Drive-In Date

by Hannah Payne 2 years ago in comedy

I've always thought dates at the drive-in were the best. This one was even better.

Drive-In Date

I sat on the couch practically bouncing off. I check my phone again, the third time in the minute. Where was he? He said 6 and here we were, 6:05. I lean back to see out the window and Mom chuckles at me softly.

“You have to give him some time to find his way. It’s only been five minutes.”

She gives me her mothering look and I wish she would make him get here faster. Dad, sitting next to her, did not look enthused at all. I knew he didn’t trust Michael but I did, way more than I should have. But my heart told me it was okay and who am I to fight that?

I was about to check my phone again when it rang.

“Hey!” I popped out of my seat and received another mothering look.

I could hear him chuckling on the other end and I can’t help smiling. He explained he got stuck at a light and he’d be there soon. I sigh and his response is a simple but comforting one.

Few moments later I saw him pull in and I jumped up again.

“You can wait for him to come to the door,” my dad said a bit forcefully but I was too busy being worried and excited to care.

We awkwardly waved and smiled as he passed the front windows. My dad opened the door and I couldn’t calm the smile.

Ten minutes later we were laughing in the car. “I’m sorry, they’re crazy too! You see where I get it from!”

He stops at a red light and I pull him toward me before he can move. I smile against his lips and he kisses me again. Without pulling away, he mumbles, “Stop calling yourself crazy. I’ll have to kick your ass again.”

I smile even bigger, give him another quick peck, and tell him to drive.

There’s just something about a long drive that I love. And being able to hold his hand as we travel down the road made me content, excited, calm, and happy all at once. I couldn’t stop smiling no matter what I did. We listened to music, I talked a lot, he listened for his bizarre reason that he does, he answered my questions, and he told me stories after much prompting. It was nice to just be.

As we pulled up to the drive-in movie, Michael reached for his wallet and I almost screamed. Well not almost—I did let out a slight squeal.

“You’re letting me pay for myself,” I said threateningly as I hand him ten dollars. The look on his face makes me struggle to hide a smile and stay strong. “Michael.”

“Hannah.” Hearing him say my name sent shivers down my spine but I still didn’t move. “I’m paying.”

That take charge attitude made me feel so safe and appreciated. Like he cares enough to tell me to shut up when I’m mean to myself or doubting or worrying. Turns me on a bit too but who’s paying attention to that? I give him an anxious look (I hate dealing with money under circumstances with others) and he just looks me in the eyes.

“Hannah, why don’t you buy popcorn and I’ll get this?”

I nod my head and we drive in. I click a few times and swear under my breath. Michael squeezes my hand as I take a deep breath. If he doesn’t care, why should I? I repeat that over as he parks.

I didn’t even notice the car stop out of pure focus on the mantra. I felt his fingers on my neck and turned, slightly surprised. With a small smile, he leaned toward me and places a gentle kiss.

“We’re gonna have fun, not worry.”

I repeat it back to him and he nods his head as I kiss him longer, fuller, and more passionately than I had in a bit. I ran my fingers through his hair and I couldn’t tell if he chuckled or scoffed. I didn’t care, though, for I love playing with his hair. It was something small and intimate that made me feel accepted, made me smile. I kiss him again and jump out of the car.

I barely noticed the adorable previews as we locked lips once I landed on his lap. His hand moved onto my thigh, me taking in a shivering breath. I bite my own lip before his and a slight sigh escaped his lips. Oh, how badly I wanted him on top of me, inside of me. My toes begin to curl as I moan due to his fingers on the crotch of my jeans.

“We’re at a kids’ movie,” I mumbled against his ear while he kissed down my neck.

“Tell me to stop.” His voice had gone gruff. A louder moan than I wanted came out and he chuckled. I pushed my body against him and I heard him say it again. “Tell me to stop and we can just watch the movie.”

“And if I don’t?” The playful tone of my voice just barely broke through my own husky voice. He looks me in the eyes, lust jumping between us, quickening both our breathing. The tension is poked as he ran his finger down my cleavage and across my nipple. My lips slowly move toward his and I stop just short of connection. “What. Will. Happen?”

“We go into the back seat…” My fingers wrap into his shirt as I put more pressure against his chest. His eyes find mine as I feel myself about to explode.

“Michael, you know I’m impatient!”

He chuckles and I french kiss him, just attempting to break the sexual tension. It didn’t work.

Leaning so his face ends in my cleavage, my lips next to his ear, I whisper, “I really hope that sentence ends with you and I having sex.” This time he’s the one who moans. My breasts move closer to his lips and the sensation of him kissing me makes me fight a scream, instead a squeal comes out. A few more kisses land and I push off his lap. Feeling him hard as I hop down makes me squeal again with my lip in my teeth.

Before I even land on the seat, Michael is on me. My shirt goes off, followed shortly by his. His lips trace down my neck, over my chest, and onto my nipples. I giggle at his impatience, ripping my bra off for him. He makes me moan loudly as he plays with a nipple on one breast (sucking and biting) and massages the other. I grab his hair as our moans intermingle.

I unbuckle his belt and yank his pants off. The want just kept growing as he slowly slipped his fingers into me. With each flicker of movement inside of me, my nails dig into him. I kiss him again while reaching my hand to grab hold of his hard cock. “Oh, Michael.” The very feeling of him makes me even wetter, to think it possible. Pretty soon I’m begging him with every ounce of me to drill me. “Michael... please... Michael!”

This is when the serious started to mix in. He pushed himself up and looked me in the eyes, those safe eyes that made me believe I could trust him, made me believe he wouldn’t leave me at the drop of a hat. I lean over and grab his pants, reaching in and grabbing the condom I knew he’d have. I nervously giggle when he thrusts toward me, telling me to put it on him. He reaches down and wiggle his fingers once more, causing yet another moan from me. I roll it on, each push with a reflected wiggle. “Michael” escapes my lips again as my begging starts up again.

Our eyes lock as he slowly pushes in. Without conscious thought, my eyes close and my mouth opens in the biggest O possible. Out and then back in, each slight movement dug my nails in deeper and I bite harder on my lip. That slight smile plays on his lips again. A few more times and I can’t help myself, “Faster.” A sparkle shines in Michael's eye and the tempo picks up. My legs wrap tight around him and soon I’m not the only one moaning.

My name comes out of his mouth in a long, smooth moan.

I open my eyes and pull him closer, “Deeper, Michael, deeper.”

The begging tone really eggs him on and before we know it, the car’s rocking back and forth. The rhythm sets in and the moans grow into slight screams. For a moment, I worry what people around us must think, being at a children’s movie. It was only a moment because the thought left with the next thrust. I yell his name without thought, wishing for nothing more than that second. Suddenly, pure pleasure runs over me in waves.

We pull into my driveway and I’m still in a happy, content daze. After everything, we just sat and watched the second movie, stealing kisses here or there whenever we felt like it. He turns to me and kisses my nose gently.

“That was great. I’m happy we did that.”

His cute smile comes out and I kiss his nose back. With a giggle, I kiss him long and hard.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Hey thanks,” I smile beside myself. “You’re not too bad yourself, cutie. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

With an awkward hug across the seats, I get out and run into the house.

“Mom! You’ll never guess what happened! He kissed me on the lips, first kiss!”

I chuckle under my breath, happy with my little secret with a guy I really like.

Hannah Payne
Hannah Payne
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