First Time

by Chantell Recklezz 2 years ago in erotic

Making Love

So check me out...

This article is from a time in my life where I had never made love. It just hadn’t happened. One night with my ex boyfriend changed all of this. Listen...

One night me and my ex were in bed watching a movie and an emotional scene was up. The scene reminded me of a horrible childhood experience I had gone through and I began to cry & tremble. I tried to get it under control as to not disturb the movie but my attempts failed. He turned to me and asked me what was wrong. I admit I had never really talked about what had happened because I guess I believed if I didn’t talk about it I could make myself forget it. And since I never really dealt with it before this it still took a toll on me whenever I thought about it. I confide in him about what’s wrong and explain to him that I don’t mean to ruin the night. He tells me I didn’t ruin anything and that he’s glad I could talk to him about it because he understood how hard it might’ve been. I’m crying uncontrollably and he’s just wiping my tears and telling me that I’m always safe with him. At this point, he’s crying because there’s nothing he can do about it and I can’t stop.

He kisses me. I’m crying, he’s crying and he kisses me. It was the most passionate and deep kiss I had ever gotten. He removes the oversized t-shirt I’m wearing revealing my naked body. He kisses me again before moving on to my neck and my chest. He stops to caress my breasts and softly suck on my nipples. It leads me to let out a slight sound of excitement. He continues trailing kisses down my body nibbling on my waist causing bursts of excitement to shoot up my spine. He looks at me while he goes to open my legs.

“I love you,” he says.

He then begins to lick and suck on my clit. Mind you, the both of us are still crying. So yes. Here I am, crying with a trail of tears down my face and body, getting my pussy eaten by a guy who’s crying because he can tell I’m in pain. All the emotions are making everything more intense. He takes two fingers and slides them inside, moving them ever so slightly, like he wants to touch every inch inside me. I can tell by the way he is eating me that he cares, that he’s trying to make me feel better, make me forget.

“I love you too,” I tell him as a wave of emotion hits me as I come for him.

He got up and kissed me, wiped my tears, and told me that he was going to make love to me. I had never had that. I was emotional so I told him, “I would love that.” We started kissing and he’s caressing my body while I rub on his back, arms, and chest.

“Thank you for listening baby. I know I rambled on for a while,” I say through the tears still streaming down my face.

“You welcome. I like that you can confide in me,” he says before putting his head between my legs again. He kept eating me for what felt like forever before he made the next move.

He gets up and kisses me as he slides his smooth hard dick inside me. He strokes slowly but deeply. As we cry together making love, he kisses me and between each kiss he say he’s sorry. Sorry he wasn’t there, sorry I had nobody to go to. He goes deeper with each stroke and as I look him in his eyes I can tell he truly loved me. We kiss letting out soft moans between each one until finally we climax together.

As we lie there I tell him that was my first time making love. And he says, “Yeah, me too.”

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