Confessions of a Sex Lover

by Tim Ellerbe II 3 years ago in fetishes


Confessions of a Sex Lover

Sex. I love sex. And everything associated with it. I am a voyeuristic person by nature and would often prefer to watch others have sex. I like to watch. I love the sounds of a woman moaning and groaning while she is pleasured. I love the sounds of sex. Raw and primal. I have learned over the years not to gawk at what interests me, but to take quick glances that take in everything. So I can focus on large-breasted women, which is another preference. Cleavage sparks my imagination and my lust as I wonder what type of nipples she has or how big her areolae are. My original “type” of woman was about 5’2'', bright-skinned, with a very round butt. I have since expanded that demographic to include various body types and heights. Personality is important. I tend to be able to tell how good a woman is in bed just from a basic conversation. Aside from wife number one, I have not had bad sex.

My favorite sexual activity is oral sex, receiving and giving. Mostly giving. I can eat for literally hours. I love pleasuring the woman I am with and sending her through multiple orgasms. The feel of her legs shaking, listening to her heavy breathing, and again, the moans are a huge turn on. A woman who only wants one climax will bore me because I like to have marathon sex, several rounds.

I sometimes like to take control, sometimes and believe that some women have a huge issue with this. Desire can be powerful and I may push her into a chair, pull out my dick and shove it into her mouth. I may spin her around, raise her skirt, pull her panties to one side and take her. It’s subtle dominance and not meant to be abusive, but I hear from some women that such actions are offensive. I have wondered if I am just a closet BDSM master.

I have no problem being in the friend-zone because I get to hang out with many gorgeous women. The zone used to tick me off, but no longer. At the least, I get to date and hang out with gorgeous women.

I have not been super confident expressing my sexuality because I think it may be overwhelming to some women. And offensive to others. I can use dirty words when necessary which has not gone over well with certain church girls. I feel bedroom language can be a fun thing. Using it at times has caused past lovers to become even more turned on.

I like a woman who has no problem initiating sex. It shows she wants me as much as I want her. Assertiveness can be a turn on too, just as long as she does not try to be the man in the relationship. Grabbing my **** while I’m driving, waking me up for sex at three in the morning etc. I feel we are all sexual beings and unfortunately society has damaged our perceptions of healthy sexuality.

I would not be averse to living in a nudist colony and may end up there someday. Just the freedom to be free in my skin. Not such a sexual reason for that lifestyle. It’s more of a liberating thing I can share with other likeminded people.

I have come to believe an open relationship is a healthy relationship. That is mostly because of the honesty involved among lovers. I feel monogamous couples miss out because they do not trust so easily. And because one or the other feels they cannot express themselves sexually for fear of being judged or rejected. Or both. My fetishes and beliefs are tame, but some “normal” looking people have darker desires and should be free to express those in their relationship. Personally, I would rather remain single than be forced to keep my ideas to myself.

I love a good-smelling woman. I will visit Macy’s perfume department just to inhale certain scents. It’s intoxicating. Plus the women behind the counter look like they just stepped out of a glamour magazine.

I believe in foreplay. And that starts in the morning. I may send sexy texts all day just to make sure she is aroused.

As far as conversation, I enjoy talking about sex quite a bit (giggle snort). I will share details of past experiences with a lover who also shares. I don’t get offended by a woman’s past because it is the past. I suppose that is a bit of a fetish too. Never actually thought about it. I will explore that thought line moving forward.

I am not a huge fan of porn, though I do watch what I call specialty porn. I like certain compilations. Creampies, oral creampies, missionary, doggystyle, riding, and interracial sex. Hmmm….okay that list makes me sound like a huge fan hahaha. No, I don’t watch much. I just like a particular video when I do.

Tim Ellerbe II
Tim Ellerbe II
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