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Gaming is a Hoot!

by stephanie borges 4 months ago in erotic
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A wet dream can lead to a great gaming vlog.

Photo by Axel Blanchard on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This story has adult content, sexually explicit words. Anyone under 17, might not recommend, it is a guy-on-guy story.

“C’mon Aoba, be a good boy and just relax,” Jagan says to me, and he has me tied up not with rope but in his coils, Yeah you heard correct coils. He is a Lamia; I would freak out, but I do like snakes, and even though he is an asshole, he is kind of cute. Jagan positions me upside down with his coils while sprawling my legs wide open, giving me a blowjob and rubbing my nipples. I couldn’t move. He had a firm grip on me, and it was making me hard. I moan, and I climax. Then suddenly…

“Beep, Beep” My alarm went off; usually, I would just hit the snooze and go back to sleep. Yeah, that’s right, it was a dream, a strange dream…But I was more excited about this morning than focusing on the dream because it was the start of the 3-day expo for gaming. My name is Aoba. As you can guess, it means blue leaf, and I am a blogger and a gamer Vlogger. I make a living writing about video games, reviewing games, and attending events. I take pictures and videos to help promote other people’s work and get paid for it. I always stand out at the events because of my unique outfits. I always wear jeans but with patches or rips, a long sleeve with an eye-catching design of a barn owl playing video games with the catchphrase “Gaming is a Hoot.” (This is due to having a barn owl come visit me once in a while, I call him a gamer. But let’s not get sidetracked here,) My hair stands out as well for being jet black with blue stripes. I have been told that I look like I just walked out of the anime world and into the human world. I have also been told I am handsome, sweet with a bubbly personality. Both men and women are attracted to me. I’m cool with that due to being pansexual. The common questions I get from people are,

“Hey, gorgeous loved the review you did for my game, short and to the point. How about my place later.”

“Aoba, can I take you out for some drinks?”

“Hey Aoba, are you single, and can I get your digits?”

And here is a new one: “Hey, cutie, how about a stiff one?”

I heard that question from one individual that has an eye for me; it is Jagan, yes from the dream, only this guy is 100% human. A handsome blonde and blue-eyed guy who was rich and one of the top CEO of gaming development. And how did he manage to get me in his dream so that he could have his way with me? Your guess is as good as mine. Even to this day, I still don’t know how he does it, but let’s get back to the story. Do I think he is cute? Oh hell yeah, would I hook up with him? I did once, but now I wouldn’t say I like his balls. Because he called me a “rebound plaything.” Would you want to be with this guy if he called you this name? I was getting numbers and emails of people asking me to do a blog or vlog for them when all of a sudden…“Hey, cutie, how about a stiff one?” I turned to face Jagan. I felt like I wanted to pound his face.

“Hey dip-shit, how about a floppy,” Everyone looked in, shocked at how I spoke to this preppy big shot.

“Still mad; I thought you would have been over that by now?”

“Whatever,” I said, walking away. I ordered lunch in my hotel room to get my client's info. I researched the games, finding out what the game was about, what I should talk about, and another interesting fun fact.

“Knock Knock”

Oh yeah, my burger deluxe with extra raw onions, season cruelly fries, ranch dipping sauce, and a large coke. Time to chow down. As I open the door, I go from hungry to upset stomach…because Jagan was at the fuckin door. And to add salt to the injury, he was holding my food. Why is this fucker holding my chow?

“I paid for your food and mine because I want to talk,” Jagan said.

“I don’t want to talk, bitch. I don’t want to talk to some dickhead who called me a ‘rebound play thing’ now give me my food!”

“Fine, I’ll just set your food on the table,” Jagan said, walking in to set my food on the table; I pushed him to get out only to get a handcuff to a chair. Son of a bitch!

“Sorry, sugar tits, but it was the only way to get you to stay. Now let us sit down and enjoy our lunch.” Jagan said as he opened, almost as if on cue room service shows up, holding buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks. And two beers.

Thankfully, I could eat with my free hand; I only sat down with Jagan because I was hungry. So we talked I did say some things with my mouth full.

“You should swallow your food first before talking, sweetness,”

“My bad, I said you are stuck up rich boy, who thinks you can do whatever you want.”

