his grandmothers. He got up and tried to quickly walk towards the house but kept being stopped by family members wanting to say hello. He finally made it to the steps to his grandmother’s old creaky house.

Jeffrey walked up the stairs and ran smack into Elaine coming outside. She asked where he was going, and he told her to the restroom which she knew was a lie but agreed with him and finished her walk down the steps. He turned to watch her walk down them and then continued his way up into the house where some of the women were in there cleaning up the mess from cooking.

He sneaked around so that no one would see him and headed for the stairs that went to the second floor where his grandmother’s room was. At the top of the stairs, Jeffrey turned around to check that he wasn’t being followed. There was no sign of Elaine anywhere, so he continued towards his grandmother’s room.

Once he made it inside her room, he closed the door but didn’t lock it because the lock had been broken when they were little. He walked over to her dresser and found her panty drawer. It was the one thing he was after, her panties.

Jeffrey loved his grandmother’s panties and loved smelling them. He opened the drawer which was full of her panties and he began grabbing a large handful of them and stuffing them to his nose. He would stuff his nose right into the crotches of them and smell his grandmother’s vagina. It was such a turn on for him and very arousing. He would even place a pair over his head with the crotch right at his nose and mouth.

Then, he looked over to the corner of her room and spotted the dirty clothes hamper and made a dash for it. He started digging for her dirty underwear. When he found a pair, he would sniff the crotch and then lick it to taste her vaginal juices in them.

Jeffrey was aroused by his grandmother’s aromatic panties and while he played sitting on the floor next to the hamper, he didn’t notice that Elaine was standing in the door trying not to vomit because her brother was so disgusting.

She finally made a noise that caught his attention and he just froze in his position. He knew who it was and didn’t want to turn around and face her. She walked into the room and right over to Jeffrey who had a handful of dirty panties in his hand and up to his nose.

She began laughing at him and calling him a panty sniffer which made him feel so embarrassed to even move or give a remark back. He finally put the panties back into the hamper and looked at Elaine with a blank stare. She just smiled because she knew she had Jeffrey over a barrel.

He finally spoke up and asked her what she wanted? She just laughed and wanted to see why he was sneaking around the house? He told her that he had a fetish and wanted to try it out, but she just laughed before announcing that she was going to tell everyone how he is such a bad boy.

Jeffrey asked her what he could do to keep her from telling anyone and the one thing that came out of her mouth that he wasn’t expecting was that she wanted to watch him play with their grandmother’s panties. This aroused him and he told her to have a seat while he grabbed another handful.

So, for the rest of the afternoon, Elaine sat there watching Jeffrey play with their grandmother’s panties and it turned her on that he could be so dirty, but she watched and even told him what to do with the panties or how to place them on his face. That was the best afternoon they had ever had together since they were kids.


About the Creator

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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  • SPC WIL5 months ago

    Absolutely love the read. So moving in more ways than one

  • Eddie Payne5 months ago

    Absolutely love that story. What a major turn on one thing you did not mention, though what type of material was the grandmas panties would love to chat with you to share some of my fetishes with you. We do share the same last name I don’t know if we are related somewhere down the line.

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