For Her to Cum!

by Kai Storm 9 months ago in erotic

A Blindfolded Fantasy!

For Her to Cum!

"I have a surprise for you tonight so cum home on time for it!"

This is the text message Mo sent to me 10 minutes before I left work yesterday. I wasn't sure what he meant by it, but I did catch on to the fact that instead of typing the word "come" he used "cum." From the minute I met Mo, he made it clear to me that he lived for spontaneity and I should always be prepared. His favorite saying was, "If you're always ready then you don't have to get ready," so if at any time I was ever unprepared that automatically allowed him the opportunity to chastise me for it. I never know his plans in advance, but I always trust in the fact that the outcome will be extremely satisfying, so I did exactly as my man said to do: I took the express bus home and because there was no traffic I was able to arrive 15 minutes earlier than usual.

As soon as I opened my front door, I noticed the floral aroma from the lit scented candles path placed from the front door to the bedroom. My smile got bigger as I noticed purple rose petals lined up in between the candle path and all I could think to myself was "my Mo sure knows what I like." As I removed my jacket to hang it up on the coat rack, I realized that there was a note for me hanging on the rack that said "take EVERYTHING off before you enter the bedroom," and so, I did. Even though it was a chilly 32-degree day—and while coming home the temperature dropped to 28 degrees—I guess Mo decided that the heat didn't need to be on. I noticed that I could see my own breath as I stood by the coat rack and stripped off every piece of clothing on me. I secretly smiled because in my thoughts I could hear Mo saying, "you're such a good girl," and for me, those words speak to my submissive side—and they also turn me on, emphatically. Completely naked and cold, nipples hard and ready, pussy wet and dripping for my Mo, the inventory of my current situation was done and now it was time to head towards the bedroom and get my surprise. Since the door was closed, I was just going to go right in, but then I noticed a black scarf on the knob with a note attached. It said: "blindfold yourself before you come in," so I happily did. I still wasn't sure what he had planned for me, but the anticipation had me delighted and fully tantalized. I tied the blindfold tight around my eyes and proceeded to open the door, walk into the bedroom, and close the door behind me.

I stood very still as I was trying to use my ears to figure out what I couldn't see. The quietness and chilly temperature of the room felt like it was surrounding me, but I did not move. Suddenly, I felt Mo's presence behind me; his body heat gave me a bit of warmth, and just when I was about to say his name out loud, I felt his large hands on my neck. Slowly, he slid them off my neck towards my awaiting breasts and nipples, massaging them slowly as his breath caressed the back of my neck. A deep baritone moan escaped me as I felt a wet tongue lick and suck on my hard nipples, from one to the other, all while Mo's presence was still behind me... at least I believed it was Mo... but then I had to ask myself... who is licking me?!

"Does that feel good, baby?"

Mo's voice coming from behind me assured me of where he was, but I still wasn't clear about who else was in our bedroom with us. Still, I answered his question because, after all, I'm a good girl.

"Yes daddy."

"Do you want more, baby?" he asked, knowing full-well what my answer would be.

"Yes daddy. May I have some more please?"

"Make her cum!" I didn't know who Mo was talking to, but the order was spoken and no objection was given. Tongue strokes on my plump pussy had me trembling and moaning. From the back, Mo's fingers played in my wet cave and my faucet was on full blast. Weak from pleasure, my legs wanted to give out on me, but Mo was having none of it. He held me in my place, forcing me to take it all, and once the intense orgasm rose, there was nothing left to do, but let it out, moan wantonly, and rotate my hips on Mo's fingers. The next thing I felt was Mo's fingers grease my lips with my own juices as he slid thick wood inside of me, and just when I was about to lick my lips off, I felt a nice set of soft and plump lips kiss and lick my face. I kissed back and it turned me on some more.

"Spread your legs wide baby," Mo ordered and I did.

Licks to the front and deep strokes to the back had me in ecstasy.

I couldn't believe that he did this all for me.

That's my Mo till time is done.

He does everything necessary to make me cum!

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