Come Now, Come Naked

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I’m horny.

Come Now, Come Naked
I’m waiting...

Come naked.

“I’m horny... Come now.”

When the text message came across you were still enthralled in work. It was only 3:00... but it was Friday, you were the boss... and it had been two weeks since you last felt my lips on your cock, the thought instantly conjuring up a mental image of me on my knees bobbing up and down.

You had planned on working until at least 5:00 but thinking about the taste of me now makes you hard and your mouth begins to water. You adjust your pants when your cock rubs uncomfortably against your zipper. Thinking about being with me, about being inside me, you can’t wait until 5:00... you have to come now. You quickly send out a few last emails, save a couple of in-process documents, and text back playfully...

“I'm on my way... Answer naked. “

You are quite surprised when a message is returned almost immediately...

“No... I'm in charge this time. ;) My turn... if you're coming over, you're coming over naked.”

When the thought of being in control started actually turning me on, I followed up the first message with another for you...

“Don't ring the bell. Come on in... naked. I'll be waiting.”

When the message came across, you couldn't help but chuckle to yourself, then it dawns on you... Wait... Come in naked, and what, get undressed on the porch? You don’t think, "I’ll do it." You think to yourself as you pull the car over just before getting to my house.

I decided I would reward you at the door if you actually came in naked. I set a pillow on the floor in the entry way, sat on my knees on the pillow, with my feet under me, and waited just inside the glass door. You surprised me when you pulled up, got out of your car, and were completely naked! Hard and confident as hell.

You strut slowly up the walk, trot up the three steps, and wink at me through the glass. You opened the door and stepped inside, stopping right inside the glass door. I'm inches from you, on my knees, wearing a black bra and a very short black skirt that has ridden all the way up my thighs.

Getting up onto my knees, I grab your hips and immediately flick the head of your cock teasingly with my tongue. No where for you to go, you tense up at first but when I take you fully into my mouth. You relax back, using the door for support... your bare ass against the cool glass for anyone to see as I bob, sucking and pumping your cock with my slick tongue and wet lips.

You grab ahold of my head and begin thrusting slow deliberate strokes, feeling the head of your cock just begin to slide down my throat before you pull back to feel my tongue tease you. I let you thrust down my throat a few times then wrap my hand around the base of your cock to stop your length from gagging me.

Holding my head, you start thrusting into my mouth again. Feeling an orgasm building in your toes, you wonder if you’ll be able to stay on your feet. I suck, lick, and squeeze while your orgasm builds and builds. When you are right on the verge, you pull back out of my mouth. “I'm about to cum,” you say. Leaning forward, I grab your hips and take you back into my mouth. You shudder and your knees begin to buckle as you moan through an unbelievable orgasm and cum into my mouth. I suck off every last drop, pumping out any residual cum.

I stand up, take your hand, and lead you to the kitchen. Picking me up, you set me on the center island. I lay back on the cold granite and bend my knees, exposing black thong panties under my skirt. You grab my hips, burying your face between my legs. You tug at my panties with your teeth, pulling them down. You put my legs on your shoulders and dart your tongue deep inside me. I arch my back, grab your hair, and moan loudly as you flick your tongue back and forth. You start teasing my clit like a child with his favorite ice cream cone. You lap up my wetness hungrily as your fingers find their way inside my pussy. While pushing on my g-spot from deep inside, you take my swollen clit into your mouth and suck me to orgasm. My toes curl and my back arches as I cry out softly, rolling my head from side to side. Knowing you just gave me a toe-curling orgasm makes you hard again and ready for some main course.

“Mmmmmm... I needed that,” I grumbled out as my orgasm wound down, my nipples hardening and face going flush. I slide off the end of the island carefully onto your swollen cock and wrap my legs around you. You catch my hips as I slide down onto your shaft, supporting me, holding me up. Using my arms around your shoulders, I push down for leverage, bouncing up and down quickly on your cock as you walk down the hall... carrying me... deep inside fucking me.

You sit down on the chaise in the family room, me on your lap. With your cock in my pussy, I spin around, putting my feet on the floor. I start to rub quickly back and forth, shoving my ass into your abdomen, feeling your cock hit all the edges, all the walls, all the surfaces, all the nerves in my pussy making me dripping wet.

I rock back and forth and play with my clit with one hand and gently cup your balls with the other. You respond by thrusting in rhythm to my rocking, massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples until they stand fully erect again. We moan out in chorus as our breath starts to quicken and our bodies start to quiver.

Deciding you need more leverage to go deeper, you stand up, push on my back forward and down towards the floor, and pull my ass up. I fall forward so I'm standing bent over at the waist, with my hands flat on the floor in front of me, legs straight... ass at your cock. You grab my hips, one hand firmly planted on each side. You slam into me hitting my g-spot, hitting my cervix... I swear you were hitting my rib cage from the inside and it hurt.

Every time you slammed into me, I cried out. Every time I cried out, my body released a few more endorphins, turning my pain into pleasure like I'd never felt before and I slammed back into you.

My body began to shake through another wave of orgasms. My elbows and knees began to buckle under the pressure but you held me up, thrusting into me harder, faster, each swing of your hips slamming my hands into the ground, bending my wrists so they almost touched my fingers.

You dropped me back on my hands and feet, spanking my bare ass hard to shock me back to reality enough to balance myself. As your hand cracked across my ass for the third time, another wave of orgasms racked through my body starting from deep inside. My pussy contracts, pulsing around your shaft as I cum, sending waves of pleasure pulsing through your body as you peak and cum deep inside of me.

I stand up and mixture of you and me, of our cum, immediately starts running down my leg. “Come on, I say... Shower and then round two.”

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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