Welcome Home

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There's no better way to welcome someone back home than a fun surprise.

Welcome Home

It had been much too long since they had seen each other. Chloe waited impatiently for him to show up, pacing around in frustration. Why wasn’t he here yet? Finally, with an exasperated sigh, she called his roommate to let her in. A large smiling Richard came to the door, letting in his supposed third roommate. “I’m waiting in your room for him. Dammit,” she grumbled as he shrugged in his accepting way.

It was so easy to fall back into old habits with the boys. Richard and Chloe sat on opposite beds, making idle conversation as both went about their own lives. Chloe tidied up while Richard played on his laptop, the two living in a simple harmony that made Miles life easier. Where was Miles? Chloe checked her phone again and saw a text saying he was close. Finally! In the most awkward way possible Chloe kicked Richard out in order to wait yet again.

With the lights off and bed tidy, Chloe laid out with her teddy arranged as nicely as she could. The sound of keys turning sent shivers up and down her spine. The excitement was almost too much as he opened the door and clicked on the light. Miles eyes widened as he took in the scene in front of him. Purple lace caressing each curve belonging to the love of his life, her fingers tracing her own lines, the dark purple of her eyelids contrasting with her bright green eyes. His duffel bag fell to the floor with shock as his long cock grew straight out, making her hips wiggle with want. “Hi, baby. How are you?” she cooed through her bitten lip as he blinked absentmindedly at her. “Baby? Are you okay?” Her slightly innocent tone made his dick shutter unintentionally. Her eyes widened with want as his shoes came off in a blur. He rushed over only to have her sit up and hold a hand in front of him.

Without words they slowed down and began to move together. His jacket was shed from his shoulders, closely followed by his shirt. Her fingers traced over his perfectly toned pecs, her breath quickening as she worked her way down his body. Her hands began to glide around as his fingers felt the lace covering her supple pale breasts. She pulled his broad shoulders closer as their lips met for the first time in what felt like ever. Their lips began to dance as they always had, smoothly moving and changing positions. With a loud inhale, Miles thrust his tongue deep into Chloe’s mouth. She moaned and wiggled as her hands found his belt buckle. A nice clank rang out as his jeans gathered around his ankles.

“Oh, Chloe,” escaped Miles’s lips as he crawled onto the bed and atop her. She pushed her body against his as his lips came crashing down upon hers. Her hands pulled him closer as her nails dug into him vigorously. His kisses followed her outline down her neck, over her collarbone, and onto her nipples. His mouth hungrily suckled as she let out a moan or two. His teeth scraped across the hard teat as he moved his mouth to the other. She could feel the sweet wetness dripping out of her as he continued his vendetta against her breasts. She let out another moan, growing in volume and intensity. She just wanted him inside of her, a want slowly but surely becoming a need. She needed him to penetrate her deeply, make her cry out in pleasure. She needed him to tear her apart. She needed him.

“Oh, Miles,” came out with such desire, trying so hard to implore him toward her, he could feel his own want deepen. He loved her more than she could know. He wanted her more than she could know. He needed her as much as she needed him. He took her moans as an invitation to remove her teddy. The soft lace gave way to softer skin and he kissed every newly revealed inch. He gently pulled off the tiny g-string, presenting him with a newer, juicier target. His lips began their descent on her hairline, working into the crook of her legs. She gasped loudly as he sent shivers through her body. His name came out once, twice, three more times before a scream finally came out. He watched as her bare stomach turned pink along with her cheeks. Before the embarrassment settled in, he pushed his lips into her again and another scream came for him. In the back of her mind she wondered what he was pushing toward but he knew exactly. He needed her at a certain, specific level off turned on before his mouth touched her clitoris.

As he heard her moans rise in pitch, he knew she was getting closer. Finally he reached where he needed to be with a simple, “Oh, daddy.” Miles’s smirk spread across his face as her lustful eyes found his. Her lip dove into her mouth as he lowered himself down onto her soft and bulging clit. He gently dragged his tongue over her, tasting for the first time in forever her sweet and salty cum. Her hips moved under his mouth as he sped his movements up, wiggling faster and faster as she begged for him. He wasn’t going to give in, no matter how badly she wanted him inside of her. No, he was going to get at least one orgasm before penetrating her. She wiggled and squirmed as he tasted his way into her. Each flick at the syrupy entrance caused moans but he knew she wouldn’t come without him higher. A few more teasing flicks and he arrived back at her clit. She screamed again as the surprise pushed her that much closer to orgasm. His strong hands pulled her closer. Her hands flew out to grab onto anything she could find, one entangling with the sheets and the other threading into his hair. The slight pull just egged him on as she climaxed. Her entire body shivered and shook as pleasure washed over her.

She had had enough. In one fluent movement she had his face in front of hers and they were reversed, her thick body pushing atop him. Her legs spread as she reached down and rubbed his hard member. It had become so hard it hurt with desire and anticipation. She gently guided him into her and both exclaimed with pure pleasure. The very feeling of his cock deep inside of her was enough to throw her hips down upon his again. Another and another thrust only caused deeper want. His pelvis began to push back, her body shaking around him. He could feel her wet pussy around him, dripping down his cock and onto his balls and thighs. Her nails raked across his chest and he gave into his animalistic side, flipping her onto her back and spreads her legs as wide as he could. She screamed again, excited by his take-charge attitude and power. Yet again she found the words “Fuck me, daddy” leaving her lips and entering his head. His eyes darkened with lust as he pounded harder. Nails dug into flesh, teeth closely following. She wanted more of him, all of him. This was the ultimate connection, a gift they only shared with each other. There was nothing closer than this, pulsing in and out as her legs wrapped around his waist and his heart pushed him on. Her lips gasped for his, wanting nothing more than to complete this moment of pure love and ecstasy with the oldest sign of affection. It felt so good, so right, so perfect it seemed fake. Chloe worried at any moment she would awaken from a dream too good to be true. Little did she realize Miles was worried about the same thing. A few more thrusts and both had forgotten their worries, focused instead on the intense love between them.

Chloe pushed Miles up as she positioned her, this time with her bodacious buttocks high in the air. He grabbed her hips and plunged into her tight pussy. Both gasped with pleasure and Miles began rhythmic movements. Chloe flattened onto the bed in delight as yet another orgasm overtook her body. This time a deep, guttural “oh” escaped her lips and begged for more. Miles pulsed faster and faster while Chloe continued to wiggle and push herself backward onto his cock.

Suddenly he reached forward and had her up on her knees, back pressed firmly against his chest. His pelvis pushed up into her as new sensations overtook the both of them. His hands seemed to move as if they knew what to do, one finding her breast and the other her ever swollen clitoris. With each lunge, his left hand fondled her nipple as the right rubbed her. She screamed again as her hand reached back and grasped the nape of his neck, the other aiding in fondling her bosom. All at once she felt herself push down and contract in an explosive orgasm while he exploded himself. With each spurt of gloriously sticky white, Chloe twitched and moaned. The two collapsed onto the bed, falling into their normal snuggle.

She loved him with a deep and poetic ache, something words struggle to describe. Yet with all the romantic imagery floating through her head, all that came out was a simple, “I love you, Miles.” His heart swelled at the very words as he sighed the words back to her, “I love you, Chloe.” She pulled his arms tighter around her as he nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck. This was love, true and pure and real. This was the things of story books, of fairy tales, of fiction. This was love. This was Miles and Chloe.

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