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Clandestine Flora

Line the walls with porcelain dolls

By Ronni VictsonPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Clandestine Flora
Photo by Ardi Evans on Unsplash

Chandeliers dangled overheard, casting stars on every surface beneath. Long stem glasses of champagne sparkled in the subtle lighting. Silken ball gowns skirted the glossy marble floors, heels tapped delicately as bodies swirled around each other in a lovely waltz. No one is touching. Soft chatter floats in the air, sweet endearing glances are shared among the crowds. Everything is… porcelain. Fragile, beautiful…stiff.

Wendy sipped from her glass, twirling the stem between her fingers restlessly as distant thunder roared outside. How she yearned to be out there instead of trapped in this stuffy ball room surrounded by shows of lavishry. New money doing its damndest to prove to the generational wealth they belonged. Wendy could not have been more uninterested. She could see the clouds rolling in through the tall windows. How she wanted to be out there instead of trapped in a dress big enough to weigh down a yacht.

The gigantic doors on the other side of the room creaked open loudly almost drowning out the thunder had the lights not flickered. She saw when he swept in, magnetic as always. She was certain someone would see the sparks igniting in her eyes. Thunder roared outside again, rattling the windows of the ball room. Peter locked eyes with Wendy across the ball room as the lights flickered again, a smirk playing at his lips as he slipped into the kitchen without a word. Present for only a moment in true peter fashion. Wendy, unable to push away her intrigue when the lights went out completely, sashayed around the outside of the ballroom, slipping out the same way. As soon as her heels touched the floor in the hallway a strong hand shot out of the dark, encasing her own and leading her away. She let it, whimsy lightening the feeling of her heavy dress. His hands were calloused, but gentle- igniting tingles in her chest as they traveled swiftly towards the solid wooden doors leading to the outside. Wendy bit her lip in excitement. The joy that bloomed in her just dreaming of the outside. He threw back the door as if it were a fluffy pillow rather than made of Oak, sending in a gust of fresh rain soaked air. It filled Wendy’s lungs blissfully, the rain cool as it graced her skin on their way out. It soaked through his coat tails, dripping from his short blonde hair and giving his crystal blue eyes a boyish sparkle?

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere warm.” He threw over his shoulder with a wry smile as a shiver ran through her body. Whether him or the whether she wasn’t sure. She wanted to go with him, venture wherever he was going to lead her. Peter led the way down a path lit with fairly lights. The path was beginning to soften with the rain, giving Wendy a good enough reason to kick off her heels and enjoy the cool feeling of earth. This was her happy place. He mimicked her, kicking free of his shiny leather shoes and leaving them as they continue down the path. Her dress was quickly soaking through.

Anticipation set in as they reached a stained glass door, a greenhouse it seemed. He stopped, turning to her with an excited grin. “Do you want to see something?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Yes, but should I?”

“I think you should.” He didn’t wait for her to answer as he swept her over the threshold.

“Wow.” The word came as more breath than speech. Wendy stood awing at a small field of cultivated orchids. Huge white, pink speckled blooms spread their petals to the size of saucers in every direction. Thunder crashed as the sound of heavy rain filled the space, engulfing her in comfort.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Peter asked moving towards her to trace his fingertips across her shoulders. She leaned into the warmth of his body, comfortable. He felt new, but strangely familiar, as if she had been meant to be there.

“Quite.” He swept her wet curls behind her gently touching his lips to her exposed neck. His hands fell quickly to her hips, spinning her around to face him, molding his lips to hers and placing his hands on her face; in her hair. He pulled away with a content smile grazing his thumb over her cheek bone.

“The second most amazing thing in this building.”

She giggled pecking his lips again. “How cheesy of you.”

His supple lips pecked hers a few times more, pulling her in. She felt safe here. His tongue delicately slipped into her mouth, tangling with hers seductively. Wendy’s fingers gripped his button down, pulling it free from his dress pants and slipping her hands beneath the luxurious fabric. His torso sturdy, tensing under her touch. Her hands traveled freely, moving over his hips and up his back. Peter pulled her into him, his own nimble hands locating the lace at the back of her bodice. With one good tug she felt it loosen, falling slightly to her hips and exposing her full breasts. His lips traveled with intention from her lips, across her jaw, down the nape of her neck… across her collar bone… He expertly released her dress the rest of the way, allowing the silk weight to pool at her feet. He bent down to retrieve it, spreading it flat on the ground, certainly crushing some very expensive flowers. Lulling rain sounds filled her ears as the buttons on his shirt popped one by one freeing him of his shirt that fluttered to the ground. Their bodies somehow ended up atop her dress on the ground among the orchids, she wasn’t sure. Her head was clear, but absent of the ability to focus on anything outside of his touch. Her fingers pulled at his belt, yanking it out of seven belt loops all at once and discarding. His body melted into hers so easily. Peter kissed her collarbone… down her chest… his mouth wrapping around the sensitive skin of her nipple breifly before moving to the other. All of her muscles tensed as his skilled fingers traveled between her legs, rubbing smooth circular motions against her clitorous. Wendy relaxed beneath him content in pleasure, her thighs gripping his sides as he continued down to join his hands. His fingers slipped into her as the tip of his tongue caressed her. The subtle sounds of rain were joined by her moans of ecstacy. Her core tightened with every motion, a spring threatening to bounce back. Wendy freed him from his dress pants, gripping him at the base and massaging him gently. Peter allowed a moan to escape, burying his face in her neck. They reveled in the white hot passion pulsing through them. His lips found hers hungrily as she guided him into her. He moved slowly at first, in and out of her in controlled strokes. A hand interlocked with hers as he found a rhythm, his control unwavering. Wendy bit her lip as the pleasure built inside her, begging herself to be patient, to hold her composure but it was too much. Wendy firmly but gently switched their position, placing her hands on his chest as he did the same. She leaned forward at a slight angle speeding up his well times rhythms and rolling her hips in a circular motion. They moaned together, back and forth, a symphony of ecstasy. She could feel his body winding up beneath her but he was adamantly composed. She willed him to let go as she moved faster feeling herself begin to close around him. Her spine straightened as her legs began to shake, throwing her head back and gripping his hands encasing her breasts. When she thought she couldn’t take anymore they released together.

The silk was cool against Wendy’s flushed skin as she curled into his side. Peter’s strong arms wrapped around her, her head resting on his chest and for a moment the world was quiet and the only sound was two hearts beating in time.


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Ronni Victson

written by a woman for women and the more cerebral male

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  • C.S LEWIS2 months ago

    This is excellent work you can also join my friends and read what I have just prepared for you

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Fantastic 🩷

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