Jagan smiled at me, “I can do whatever I want because, unlike every other rich boy, I do my research, know the facts on gaming and Men when it comes to spending money. And you, Aoba, are the total package. You work; you spend money on what you need, not want. You help others achieve while making connections, which is why I have selected you.”

“As a rebound plaything?” I said, crossing my arms, “I am not a plaything.”

“You were in the dream world, remember.” I froze. How did he know I dreamt about him.

“I was a mythical creature, and you were tied up in my coils…”

I stared at him; I felt like it was an invasion of privacy. “How the fuck…who told you?”

“You did…in the dream world; your nipples are very sensitive, aren’t they? Maybe I’ll put on some lotion and massage them. Or would you like me to lick them? I hear saliva is just as good as…

“Stay out of my dreams; that is my privacy,” I shouted. “and take this stupid handcuff off me.

Jagan laughed; he took his handcuffs off me and left.

I thought he would respect my wishes and not bother me in my dreams; bull shit, this fucker did it again.

As I fell asleep that night and entered the dream stage.

I am naked in a vast room, a lovely room, I should say; the bed was quite spacious with…oh shit, restraints, and on the table is YK jelly. Suddenly I felt a little tickle on my left butt cheek. I jump Jagan was in his lamia form, and there are rails on the ceiling to give him easy access…to get to me.

“Hello sweetness, thank you for coming in naked,” Jagan said, coming to me.

“Get away from me; I’m not in the mood,” I said, putting up my fits, ready to fight.

Jagan started to move his hands as if he was doing a magic trick, but it distracted me because he wrapped his tail around my waist within a second. I grabbed his tail and tried to pull it away. He manages to get two rings like coils to bind me, lifts me in the air, and places me on the bed; Jagan wraps my legs, so they are spread wide open.

“Jagan, I can’t move….” I yelled, struggling.

“I know; I need to have you in this position to apply the YK jelly,” Jagan said, opening the tube.

“don’t you think that’s too much to make my dick slippery?”

“This tube isn’t just for your dick, Aoba. It is also for your nipples and rectum.” Jagan smiles, “yes, that’s right, Aoba, I’m going to penetrate you, give you a hand job while massaging your nipples.

If you think I was going to turn down that pleasure, you are mistaken. I sat up straight like a good boy and let him work his magic. Let’s review

1. I’m naked

2. I’m tied up in snake coils (in a dream, not real life)

3. My legs are sprawled wide open, I can’t move, and I am hard.

4. I’m sitting on his dick (and it is slippery, thanks to the YK jelly)

5. He is twitching his dick inside me…Oh yeah, baby makes my day!!!

6. He strokes my dick with some YK jelly ( with his snake tail, and cupping my balls

7. My nipples are getting massaged. I’m melting inside.

8. And I am about to climax.

“That’s right, Aoba Climax,” Jagan whispers in my ear as he goes harder, penetrating me; he has me lifted above the bed and goes harder and faster; oh man, what a feeling. I squirted. I tried to bend backward because it felt so good. I flopped on the bed; I couldn’t move. I was so relaxed.

“You know Jagan for an asshole; you know what to do.”

“You should allow me to show you what I can do in the real world,” Jagan said, spanking me with his tail.

“hmmm, that feels good.”

Of course, all good things come to an end. When I woke up, I hoped to see Jagan again for seconds. Yeah, I wanted more as I got up and got the dress. I get a text message from Jagan. It reads: Wanna join me for breakfast and maybe some playtime.

Thankfully, there was nothing new in the event, so I said yes to the breakfast. It was a traditional breakfast, you know, eggs, bacon, biscuits. But the sex, oh shit, he wasn’t a lamia but with some sex furniture and restrains. It was just as satisfying as the dream.

Back at my place, Jagan is helping me with a blog for his company and developing his new game.

After that, we had some fun with the agreement of not being called a plaything. I get a visitor…and guess who? “Hoot, Hoot” was Gamer, my friendly neighborhood owl. “Jagan, I’d like you to meet Gamer, my mascot and inspiration for my logo.”

“Please to meet you, Gamer,” Jagan said with a little wave. The gamer just bobbed his head.


About the author

stephanie borges

I've been writing off and on for years; I write short stories, scripts, and blogs. I can't think of anything more relaxing than writing. I also do graphic design.

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