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Dirty Diary Entries

20+ smut series

By JadedPleasuresPublished 3 months ago 13 min read
Dirty Diary Entries
Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

Time: 9:45 p.m.,

Modern fantasy Fiction,

Location: Outside of home.

My headphones rest upon the top of my head as music blares through the small speakers that cover my ears, lost in the sounds of the music that plays. My reality becoming to much even for me to bare. But, within the realms of imagination that is where I rule.

Having had a very long and stressful day I stand on the back porch of my luxury home on the coast line of a deserted island right off of the mainland. As I stand in the cool fresh night air I take a deep drag from my cigarette before exhaling as I thumb through my music trying to find a song that seems to speak to my soul to help carry me to a distant place. Where I can see him, the only one who I can never truly ever be with but, at the same time I can never truly live without either. Whether I am chasing him or he chases me, it is still the same. We are destined but yet never meant to be with each other.

Finally, I find a song that makes it easier for me to split my soul between the here and now. While also traveling through the astral ways to his plane. The anticipation of being with him once again to find respite and solace within his arms causes her to materialize before him with the darkest realms of the world. Rolando, the overlord of all things dark and terrifying who is a cold and cruel tyrant to all that live under his domain. His features always stoic and looked carved straight from stone around everyone within his domain. Though, everyone says these things about him causes a deep seeded confusion within my heart. Whenever it is just Rolando and myself he is sweet affectionate, stern and dominating. Though he has a gruff and harsh exterior what would you expect from an entity that was far older than time itself.

Rolando, stands to tower over me at 7'2" tall with a muscular built chest and arms that taper into a thin waist. The attention to his physique that he prides himself in shows with his abs and the protruding hip bone from under his skin that leads to a happy trail down the rest of his navel leading to well, you already know. The veins that protruded from the back of his hands that travel through out his arms would always send shivers of delight when I could see and touch them. Though his hands are rough and calloused they have never been used to cause me any harm unless I asked for him too and only while they were in the private chambers of his home. Rolando's complexion is one that shows his royal nature adorned with many symbols tattooed into his skin to show his power and dominance.

As soon as I arrive in his realm, I begin walking towards his large manor overlooking his domain. I was curious as to what type of mood he will be in today. Walking past his guards like I always do I begin searching for Rolando looking from one room to the next.


I gently call out trying to see if I can gain his attention by calling his name. Sure enough not two seconds after his name left my lips, I could feel his hands sliding over my hips before his strong large arms wrap around me from behind. I can feel his hot breath against my neck as he presses his face there, nuzzling into the sensitive flesh of my neck before I hear a deep rumbling growl that emanated from his chest before I hear his deep velvety baritone voice speak in my ear in a low purring whisper.

"I have missed you my beloved one."

Which causes goosebumps over my skin to form while simultaneously sending shivers running through my spin. Frustrated because of the effect he has over me though unable to stop myself I released a soft hummed sigh of a breath through my parted lips before I whisper in response.

"I too, have missed you. You seem to be the only solace I seem to have, although I wish it was not just here that I could find such comfort and safety."

I speak my genuine feelings to him though I can never fully tell what is going on in his head when I am with him, I would never lie to him because of how powerful of an entity he is. Rolando doesn't talk much about the things he does while down here in the darkest pits of wherever. He says its because I am 'Too pure.', or 'I will never taint the light that can step into my darkness and then walk back out of it in a moment.'. I don't understand why he keeps on calling me the light, but the way he says the words with such a tone dominance that it felt boarder line possessive and for some ungodly reason it made me wish to submit to his whims.

The growls that also sounded like purrs, in my ear, with his strong arms wrapped around my waist. Pulling me possessively against his body and chest as his hands begin to roam up over my stomach then between my breasts before gently resting against my throat as he holds on to me causing a soft gasp to leave my lips and melt into him.

"Damn you, Rolando."

I softly gasp as he teases me knowing full and well the power he has over me in this precise moment. Hearing a low deep chuckle come from his lips right next to my ear before he speaks low in a sultry and sensual whisper.

"Come now my beloved, did you truly think that after all of that time waiting for you that I wouldn't wish to ravish your soft voluptuous body. That I, wouldn't want to pound deep into what is so tight and fully mine? Oh, my dear you are horribly wrong."

