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You Know, Like...Texas


I had many infatuations, loves, crushes. Yes, most of them looked like fuck boys. I went to school with respectful fuck boys, so it was easy to get attach. They're cute, beautiful, and I'm certain they're wonderful at giving away a great fuck. Gymnasts, Hockey players, Wrestlers(naturally gay and get aroused during matches but still allegedly straight), even rugby players. I've made many fantasies in my head regarding these athletes. They can vary from topics such as romance and slow to for fast, forced, and bounded. Somehow, I maintain enough self control. That doesn't mean going to the gym is not a struggle. Boners could happen any time for me. Most times, it flies when envisioning a fantasy in my head. I have a very creative mind. Seriously, there are so many things around me that I could turn into a sexual turn on, a bathhouse pleasure, even a merciless bound playground. It's a gift and a curse, but I do what I please with it.

I didn't have sex with these guys, but I know they could put me in multiple positions, as I could do the same. Dax was the strongest out of all of them, that I know of. What is with me and my interest in white men, blue-green eyes, brunette hair (blonde or black from time to time), and muscular builds. I love them. Dax, along with many guys at my school, had this. They were heaven to look at, hell when the realization that we couldn't have my way with each struck. That sucked a lot. I probably would've sucked a lot. Anyway, this is about Dax. Dax wasn't someone I fell head over heals for, but he was still noticeable.

Not him

Dax had giant muscles, fucking huge ones. His chest was incredible. Moving downward, there were his muscular thighs that made way for his calves that could never stop flexing. I skipped his head, which was cute. I always remember the blue or green eyes of a man, especially in when watching porn. Those guys on their knees, their eyes don't have a choice but to stick out while there's a cock clogging their throat. Dax's hair was something I thought was okay to look at, but I got use to it. He was a fucking god. If not a god, he was a king among kings. Plus, he was nice. That's something special about my school. Most of the guys that look like fuckboys were nice people. In a way, that was more hurtful. They're like forbidden fruit to closet boys, it's so hilarious, it's sad.

Even though Dax was a nice teddy bear kind of guy, I was terrified. For most of the first year of meeting him, I was scared of him. I thought he would lose his shit one day and snap my neck, not in way where multiple bones can be heard breaking, but in the way you'd only hear one crack, and it's over. He wasn't scary to the point where I didn't want to be around him. No way! He was so scary and big, it was sexy. The kind of shirts he wore made his chest pop out. It was fucking hot and wonderful. His ass, holy fuck! It wasn't something I thought about much, and yet...holy fuck! I remember wanting to sleep on it. I imagined that his ass cheeks were two perfect pillows or the perfect pillow. His ass was like this when I first met him! Four years later, I don't know. What's up higher than saying holy fuck? Oh well, he's got so much to him.

Pietro Boselli

The stereotype of brawny guys being stupid was broken at my school. The hottest guys at my school were smart. It was aggravating, but cool. I don't think I hated Dax for it, but he pissed me off a few times when it seemed like he was becoming smarter than me. However, he was already smarter than me. Every hot guy in my grade was smarter than me. Nothing that made me superior to them would've helped me graduate high school. I made this about me, sorry. Dax could out smart me in math, but who couldn't. When he was smarter than me in science courses, that made me fucking pissed. I love science, but there's math in chemistry and physics. So, forget that! Eventually, as more people appeared smarter than me, the less I made a big deal about it. Honestly, even the teachers thought I was a dumb bitch. Anyway, I eased back and went back to praising his body, even his well crafted ass. I wasn't jealous, the meat on his body was well earned. Of course, he plays sports, you should. Yep, smart, hot, muscular, of he played a sport. That shit doesn't happen (it can, but fuck those people).

Dax was a hockey player. Hockey is one of the sports with guys I'm attracted to. I don't know. I guess there's something that's super sexy about a guy that can fight while skating on fucking ice at the same time. I'll answer this question. Yes! Dax does still have all of his teeth. He has all of his muscles, smarts, and the abilities to bring a lot of pressure to one's legs. I had never seen him play, but I heard he was good. I never imagined him skating around naked, I mean I am now because I bought it up. It makes sense. He's super adapted to the cold, just like me. Second year into knowing him, I didn't wear long sleeve pants until he did (I tend to turn random moments into competitions). As long as he wore shorts, as did I. I didn't give a shit that it was September and the temperature had dropped to the 40s. I felt the chill a lot, but I was adjusting. I couldn't tell if Dax felt it. Those nice, big legs that were complimented by his hair and calves probably made him immune to passing cold hair. I did not have much muscle in my legs then. However, that wasn't stopping me from going up against the big chested, toned muscled jock with the great ass.

