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Do You Get Embarrassed Talking About Sex?

by Teela Hudak 2 years ago in advice

Should we be comfortable talking about it?

Sex can be a difficult topic and many people are easily embarrassed talking about it. There are plenty of reasons why it can be a really uncomfortable topic. It can depend on how a person was raised, their cultural background, their previous experiences, and their religious beliefs. All of these things come together and influence our comfort levels with sex. If the sum of all those things leaves us in an uncomfortable place talking about sex, it can take a lot of conscious effort on our part to get over it.

Why Should We be Comfortable Talking About Sex

Have you ever noticed that when something is uncomfortable you really avoid doing it? Many people avoid exercise, like push-ups, because they can be challenging and uncomfortable to do correctly. We all know the benefits of being physically fit but our discomfort will keep us from achieving that goal. If we get over our discomfort and practice those push-ups, we get better at them. They get easier and we start to enjoy them more because we are proud of our accomplishment. Getting over our discomfort with sex can do something very similar for us.

Sex is a perfectly natural thing and part of the human experience for our entire existence. Not only is it essential to the survival of humanity, it can be pleasurable. When we are more comfortable with the topic, it's easier to relax when engaging in sexual activity. The more relaxed you are, the easier it becomes to enjoy what you are experiencing.

Developing a laid-back attitude about your sexuality is one of the keys to unlocking your own sexual power. You will be able to connect with your body on new levels and find more sexual satisfaction. This will help you get more cozy with yourself. Once you are comfortable in your own skin, your confidence and self-esteem will increase as well.

How Do I Get Over Getting Embarrassed?

The easiest way to get over your discomfort doing something is to take a deep breath and start doing it. You can start simply by having conversations about sex with your partner. This should make it easier since you will already be on more intimate terms with that person. Even if you and your partner have not engaged in a lot of sexual activity, if you are open to doing it with them then you should be able to at least talk about it. In a supportive relationship, your partner should not make you feel bad for being awkward about it. The more you discuss it with them nonchalantly, the easier it will become.

If you currently do not have a partner, you can open up the conversation with some close friends. Swapping knowledge with friends can be a great way to learn more and expand your horizons. Just keep in mind that your friends may also have trouble talking about it. Be sure to check in with your close friends to make sure that they feel comfortable discussing sex with you. Keep the conversation and level of detail appropriate for the friendship and be respectful towards their feelings.

If you're not quite feeling like you're ready to take the plunge into a conversation, start educating yourself. Pick up some books, read a few more blogs, listen to some podcasts, or watch some sex education shows. As you begin to learn more about the topic, it should start to feel less intimidating. You should start to feel better prepared to have conversations about it. If you find that this isn't helping you get past your discomfort, you may wish to consider exploring the issue further with a counselor or some other professional.

Take Control of Your Sex Life by Getting Over Embarrassment

Life is too short to waste time being embarrassed by something that is perfectly natural and healthy. You can take the first steps toward empowering yourself and gaining comfort over your own body. All you need to do is take a deep breath and decide you want to move forward. You've already taken the first step with reading this blog post. Wasn't it easy? Take the next baby step and read one more.

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