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Coed Vagina Spree Killer

A Day In Life

By Timothy KincaidPublished about a year ago • 3 min read
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The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics defines a spree killing as "killings at two or more locations with almost no time break between murders".

After spending seven days on a west coast road trip with the team, I am ready to kill some pussy.

Normally, I would sneak out after curfew to find the awesome piece of anatomy. However, Coach had caught me out past curfew during last month's road trip. He threatened me with suspension and had an assistant coach posted outside my hotel room.

A couple days Lady V free, I have what some would consider nightmares about being eaten alive by a monster vajayjay. However, in my case, it was a dream. I hope one day to be buried six feet deep in punani.

But I digress.

I inform my girlfriend to be waiting at my apartment naked in bed upon my return. They delayed our flight in Atlanta and we didn't arrive until 3 am.

She looks like a sleeping beauty laying in my bed. I get naked, climbing into bed, spooning her. Her body heat and aroma almost made me prematurely explode. I hold my breath, counting to ten. The moment passes.

My member against her backside awakens the coed.

Sadie turns her body around. We are face to face.

"It's been 7 hours and 6 days since you went away." She whispers.

"I've been so lonely without you, even in an arena filled with thousands of fans. I'm so hungry, starving for your flesh. The endless nights fantasizing about your taste; now my reality. I am so blessed to have this moment with you," I reply while stroking her curly, silky locks.

The moonlight streaming through the curtains illuminates her countenance. An endless loop of Mozart plays in the background, the only way she can sleep.

I notice an empty bottle of Korbel Brut and a bowl of half eaten strawberries are on the nightstand.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I drank all the champagne waiting."

"No problem, Boo. I understand."

Sadie removes the bed covers. Her golden bronze body is perfectly positioned for me to feed. I sit up on my knees between her legs.

Taking a moment to appreciate her womanly form. Goosebumps invade her skin while Sadie's succulent lips quiver, anticipating my touch.

I tower over her feminine frame, looking into those sparkling chocolate eyes. Lower my mouth, the taste of her lips; orgasmic.

Our tongues unite. She squeezes me so tight, taking my breath away. We kiss passionately, like two love starved souls. Sadie wraps her voluptuous thighs around my torso, her body now on fire.

Her saliva invades my blood stream, offering a burst of adrenaline. I want to ravage her body, pounding it through the mattress, but I stop myself.

I gently take each of her hands, placing them above her head.

"Baby, lock your fingers and keep them there." I said.

A confused look crosses Sadie's face, but then the light bulb comes on. She understands I must feed before I pound. Her aroma of strawberries, champagne and womanly pheromones, so powerful, I let out a roar. Then I feverishly feast on her neck.

The licking, biting and sucking of the tender body part. My saliva is out of control, making my way down to drench her left and right breast. Sadie's body squirms and mouth squeals.

I hug her waist, burying my face in a tight, trembling tummy. She places her hands around my head, pulling me up. I am breathing like a homicidal maniac on a spree kill.

"Sweetheart, relax, I'm not going anywhere." She said.

"Thank you baby," I breathlessly say. "You know what to say to calm me down."

I take a deep breath and a hard swallow. My saliva was now under control. We kiss and she pushes my head down between her legs.

I softly bring my lips to her flower. What an extraordinary piece of work gifted from the gods. The fantasy doesn't do justice to the reality of licking, biting, sucking and slurping the unique body part.

My Love's gut wrenching screams are music to my ears. The grip of her thighs tightens like a noose around my neck. I could only fantasize about an actual death so amazing. The flow of orgasmic fluids quenched my unquenchable thirst.

Sadie's convulsing torso represents a job well done. I spoon her from behind. My Love purrs and offers a deep sigh. I stroke her hair as she falls back to sleep.


I stare into the darkness with eyes wide open. My spree has just begun.


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