One day, Dax walked into class. First thing I noticed was that he was wearing sweatpants. I was still wearing shorts! The sweatpants made his butt stick out more, like they needed a lap to in, or on. A sexy sight, but that's not the point! I won bitches! I won the nonexistent competition and finally got to wear sweatpants, that he still looked better than me in. I never hung out with Dax, but I was always in his proximity, just because of course. We had classes together, saw each other after school, or in academic clubs. I wasn't in the club. The room this club commonly took place in was just a cool place to be, plus, my friends were in the club with him. He tend to be the loudest one. I thought is was obnoxious, but I couldn't tolerate a lot of loud sounds back then. Maybe if we were fucking, I would've been okay with it. We were both over 16 at that point. A big guy with anger needs someone to take all of their sexual frustrations out on.

Francois Sagat

If Dax put on anything revealing, he was an instant daddy. If I had been a slut most of high school instead of a love-struck moron, I would've under Dax, on top of Dax, in front of Dax, picked up by Dax, forced down by Dax, even behind Dax (let's been honest, ass like that can't go to waste). This could be in the romance category, but this better under forced and bounded. Many more times than once have I thought about being forced to my knees by Dax. Being forced into a corner didn't seem likely, but it made sense in terms of possession. However, I see stuff like this happening in the handicap stall on campus, in the woods by campus where his hand or cock can keep anyone from hearing me scream (pleasurably of course), or his car (most of the time). Dax and some of hi friends was another fantasy I had thought about, especially his friend Mike (practically Dax's husband if they were gay), but that's for another time. Dax was the kind of person who could me up and I would be okay with. Well, I'd still resist, just in the way where I'm technically still being obedient.

Remember when I said Dax was so scary and big, it was sexy. Eventually, he was just big, but if I was going to imagine him being a dominant mother fucker, he had to be just a little scary. With a body like that, everything was giant piece of ground he could slam inside me on. I had a little fat on me, but I could still pass as twink. Based on the movement of Dax's thighs, legs, core, and obliques, it was obvious that there were many positions this toned, short, black twink (me) could be put, thrown, or torn into. Could Dax be violent in a situation like this? I bet he could. If doesn't see himself as such, I could get him there. Dax was the inspiration of many fantasies (as well as some of mates), but some of the ones with him couldn't just be him. Yes, of course three-ways, but what I mean is not just him taking off his clothes. No, could be anything with that build. Imagining him as a rugby player tantalizing, but he I love him in the role play he perfect in, frustrated hockey player.

I never knew how Dax was like when he was angry or frustrated. I only knew what I wanted him to do to me when he was. I can see it. Right after losing a hockey game, still carrying his hockey stick, he finds me. I could ask "how was it", and he would would walk up to me and say "get down". I would say "what", and he would reach one hand to the back of my head and force me down in front of him until I was on my knees. I'm in a state confusion as he shoving my head into his crotch. He begins to remove his pants with one hand while the other holds my head in place. Less that 5 seconds later, his pants are off, and I'm being greeted by a PUMP jockstrap with a giant, heavy bulge. Dax moves the pouch to the side, releasing his thick white cock. Before I can realize the great length of it, it's berated into my mouth. My mouth isn't even open, that's how strong it is. 15 seconds later when I'm fully conscious of my surroundings again, I realize that it's not a police baton stretching my lips and throat. I take it down 2 seconds more, then, I struggle. I am only able to make a couple mumbles. It's not easy to speak with a cock in one's mouth. That makes Dax happy, in this situation. I'm trying back off, but his hands slamming my head onto his dick. At this point, I've become more desperate to breathe and start pushing on Dax's thighs. Dax just looks down at me and says things like "look at me bitch, oh fuck keep struggling, can you breathe". The only time he let's me off is to slap me, kiss me, or smother me with his chest.

Dax does this so much I begin to believe he owns me, and I'm loving it. I screamed out "WAIT" before he could stuff his fat cock back down my throat. I don't know why I would do something like that. He proceeded to breach my throat. With every new slam into my mouth, I became more adjusted. The pre-cum coming out of his penis made great lube. Letting it spiral around my throat made it easier for me to take as his cock slipped down. Eventually, he gets bored of holding my head. He puts me against the wall, flexing his hips towards it. With no place to wiggle or run, the back of my head is banged hard against the wall. Dax's cock feels more rough as the vibration of being berated into both the wall and him increases. It starts to feel like his dick is poking the back of my head and also the wall. There's enough space in between Dax's cock and the wall that I can get only a couple screams out.

Finally, he removes his swollen dick from mouth. My head hurts a lot. While I'm catching my breath, Dax pick me up. I make my way to his chest where I play and suck on his nipples. We make out a little bit, and I'm back to sucking his nipples, while he still holding me in the air. Suddenly, he throws to the ground. Before I can get up, he's already slapped me, grabbed my face, spit into my mouth, sat his muscular, fat ass on my chest (jockstrap still on), and torpedoed his big cock back into my mouth. He thrust his hips back and forth, face fucking me to the point where I couldn't help but try to push him off. I wasn't even gagging anymore. I was straight up choking. As I coughed him back up my throat, he put his hands around my neck, making fists around it (Halsey reference). I pushed on his arms, his flexing pecs, and even his face. As I start scratching his face, he releases my neck and holds my arms down. He shoves his cock down deeper and deeper. My hold body can't help but twitch. Dax's arms are in full flex pinning my arms to the floor. As his dick clogs my airways, my eyes begin to tear up as my legs twitch uncontrollably. Just as my body begins to slow down, my eyes rolling back, and I passing out, Dax let's go. I take huge breaths and try to crawl away. He drags me back, flips me over, and sits me up right.

