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God of the Underworld

by Rain Gray 9 months ago in fiction

an erotic story

God of the Underworld
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New beginnings

Vahirin is in the underworld settling a war he is fed up with the fighting and he orders all the demons to stop battling. He is weary and extremely lonely. He longs to touch something living thing that isn't a demon. He has hardly ever touched anything without hurting or killing them. He is starved for touch and affection he just wants to sleep he is so tired from beating back angry demons. He dealt with them for way too long he couldn't even remember what day it is because he is in the underworld and time stops in the underworld.

Meanwhile Jivana has been living in the night forest for well over 10 years she finally decides to leave the forest she needed a talking bowl for the house that she built she is heading to Kalpate’s home. So, she could get another talking bowl she transports to Kalpate's house she is at the end of Kalpate's driveway. There is a small girl playing she stops what she is doing and smiles at her Jivana has no idea who the small child is. The girl then says. “My name in Julie; and you here to see my mom? Jivana smiles and says, “Yes I am can you tell her that Jivana is here to see her.” Julie skipped off to deliver the message. Jivana walks up the path to the house. Jivana is standing on the porch she hears something crash. Then the door flew open Kalpate looks Jivana up and down she then grabs Jivana and squeezes her as tight as she possibly could. Kalpate thought like everyone else did that Jivana had died in the Night forest Jivana wasn’t expecting Kalpate to grab her like that.

She knew she has been gone for a while, but it isn't a cause for a celebration or anything. Kalpate then drags her into her house and brought her straight to the talking bowl. She grabs the small black rubber and presses it in the black circles then the rubs the top of the bowl and says, “Ziva Tabor.” She wonders why she is calling her mother. Jivana tries to go somewhere else but Kalpate pulls her back to the talking bowl Jivana has no idea why she is making such a deal about seeing her. Her mother answers when Ziva sees her daughter standing there she almost faints she immediately transports to Kalpate's home. She rus up the pathway to the house and rushes through the still open door. Ziva had been grieving for her daughter she had no idea that she was still alive. She is happy and furious all at the same time Jivana still didn't understand what is going on she knew she has been out of contact with everyone. But she didn't think they should be reacting like this.

Ziva rushes into the room she slaps Jivana as hard as she could then she burst into tears and hugs her she is so relieved that she is alive and upset because she hasn't contacted anyone in all this time. She let go of Jivana and then says, “Why didn't you contact any of us. We thought you were dead. We haven't heard from you in ten years. How could you be so inconsiderate we all mourned you?” Ziva finally let her go Jivana sighs, “I didn't really think about calling anyone I was so wrapped up with the animals and the plants living there that I didn't really think about contacting anyone. I am sorry it is really it was inconsiderate not to contact anyone. I can see why everyone thought I was dead I am so sorry I came here because I needed another talking bowl I need one for my home in the night forest.” Kalpate shook her head she leaves the room and comes back with a talking bowl in her hand he handed the bowl to Jivana she looks inside the bowl there is a small black rubber inside of it already her mother glares at her still upset at her for being gone for so long Ziva isn't going to let her leave her sight for as long as possible

Vahirin is at home and extremely lonely he couldn't remember how long he has been at home he spends most of his time asleep in his room. He didn't have anything better to do and he didn't feel like going to visit Jiva. He didn't feel like seeing Jiva's halfhearted attempts to cheer him up. Jiva is one of the only things he could touch without killing it and he didn't do that much. Jiva is his brother but he longed to touch someone else that is more welcoming and softer he hasn't seen Jiva in weeks. Jiva is prone to going to human cities and getting a woman addicted to him. It wouldn't surprise him if that is that is what he is doing to sate his lusts. Vahirin has never thought about a woman like that he is too busy worrying about if he would accidentally suck the life out of her.

He got out of bed and decided to go to his office he figures that someone might know something about where Jiva is. He is only wearing his undergarment and nothing else he goes over to the dresser and puts on a pair of pants and a long tunic he decides not to put on his hooded cloak he isn't going anywhere but to his office. He walks out of his room and enters in the spotless office. Vahirin has always been a bit of a neat freak. He never lets any part of his home get messy he then hears Jiva's voice coming out of his talking bowl. Vahirin grabs the bowl and says, “Glad to see you are doing ok how many of them are there this time?” Vahirin looks into the bowl and waits for his reply. Jiva made a face at Vahirin and says, “It’s not what you think. I haven't done anything to her. She's most intriguing. I want you to meet her move all your pets and other unsavory things to the back of your house I don't want to scare her” Vahirin groans, “Give me about ten minutes before you bring her here.”

Vahirin has no idea what is going on he just hopes that Jiva isn't going to hurt this woman like he has done to so many others. Jiva has a horrible track record with woman. After he got what he desires from her he would let them live at his home but hardly ever gave them what they truly want he just toyed with the women for his amusement.

Vahirin clears out all the demons from the front living area and sent them back to their rooms. He didn't want any of them to scare her. He went back to his room and grabs his hooded cloak and puts it on. He then walks out of his room and into the hall then he kept going until he comes to the opening. He walks past the area for the life and death ceremony. Then he walks down another hall that opens to the sitting area and housing areas for the few people who live permanently with him. He has a few priests and priestesses and a few devoted followers. He hated being God of the Underworld.

