Deep Stretching

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A Fit Girl's Steamy Affair With a Former Client

Deep Stretching

Julie could hold more than just a plank.

I’m a fit girl, and believe it or not, I don’t get fucked that often. Honestly, I don’t really look for it. But yesterday morning’s dick with Paul was sex I can’t wait to have again.

Paul was a client from long ago. He came into my Zumba studio with a dad bod that was only getting worse. He had a handsome face with a chiseled chin and really dark skin. He stood an inch taller than me at six foot. His body was also long and looked like it was lean ten years ago. For now, he carried a big gut that he tried to hide under oversized sweats. It didn’t work.

I also wished he had cut his hair because it was an uncontrollable afro that was trying too hard to be cool. But he was charming, and really wanted some help.

I was the lady to do it. I’ve been teaching fitness and aerobics for years, and I’m not too modest to say I have a killer body. Hey, I worked hard for it, trying to stay a little ripped for a lady, but keeping my feminine ways. The guys dig my dark hair and light blue eyes, but they’re also kinda intimidated by my look.

Every day he came to class he made a point to say more than “hi” and “bye” to me. All the other guys would first try to flex and push hard in class to impress me, but it never worked. They would gas out and barely say a word.

But not Paul. He’d tell me how much he enjoyed the classes, even if he was out of breath and gasping for any sense of oxygen in the room. He’d talk about my outfits, or his day with his daughters (I think he was a single dad), and even who pissed him off at work so much that he was ready to burn the anger out in class. I thought he was kind of charming, even if he really wasn’t my type or in decent shape. I had never dated an older guy. If I didn’t have a strict policy of not dating clients, or if he wasn’t married, I would have gone out with Paul if he asked me.

I was caught by surprise when I ran into him last week just outside the Vitamin Shoppe. He came twice a week for eight weeks, but I hadn’t seen him in almost a year. I always wondered why, because he looked like he had dropped some fat and was starting to get into shape.

“Julie?” he asked. I turned around and couldn’t believe it was him. He looked like the Paul I knew, but in amazing shape. He looked like he had just come from a gym session, wearing one of those muscle tank tops and long black sweats. I didn’t see a hint of gut on him, and he shaved his head completely.

“Oh, shit. Is that you, Paul?” I couldn’t help but think it: he was damn sexy!

“Yeah, it’s me!” Paul jogged over to hug me but stopped himself.

“Kinda sweaty. Sorry.”

“Oh, no problem. So, who did you leave me for?” I half-joked. “ “Who’s my competition? You look fucking amazing, man!”

Paul laughed. “It wasn’t personal! I should have told you earlier, but my wife left me and I had to move somewhere closer to my girls’ school.”

“Oh, that’s so sad,” I said.

“Yeah, well. I guess I didn’t get in shape fast enough. But I ain’t sweatin’ it. I joined another gym that had some kickboxing classes and some weights. I missed your Zumba, but you were killin’ my knees!”

We both laughed. “Sorry. Well, you can come visit next time you’re on my side of town.” I started to give him my business card, but decided to give a little extra before I handed it over. I wrote my number on the back.

“Just shoot me a text before you come. I’ll let the class know I have a special guest.”

“Oh, that’s nice of you, Julie! Now I feel even more special!”

Three days later, he texted me. I did as promised and let class know I had a special guest coming.

This time, Paul showed up in shorts with his muscle shirt. I could see the kickboxing was doing good for his legs, because he had muscles popping in every direction.

And he had a nice bulge up front. Looked like something else grew in his new class!

Some of the ladies who knew him before were just as shocked as I was when I saw him in the parking lot. They were brave enough to whistle. I didn’t know a black man could blush, but it looked like that’s what Paul did.

He got through class just fine. He was a little winded towards the last few minutes, but I was proud of how he pushed through everything. I even went extra hard, and I was sure to get a little closer to him when we did some squats so he could get a little view down my shirt if he wanted it. It was my not-so-subtle hint that I was really loving his new look.

I wasn’t sure if he took the hint or not because he didn’t even peek. But Saturday morning, I got a text from Paul.

“Do you have class today? I need help.”

I didn’t.

“No. But meet me there anyway. 1 hr.”

I only lived five blocks away from my private studio, but I wanted a little extra time to shower before I showed up. Probably seemed illogical for a gym rat like me, but I wanted to smell fresh for Paul. I opened the studio, turned on the music, and closed the blinds.

He met me on schedule. Today he wore compressor pants and a form-fitting, short-sleeved top. He gave me a hug and smelled like warm vanilla.

“You smell like a bakery,” I told him.