He aligns my head with his dick. I push as hard as I can, but also not really because I still sort of want it. He pushes one my arms off, which put me off balance, making me more submissive, allowing his dick to bash my mouth open. He did this then turned around. His hand was still on forcing my head. When he shoved my head again, this time, I was greeted by a sweet tasting ass crack. I try to push him off again, but I'm also very fascinated with how nice his ass cheeks felt. Plus, it was so nice warm between them. He turns around again, rams his dick, but this time, I'm use to it. He alternate like that again and again, but the second time he smothers me with his ass, I'm ready. My tongue is out and about licking around and in his hole. I full on rim that ass good. He moans and keeps turning. Eventually, he realizes he likes the rim job setting, and stays on it. He moans and squats more into my face. Then, he just sits on it. I continue doing my tongue tricks. I even start biting his ass cheeks. All he does is moan. I start to think "why wouldn't fingering work". Oh yeah! It totally does. I get in that fat, firm, muscle, tight ass. That shit is fun, but the pleasure doesn't end there.

Dax takes his fingers out of me and smears them on my face. He licks his fingers, and puts them back on my face. "Smell them", he demands. He then rubs them on his balls and says "okay, now smell". His fingers smelled great. It could still be the reek of his sweaty jockstrap, or the scent of hockey daddy ass crack, or even the sweat that dripped from his body into my mouth, ass, and nostrils. Either way, the smell was wonderful. Dax then got comfortable in between my legs. I know what's coming. "No, wait, I don't think I'm ready" I shout long after he primed me. "Yes, you are, which is why you're staying right there" he says as he pins me back to the floor. His dick moves in. I cringe to myself the more he goes in. The more I scream (in pain and ecstasy), I forget the carpet floor under me. It feels like a soft mattress compared to his hard, rocky bulldozer cock ramming me mercilessly. An entire rage fire is being forced into me, and I must lie and help him de-stress.

I took everything Dax was giving to me and putting in me. Every movement was tearing, suffering, and lovely. I couldn't help but to reach around his ass and squeeze it or finger it. Any other movement I made, Dax would slap it. Hand moves, slap! Leg close, slap! Spits in his face, spits in my mouth, stuff fingers in it, then slap! He kissed me, letting his tongue roll around in my mouth and licking my face and neck, a lot! I finally get him there. He wanted to cum three orgasms ago. He just has great control do there. He does one final slam, take his cock out of my south end and dives in the north. I don't push back this time. I reach around for his ass and pull him in.

I go to far and start suffocating. He holds my arms down, legs twitch, and he releases. With every twitch of his body, it felt like more cum was added for me to drown in, because there was. Cum leaked from my mouth, and then my nose. He removed his heavy, now lighter, cock from my throat, and let the rest drench on my face and chest. I'm a mess, but he takes care of me. He licks from the chest, to neck, and proceeds up to my face. He moves back to the nipples because it's cute. As a reward for helping him, he let's me truffle butter his cunt (when you cum on the asshole and stuff the cum covered dick inside it). I lick it all between his legs, then did the same to his face, because I like the look he makes as I lick it off him where it's closest to his sexy blue eyes. After, all he can do is reward me with food, make out with me, and say "thank you".

It stuck out

Of course, all of that is just one fantasy that didn't get to happen. The thoughts never ended there. Dax is still a cool dude today. He is still a teddy bear, and very honorable. How would he feel about me having these thoughts. He should feel good. The fact that I felt this way about him sometimes should be deemed a compliment. Also, walking past him in the hallway and being able to smell the sweat of his ball sack wasn't going to make me think innocent thoughts. It was a thick smell. I totally see Dax as a friend, but if he asks to make any special arrangement to that friendship, chances are that I won't say "no". Yes, that Dax is one sexy mother fucker. So Dax, we don't have a problem.

Dax, having me on my back again, figured I would like to be finger as well. I did say he's smart. He takes his big, pale fingers and lubricates them by sucking on them, then making me suck on them. As enough saliva drizzles down his fingers, he stuff them in my hole. I resists for a few seconds, but he pushes me back down and continues, giving me time to enjoy what he was giving. We even stuff his hockey stick in each other asses. Later, he opens his mouth, lowers his head, letting his lips surround my hard dick. I don't know how to react. Do I concentrate on his fingers in my cunt, his tongue dancing on my cock as he sucks it, his eye contact, or the other hand seeping into my mouth. It didn't matter. I appreciate the fingering. Now, I'm ready for the main course.

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