He made it to the living room he is about to sit down when he sees Jiva and a young woman appear at the front entrance it surprises him that they transport here. Jiva is half naked as usual he wore a pair of black trousers and no shoes and no shirt, he has red and black eyes, and an athletic build he has shoulder length red and brown hair. Jiva has always used his good looks to his advantage with women the young woman is wearing a long white dress her long blonde hair flowed to her shapely hips. The dress isn't form fitting but her could tell she has a rather large chest she is the prettiest woman he has ever laid eyes on. She is smiling at him brightly. Jiva then says, “This is Jivana Tabor she’s a witch of some sort. I have been keeping company with her for about three weeks.”

Jivana rolls her eyes she is sick of Jiva following her around and he is taking her to meet different Gods. She couldn’t stand Jiva and he kept making sexual advances at her. She had given him a warning the last time he hit on her. She told him if he hit on her or touches her without her permission again she would hurt him. She told him that last night so far he hasn't done anything. Jivana and Vahirin were staring at each other intently. Vahirin is tall and muscular he has ice blue eyes and long curly black hair that flowed down his back. Jivana has never been attracted to anyone more than she is to him. Jivana walks over to him and she smiles at him.

Jiva is behind her chattering away. But Vahirin and Jivana weren't listening to a word he says.Vahirin wants to touch her but he is afraid he might hurt her Jivana is right in front of Vahirin. Vahirin is ringing his hands so he wouldn't touch her. Jivana moves closer and then she reaches up and touches his face Vahirin closes his eyes he felt her hand on his face it is soft and warm. But he knew she would be dead when he opens his eyes. He opens his eyes and she is smiling up at him. After realizing she is fine Vahirin picks Jivana up and holds her tightly. Vahirin put her down as soon as he put her down Jiva punched him as hard as he could. Jiva says, “Why would you do something so stupid?” Vahirin is holding his face Jiva broke his cheek. He is so hurt that Jiva would do something like that Jiva then yelled at him. “Why would you do that? You knew you would kill her if you touched her I wanted to bed her and you killed her without a care!” Vahirin wants to cry but he holds in his feelings. Still clutching his face, he says “She's fine turn around and see for yourself.” Jiva growls and says, “I don't want to see her corpus.” Jivana then shoves Jiva out of the way and went over to Vahirin Jiva's mouth dropped open in surprise Jivana pulled Vahirin’s hand away from his face and saw that it is broken “We have to get you to a healer.” Vahirin is holding back tears. When he says, “I know of some we can go to them now.” All three of them transport away from Vahirin's home to Rapha and Marpay's home they were the goddess of Healing, potions, and kindness. Rapha and Marpay are idental twins they both have brown hair and green eyes with medium length hair and small breasts and shaply hips.

It didn't take the twin sisters long to fix Vahirin face Jivana stood to the side near Jiva Jivana is furious with Jiva she couldn't believe he what he has done. She is going to tear into him the first change she got. Then the twins hand Vahirin two potions he swallowed the foul-tasting concoctions without complaint. Vahirin stood up He pulled his hood up and says, “thank you, it was nice meeting you.” Then he transports away.

Jivana was going to say something to him but he is gone before she could say something. She turns and slaps Jiva as hard as she possibly could. She then yells “You in inconsiderate ass. How could you do something like that? You find him for me this instant!!!!” Jiva rubs his face. He couldn’t believe she hit him. He transports back to Vahirin's house. He walks to his office and grabs one of his quills. He then transports back to Jivana and then she held his hand. Then he transports close to where Vahirin is. Jiva then says, “He’s up the path just away. Do you want me to come with you?” Jivana snatches the quill away for Jiva and says, “No you have done enough I will find him alone. He touches her shoulder and she put the life shield on her fingers and she pressed her fingers down and she felt his fingers geting cut off. He yelled out in pain. She then says, “I told you if you touched me again I would hurt you.”

Jivana turns and walks up the path alone. She makes it to the top. There is a bench and Vahirin is sitting on the bench hunched over she could hear him crying. Jivana walks over and touches him on the shoulder. Vahirin felt someone touch him. He jumps then he stood up and turns around. He has no idea who is there. He looks, and it is the girl that Jiva had brought to his home. He has no idea why she would be out here. Vahirin sniffled and says, “Why are you here? And how did you find me? What's your name?” Jivana replies, “My name is Jivana Tabor. I came because I could tell you were upset by what Jiva did you looked hurt. Jiva found you using one of your quills. And I wanted to speak with you more you seem much nicer than Jiva. He irritates me so. I am glad to be away from him.”

Jivana walks over and sat down on the bench. He sat down next to her tears welled up in his eyes again. He thought he would never see her again. But she is here sitting next him. He could hardly believe his luck. He tries to brush the tears from his eyes. But they just started to pour out. Jivana reached over and touched his hand. He took her hand and says, “Can I put my head on you lap” Jivana responds, “Of course you can.” Vahirin places his head in her lap and cries quietly. Jivana rubs his hair as he cries in her lap. He finally cried his self out. He feels better He usually cried out here by his self for hours. But with her here he didn't feel like crying as much. Jivana kept rubbing his hair. He isn't crying anymore. Vahirin sat up and pulled his knees to his chest. He turns around and for once there weren't any demons standing behind him. He is thankful for that. Some of them may have tried to hurt Jivana. He is tired of being there. He didn't want to go home. So, he asks, “What would you like to do now? I only come out here to cry. And I don't want to go home.” Jivana smiles and answers, “We can go out to the Carrion desert. It’s nice and peaceful out there.

Rain Gray
Rain Gray
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