“Yeah. My girls put it on me before I left. I told them I was going to make your gym smell like cupcakes and everyone would be mad. But you have no class today.”

“I stopped Saturdays a while back. I only open it for private sessions,” I grinned.

“Oh, good, because I need one. My legs are getting stiff from kickboxing, and I remember you used to give these good stretches. Can you run me through them?”

I led him through stretches for everything. Even stretches he didn’t need. I was just so amazed at his body at his age and how hard he worked. I wanted to soak in all of it. He started to sweat when I made him do some static planks.

“You can take off your shirt if you want.”

“I can? Thank you.” He got out of his plank position and onto his knees before peeling his shirt off.

It was gone. His hanging belly was gone, and his pecs were poking hard, enticing my eyes. I was done for.

I looked Paul in the eyes and sat next to him. He tried to get back into plank position, but I put my fingers on his chest.

“Umm, that’s OK. I think we’ve done enough stretching and testing for now. Except maybe one more.”

I made my move and ran my fingers around his nipples, down his centerline, and just above the front of his pants.

Paul didn’t stop me. When I reached his crotch, he leaned over and kissed me just behind my ear.

“I can do a lot more things now that you’ve warmed me up.”

We made out and stripped off our clothes, tossing them into the corner. I couldn’t stop putting my hands on every muscle he didn’t have when he was my old client.

I wanted to get fucked by all of them.

I had him stand up so I could pull his pants down, but as soon as I kissed his black cock, Paul pulled back and leaned against the mirror wall.

“Oh, baby. We can have that kinda fun a different way. Do one of those handstands you used to do in class.”

I was a little confused, but whatever. I’d do anything he wanted if it was gonna get me fucked.

I got on my hands like he asked me to and put my toes on the mirror. Paul chuckled, and then had me spin to face him. He grabbed my waist and pulled my pussy up to his mouth.

Now I knew what he wanted!

“Show off,” I joked.

It was a little awkward because I could feel the blood rushing down to my face, but I wrapped my arms around his thighs, which felt like oak trees. I put that fat, black dick in my mouth and just sucked away.

“There you go, Julie,” he moaned.

He leaned back on the mirror wall and started to kiss me lightly between my legs. I liked how his full lips and big tongue felt, and the smacking sound with all the wetness between us. I sucked as much as I could before my own head couldn’t take the blood rush any more. I put my hands on the ground and stood up.

Paul put his hands under my arms and squatted down a little. He kissed the center line from my abs to between my breasts. He did this two or three times and licked around my nipples. This gave me goosebumps!

After a few more seconds of licking my breasts, Paul cupped his hands under my ass.

“You ready to get up?”

“Whatever works for you, baby!”

Paul used his new strength to pick me up and put my back against the mirror. We used the friction of me against the mirror to lower my pussy onto that stiff dick.

“Uhh!” he grunted after his head slipped in. I went a little lower, and then he stood on his toes.

“Repaying you for making me do all them calf raises, baby.”

This was one of the craziest fucks I ever had. I looked across the room to the opposite mirror wall, and we were beautiful. My pale skin against his dark color just made us look so badass. I was folded against the mirror, arms draped around his neck. I watched, over his shoulder, as he clenched his ass and thrust up and into me over and over. I thought he’d get tired after a couple of minutes, but he just wouldn’t stop. I could hear him taking in deep breaths, but it wasn’t gonna be long before I got to the edge of climax.

Paul just kept going. His grunts got louder, and I got more turned on. My calves got tighter around his hamstrings and I just gushed all over that black cock like a faucet. I thought he’d drop me, but Paul held me against that mirror until I was done.

He pulled out of me and let me slide down the mirror until I was sitting in front of that dick. I could see my cum mixed with sweat and just glistening on it. He started to jerk it in front of me.

“You wanna give me that cum, baby?”

“Fuck yeah, Julie. Since the day I walked in your class.”

I pushed his hand off of his cock.

“Allow me, then.”

I jerked and stroked him over and over, faster and faster. When I felt the middle of his dick start to bulge, I grabbed his ass and kept jerking until his dick spit all over my face and on my lips. He grabbed a hold of my hair until he was done shooting ropes.

I licked every drop I could find with my tongue and then kissed his cock clean. He sat down next to me, finally out of breath.

“Damn!” he said between breaths before laying his head in my lap.

“Yeah, uh, you keep going to that gym. It’s doing wonders for you.”

“Thank you, baby. As long as I can come here after for…”

“Deep stretching?” I finished. “Any time!”

Roman Gabrielo
Roman Gabrielo
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