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Dark Guest

by Sheara Kerry 4 years ago in fiction

Visitor from the Dark


One night, as she lay on her bed, she woke up with a gasp for breath, she noticed an eerie feeling, but rather than fear it she contemplated it, and savoured it, like a taste that you can't decide weather or not you like or dislike. The random event started to repeat itself; she'd wake up with a strange feeling of someone watching her, and gradually fall back into sleep, a feeling that went from monthly, to weekly, to daily in a short space of time.

Then one day, the presence let itself be known. A dark silhouette appeared in the furthest part of the room. There was no face to this eerie presence, only a shadow, but despite no face to place on this strange visitor, despite the danger, the peril of this unknown visitor, she felt lured in; the fear started to give way to an overwhelming curiosity, but every night she was paralyzed, unable to investigate the creature hidden within the dark, and every night she'd fall back into a deep sleep only to awake during the day with a taste of wonder in her brain.

She never told anyone about this dark visitor, too worried she might be classed as insane. She kept it to herself, night after night. She tried everything to stay awake, hoping if she stayed awake all night that this strange visitor would be within reach, but if she did not sleep, he did not come.

She checked every lock, every door; this was not some strange person getting within her safe place she called home. Which, rather than scaring her, fascinated her with a new lure.

One night she noticed the dark figure was encroaching; every new night brought the shadow closer and closer, nothing had changed, nothing was different; but it would seem they might meet, and she was anxious for this creature and her to greet.

Two years later and it was at her feet. It moved its dark hand towards her toes. She was no longer paralysed but lay still, awaiting the creature's move, not fearful of the results, aware of the very dark possibilities. She hoped it would come closer, more within reach, but as per usual she fell asleep.

She woke up one night to a stir under the sheets. The dark creature had lips, fingertips and feet, as she felt it touch and kiss. Her body pulsated, her knees felt weak, but not from any form of paralysis. The stranger with no face behind the hood grew closer every moment, grabbing, biting and lips on soft skin as her hands scratched and latched on.

Under the covers they both intertwined. She wasn't scared, happy to lose her life if it meant to be with this creature for one night.

Though no face, its lips were soft as they kissed and things got hot.

Pulsating desire, hotter than fire; she moaned and screamed, no resistance, no fight, just pure delight, no other living person having made her feel that way. The minutes passed merging into hours; how much longer would it take?

When she didn't know if her body could take much more, a hard thrust made her fall on the floor. The shadow disappeared and was no more.

In her weakened state of pure pleasure, she fell asleep only to awake much later.

She never saw the dark creature again, though she waited and waited every night in vain.


Sheara Kerry

A daydreamer, mind wondering, thoughts pondering, like the ondulation in the ocean. I doodled, and wrote, pages with a thousand notes. My dreams like sci-fi movies, where the lines of reality and imagination blurr into imPOSSIBLE things.

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Sheara Kerry
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