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by Mary Turner 10 months ago in erotic

Forbidden Secretions

Wh-who’s there? Adrenaline courses through my petrified body as I whisper that question. My heart is pumping out of my chest the poundings quick-paced while perspiration drips from pores I didn’t know existed.

Slow, steady steps are getting closer but I cannot see. My hands are bound above me. Tied into a military knot ever so perfectly ... to the ceiling fan. My nipples are protruding and standing up like they’re trying to high-five Jesus’s hand. Juices run down my leg and I just KNOW this ex of mine can smell it like a blood hound.

Before I smell him, I feel his hands... one wraps around my neck squeezing just enough to make me emit a moan ... the other covers my mouth before it can escape and he whispers in my ear “this is what you asked for, remember... now shut your mouth and take it all.” At that exact moment, my mound got gushy as fuck ... damn this man knows what to do to get my body begging for him. He moves his hand away from my mouth and slowly rubs my pulsing core ... circular gentle motions, but I can’t moan how I want because he’s still holding my neck squeezing just enough to make my body shake... “baby... omg baby, don’t stop... yesssss...” and right when I feel an orgasm coming he takes his finger away and stuffs it in my open mouth “suck on yourself you nasty little bitch... how does that taste?” I moan ...”hmmm it’s sweet, daddy.” He chuckles and licks his lips. He then sticks his tongue down my throat and sucks every piece of air out of my windpipes while sucking off every taste of my sweetness I savored on my tongue. He puts his fingers saturated with my juices in my ass ... I moan so loud “yessss omg yessss...” he laughs again “ohhhh you’re a freak. You like that?” as he sticks two fingers back there

I moan like a seal in heat “fuckkkk daddy open every one of my holes, yessss”

And he does ... after sticking two fingers in my backdoor he then flicks his tongue there in ways I didn’t know a tongue can move ... light flickers and deep thrusts while I’m twitching and writhing and shaking and then I squirt ... or whatever it was that came out my ass but I felt weak as my body tensed up and gave him everything I tried to hold in. Fuuuuuckkkkkk daddyyyyy I’m cummmingggg juices are running out of me when he drags me by my legs, arms still tied ... and lifts my ass up until my lips touch his ... mffhhhh he licks up what’s left of my cum and sticks his massive tongue deep inside of me ... yessss baby give me more daddy he hums while pulling my skin back so my pearl sticks out to greet him happily he slowly swirls his tongue side to side and twists it as he laps at my clitoris ... bae ... bae “yes baby?” He says ... bae I’m about to cum again “cum down daddy’s throat ... let me taste you.” And with that I explode all over his tongue as my body twitches from back to back orgasms he doesn’t go easy on me... he takes my hands out of their bind and forces me into a face down ass all the way up position. He warns me “if you run, I’ll go deeper and harder.... you better not move. I want you to take all of daddy, now agree...” I whimper just thinking about not being able to run from all that damned dick, yet I submit “yes, daddy...” and with that he slides inside of me reaching so far that I can see my belly button push out as he is pushing deep inside of me .... I claw at the bed, ass still up, back still arched as he pounds me while my ass claps back to back creating ripples as he fucks the shit out of me. With each stroke, my pinkness and wetness is showing and speaking to him ...


Mary Turner

I love writing poetry and erotica ...

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Mary Turner
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