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Curse of the Moon

by Destiny Smalls 5 months ago in literature
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Part 5


I knew what he was turning into and I wanted him to feel safe. I wrapped my arms around him to let him know he was not alone. ¨You dumbass, don´t touch me!¨ he said ¨Just calm down¨ I told him. He only got bigger with every passing hour. Soon, he was twice my size and a full-on werewolf. ¨You´re not alone Mr. Daveys. I´m here Beau.”

I knew he understood me because he immediately laid down and I laid next to him. Snuggled up next to him like you would any other ordinary fluffy household dog. We had fallen asleep and before we knew it, it was morning. Beau woke up first and realized I was next to him and he began to gently kiss me until I woke up and said ¨thank you¨. I didn't know what to do or how to feel. I just felt happy that he was okay. I saw him differently. ¨I have to get ready for work and so do you.” He got up and put on his pants and left.

Days have passed and nothing about that night was discussed, ¨can we talk about last Friday?¨ ¨I prefer we did not.¨ He answered in such a harsh tone. ¨Please Beau, I need to know why this is happening to really help you.¨ I said as calmly as I could. ¨You will refer to me AS Mr. Daveys because I am your boss you don't need to understand anything! In fact, you are fired!! Please clean out your desk, I will have your replacement here first thing in the morning!¨ He belted at me. ¨What?! Please no, I need this job! I´ll get put out if I don't have this job.¨ I started to cry. ¨Grey will see you out.¨ Grey walked in and said ¨I´m so sorry Ms.Samore.¨ and I knew I was finished, I was heartbroken.

I did the only thing I knew I could do, I started looking for jobs and I started applying to jobs and I applied and called and soon I found a job in a department store. It wasn't what I wanted but what I needed. A month has passed and I was packing because I knew I had to leave my beautiful apartment and go somewhere smaller. Then there was a knock on the door, ¨who is it?¨ ¨It's Beau.¨


I had to see her. I was wrong for how I fired her and nothing seemed right ever since. I went to her apartment and knocked on her door ¨who is it?¨ Her voice was still smooth and soft. ¨It's Beau.¨ She opened the door and I knew she was angry. ¨ What the hell do you want?!¨ ¨I´m sorry, I should not have let you go like that, I should not have let you go at all.¨ ¨I know that Grey knew that! You´re the only one here because there is another full moon coming.¨ ¨You´re right, but that is not the only reason I´m here. I miss you and how you treated me.¨ I hurt her, she got too close and I pushed her away. I stared at her, seeing her pain. ¨What?! What do you want Beau ?!!¨ ¨Why are you packing?¨ ¨Are you serious? I can't afford this place. You put me here and then you fired me!¨ ¨Don't leave¨ ¨I have to.¨ ¨Don't leave.¨ ¨Get out!¨ I did the only thing my body would allow me to do, I grabbed her and kissed her ¨DON´T leave.¨ ¨Or what?¨ I kissed her and made my way to the bedroom, we walked and kissed and tugged until we made it to the bed. I showed her why I didn't want her to leave and it was the best night of my life.


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