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Mischevious kink leads to an evening of passionate love making.


She has no concept of just how sexy she is to me or just how easy it is for her to turn me on. I don't ever have to work at being aroused, that craving can just rush at me out of nowhere. Bless her. Most of the time, when she says or does something that sends shivers through me, she's not intending to spark a sexual encounter. But, Oh My God, I can't help myself. She is just irresistible with every breath that she breathes.

One night in particular, we both agreed that we were exhausted and just wanted to get hot showers and spend the night cuddled up, watching a favorite old movie together. I was looking forward to it. Being in her arms and just feeling her comforting warmth against me is honestly a glimpse of Heaven to me.

But, as I was exiting the shower and drying off, she peeked her head into the bathroom and smiled at me. I walked over to her, still drying myself, and asked her if she needed anything. She shook her head and casually said, "No, I just wanted you to know that the popcorn's ready and I picked up some gummy bears for you while I was in town today. They're waiting for you on your nightstand." And then she leaned in and kissed me.

It wasn't even meant to be a sexy kiss. It was a kiss we had kissed a thousand times before. A gentle, sweet, reassuring kiss to say "I love you." But, oh. It got me. Something about that moment sent chills through me. There are times when I look at her and I just have to take a moment to appreciate how amazing she is and kind of just revel in her love for me. Yes. All it took to get me horny was a kiss and a bag of gummy bears. What can I say? I love the cheap thrills.

As she left the bathroom and brushed by the vase of peacock feathers in the corner of the room, I had a sudden inspiration. I knew that if the beast that had awoken in me was to be satisfied, I was going to have to lure her beast out to play too. So I ignored the clean pajamas that were waiting for me and I grabbed two of those peacock feathers.

I slowly emerged from the doorway of our bathroom and stood at the foot of our bed, waiting for her to look up. When she did, she saw me standing there naked, with one hand holding a feather over my breasts with the other feather covering my already moist nether regions.

Smiling wide, she shook her head. "So I guess the movie's going to have to wait?" I nodded and laughed as I instructed her to get undressed and laid down next to her on top of the covers. She obliged and rolled over towards me, curiosity in her eyes.

"So what are you planning on doing with the feathers, Mrs. Peacock?" Again, she had no idea how sexy she was. Just her playful tone of voice got me going so hard. I smiled with mischief and told her to close her eyes. We don't often use props, so I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was fun so I just went with it.

I put both feathers in one hand and propped myself up with my other. As I sat beside her, I started at her feet and very slowly slid the feathers along her naked body. She giggled and shook. It was so fucking hot to me, her laying there bare and unable to control herself. When I reached her stomach, she opened her eyes, sat up and quickly took the feathers away from me. Her eyes were wide and full of mirth. Her bare breasts were heaving from laughter. And the heat. I could feel the heat emanating from her playful pussy, so very close to mine.

She tossed the feathers over her shoulder and took my face in her hands. This kiss was soft and sensual and was meant very much to tell me it was time for the main event. She turned herself toward me and slid herself in betteen my legs. It was something she had never done before and the surprise of feeling her warm silky pillow of flesh pressed against mine sent a searing tingle straight through my middle. I shuddered with the pleasure of it.

We pressed into each other and leaned back until we were both laying down, grinding our mounds against each other. I reached down and separated our lips. And then it happened. I felt her bulging clit push into mine. Oh ecstasy. She let out a shocked moan and the sound of her voice echoed down into the depths of my arousal. I leaned up on my elbow so that I could see her. Her head was thrown back in wild abandon, her mouth open, her tits bobbing up and down with each hard breath and each thrust of her pelvis. The sight of her sent me over. A radiant sunshine passed through my body and sent me shaking into a magnificent orgasm.

As I fell back onto the bed, I couldn't see her face anymore, but I knew she was experiencing the same high that I was because I felt her push into me and hold herself there, jerking with climax. Our moans formed a beautiful harmony and then faded to the sound of us both trying to catch our breath.

We laid there for a moment, still wrapped up in each others' legs. It was beautiful and pure. Once I regained my composure, I eased myself up and positioned myself into her loving embrace. She kissed my forehead and held me tight. It is moments like these that restore me completely and make me whole. It is moments like these that I wake up for.

Leslie Beyan
Leslie Beyan
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