Rolando growls before spinning me around and pinning me to the wall before his lips descend on to mine in a rough and passionate kiss as he immediately slides his tongue deep with in my mouth. His tongue exploring the warm wet confines of my mouth while his long fingers attached to his masculine hands take my wrists pinning them above my head while using his knee to force my clothed legs apart so he can cause some friction with the close intimacy of the moment. His free hand sends shivers down my spine as he runs his free hand down my sides before grasping at the hem of my shirt and lifting it a little so he could touch the flesh of my belly with his rough calloused fingertips. Causing the both of us to shiver with pleasure and delight at the sensation of finally being able to feel each other's bodies after so long.

Rolando and I kiss for many moments as our lips move in almost perfect sync with each others. With great reluctance Rolando slowly ends the kiss and leans back only a bit to gaze down into my eyes with a sexy smirk on his lips as he notices my blushing cheeks while he keeps me pinned to the wall. Shyly I look away from him unable to gaze directly into his eyes for the fear of seeming easy or clingy. My feelings for Rolando have grown at such a rapid rate that I am worried that if I give in to quickly that he will lose his interest in me and I will then just be another girl he just cast aside and not look back on. I know that we are great friends and I am aware that this is just a temporary fling and what not. But, I truly can not help the way that I feel when he touches me. Both primal and dominant while I can still feel all of the care and love that he allows me to feel from him. Sometimes I wonder to myself how he truly feels about me but, for fear of being rejected by such a handsome entity. I force myself to settle for just these moments not wishing to sway the paths of fate and destiny too much, which could essentially push Rolando away from me.

But, I can never get anything past Rolando's vision. When he sees me turn my head away from him, a glint of something flashes through his eyes before being covered with a soft smile. He reaches up and tenderly lifts my chin to look into his eyes as he smiles down at me.

"What's the matter little one you don't wish for me to touch and kiss every damned inch of your soft supple skin until I have you begging me for more?"

Rolando softy asks with a raised brow in challenge daring me to deny it. His words only cause me to become shier then what I already was. I would love nothing more that for him to fuck me and make me scream for him in such away that makes me want to do nothing more than drop to my knees and beg for him to fill my every hole. But, for right now all I wanted to feel was loved and cared for. So, I try my hardest to express my wants.

"I do wish for you to do all of those things. But, I am not ...... in the best state, mentally."

I try to explain as my feelings threaten to overwhelm me as my eyes become misty from the tears that I fight to hold back. Rolando notices this and gently lets go of my wrists and pulls me into a tight loving embrace. He can sense that something is wrong with me thought I know he doesn't know exactly what to do. So, I try to explain again.

"I feel alone. I feel lost. I don't wish to be away from you but I fear that if you lose interest in me that I will appear to seem easy and no longer important to you."

I vaguely try to confess and express my feelings for him not wishing to lay my heart completely bare for him. I can tell that Rolando is intently listening to my words taking them in and processing them before he answers.

"You, will never be alone for I am your shadow, baby-girl. You don't have to worry about feeling lost because I am always with you and will guide you to where ever you wish to go. And, understand that I also hate it when you leave my side to go back to the realm of the mortals that have done nothing good for themselves let alone any others of the world. I know you are different, you truly care for others no matter where they are in the world. Your heart bleeds when you see people suffering and your boundaries that you set for your empathy are truly inspiring."

Rolando whispers into my ear causing the tears to spill down from the corners of my eyes while he leans back slowly to tenderly wipe the tears from my eyes. His eyes express that he is concerned for me and there are some other things that I can not describe hidden behind them. Why is he so different with me.

"Rolando, why are you so cruel to others but, yet you are absolutely sweet to me?"

I asked in a soft and timid tone while gazing up at him. I have heard so many rumors about the things this man has done to so many other women and even men. But, with me I only see this sweet and caring side to him that no one else gets to see. I feel special that I am the only one that gets to see this side of him but cannot help but also wonder why is he like this with me. My eyes search his features looking for any uncertainty or form of lie and deception anything to show me that he could just throw me away, as so many before him had.

