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Freeuse Fantasy Brought to Life Right Here

A Blunt Discussion About Free Use

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
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    You have a naughty little secret, don't you? There is a freeuse fantasy or two roaming around in your mind. Perhaps you fantasize about some attractive stranger walking up to you; knowing without words that they are allowed to simply "take" you anywhere and at any time. You want to feel the stranger take over your body and direct every part of you to serve their needs. Anytime, anywhere, and without warning; you are the sex toy.

    Or, perhaps, your freeuse fantasy is spawned from the other side. Maybe you often have fantasies of being allowed to walk up to anyone at the party and simply have your way with them. Not a word spoken... just pure and instant willing surrender to your every desire; anytime and anywhere. Careful; your free use kink is showing.

Freeuse Meaning

    In case you aren't sure what the free use meaning is, and haven't caught on by the paragraphs above; the concept is actually rather simple. When someone is "Freeuse" or "Free Use" it means that one or more people are allowed to take any part of their body at any time; regardless of surroundings, company, or any other factor. Oral sex in the middle of dinner; sure. Doggystyle while talking with friends; go for it. You get the idea.

    Keep in mind that even though most people tend to think of this concept either being free use or the opportunity to freeuse someone else; the term itself actually refers to both sides of the scenario and refers to both genders. Men and women can be free use; yes, at the same time as well.

Freeuse Relationship

    Get truly naughty and decide on a free use relationship with your partner. This fun and naughty way of life isn't just for parties and orgies, you know? You can have constant naughty fun with your partner by enjoying a free use relationship between the two of you. Think of it as being in an "open consent relationship" that allows you both to get what you want any time you want it.

    Obviously, you should try to avoid situations that will get you both arrested, but there are tons of fantasies to made into reality with allowing your partner to take it whenever and however they want it, and knowing that you are allowed to do the same too.  Soon enough, you may both be filling your wardrobe with all easy-access clothes. Never again will either you ever have to wonder if your partner is in the mood or if you are going to get lucky, or be frustrated. It's always a green light for naughty fun.

    Now, having said all that, it may not be just you and a partner. Maybe you end up in a free use relationship with several people. Roommates, friends, and who knows who else. The possibilities are nearly endless and some of the more adventurous among us may decide that having an open consent relationship with several close people is their deepest fantasies made flesh.

Photo by: Tim Rowland. Created via

Freeuse Porn

    Still a little confused about the whole freeuse fantasy concept? Want a visual aid? You can always check out freeuse porn; if you haven't already. Of course, I would wager that the vast majority of people have watched free use porn at least once in their life. Of course, keep in mind that it is porn and not real life, so the reality  may be a touch different. However, the satisfaction and the concept remain in tact, so it's worth a watch for "research" of a sort.

    Fair warning though, most freeuse  porn these days has been dominated by freeuse family porn, so if that bothers you, then you may want to carefully choose the videos you watch. It shouldn't really bother you though since; none of the people in those videos are actually related. They are all still just actors and actresses feeding a fantasy. It's up to you what fantasy that is and how much reality you allow into it. Enjoy the freeuse aspect but keep the knowledge that they aren't actually related in any way; you'll be fine. Of course, maybe that is  part of the fantasy for you... that's for you to decide. We don't yuck anybody's yum here.

Freeuse Sex

    Free use sex can be hot and steamy and oh so sexy. It can also be the fastest way to an argument or worse. The best way to avoid this, of course, is to agree on the "rules" and such before you even start the freeuse relationship. No use living out your freeuse fantasy if it turns into a complete nightmare... or a legal case. Once everyone involved has agreed on a few things that could become a problem, well, then you are ready to have a lot of naughty fun without the troubles.

    As mentioned free use means that that person is available for anything at any time. So, as far as the actual free use sex itself goes, it can range from oral sex all the way to a gangbang or reverse gangbang; depending on the amount of people involved and those "rules" that were agreed upon. Make no mistake though; true "freeuse" and living out the freeuse fantasy, means that no words need be said. Just walk up... take what you want... give them what you want... and so on.


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