Rolando thinks over his words carefully before he responds to my question in a soft gentle tone.

"You are the only one that is worthy of my kindness and protection."

He answers softly causing shivers to run down my spine in surprise before he leans forward pressing his lips to mine in a gentle and yet passionate kiss that I happily return. Without warning Rolando lifts me into his arms while still kissing my lips. My arms instinctively wrap around his neck as my legs then wrap around his waist as he carries me to his chamber where we typically go once I arrive to his domain.

With a deep growl Rolando dispelled my glamour that I wore to wear clothes when near him, though my true self is present before him, that matters little to my clothing. Which means that he has, had a very stressful time since we last left. Which then means sex first talk later rules apply tonight. Since my clothes are now removed from my body he glares at me.

"I hate it when my little one doesn't wish to obey."

Rolando is dominant by nature and when he goes primal on me it means that he is not happy that he had to wait for so long before he could see me again.

"You said you were busy, and had not asked for me to come back. I am not a mind reader Master."

I gasp out as the cool air in his manor hits my skin sending a shiver running through my body. Once we had entered into the closest room which so happened to be his study, with one of his muscular arms he swept everything off of his desk and on to the floor before he leans over me before laying my back against the smooth clean surface of his desk. Our lips still interlocked in a passionate kiss. Soft gasps and moans leave my lips as I feel his hands sliding over my bare skin. His calloused fingers sending shivers and trembles down my spine especially when he stops at my nipples to pinch them and gently roll them into little nubs between his index and thumb, while his lips travel in soft kisses down my neck and to my collar bone.

A begging whimper leaves my lips while my back arches against the cold surface of his desk to press my breast fully into the palm of his hand in a silent surrender and submission to his passions.

With a quick snap of his fingers Rolando disrobed himself with his magic as his hardened member stands full and erect pulsing and ready to use my body to his fullest desires. Rolando takes my other nipple that isn't being played with into his mouth while he continues to roll my other nipple between his index and thumb. Soft gasps and moans leave my lips as I arch farther into him, my hips rolling against his begging for him to fill me.

"My baby-girl, is so needy isn't she?"

Rolando growls out around my nipple causing the vibrations to send more tremors through my spine as I gasp loudly.

"Only for my Master. You are the only one that ever gets to play with me in such a manner."

I respond with my honest thoughts and feelings. With a deep growl of approval Rolando positions himself at my entrance before he smirks down at me before he wraps my arms around his neck and his hands under my shoulders as my legs are already wrapped around his waist. The anticipation of the moment killing me with need as my eyes glass over with desire and lust. And, then with his hands under my shoulders in one hard fast thrust he slams his member to my most inner walls causing me to scream with both pain and pleasure.

The walls over my womanhood stretch almost to taunt around his member as he penetrated my most inner walls. Rolando leans forward kissing and biting my neck as he pounds into me in the most unforgiving pace to show his dominance over me in the bedroom. The pace is unforgiving as he moves in and out of me stretching my walls until they pulse around him hard indicating that my climax was soon to happen.

"That's it baby-girl, you're so tight I know you're almost there. Go ahead little one. Cum for me."

Rolando growled in a deep velvety tone in my ear as his primal nature takes over while he thrusts faster and harder in and out of my womanhood. Suddenly he feels it my climax squirting down over his head and down his shaft. My climax is so hard and powerful that the fluids leak out of my hole to softly squirt farther down his mass to his ball sack.


I had screamed in ecstasy as my head was thrown back from the power of the orgasm he gave me while he rode my orgasm out prolonging my pleasure before he too, was roaring loudly as his seed spilled deep inside my taunt hot walls. His load hot and sticky as it coats my walls. When we were both finished with our intense intimacy I happily took Rolando's body way and accepted it on top of her body as her back still presses against the desk beneath her back.

While we both rested I provided Rolando with aftercare to help soothe him and ease his tension from the intensity of the moment. They stayed like that for a few moments as I comfort and soothe him with sweet nothings. The moment is great I was sated and so was he. We talked for a little bit after the experience he having helped me dress and clean myself. And then, I had to leave again. I hate when we have to part. I hope one day we can stay together one day.

It was such a great time. Well, that's all. Till next Time.

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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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