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Ceecee Loves to Shop: A Humiliatrix Tale

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By CamillePublished about a month ago 6 min read
Image by Dimitar Veselinov from Pixabay

Being a mall rat is an '80s thing, right? I watch old movies about that time period, and it looks like so much fun!

I was born in the wrong century! I'd love to grow up in the '80s.

One of the cool things about that time was the FASHION! And that's what makes me a new-age mall rat. I love cruising the malls with my friends, looking for clothes to mix, match, and create awesome styles with! Looking good is a priority for me!

Another reason I love the malls? So many lonely older guys there! Lol.

Aww! You got me! I can be a little tease! Hey, I'm Barely Legal and I really like using my body to turn men on and get them off. *Wink*

I have other interests besides sex and shopping. Like hanging with my friends, partying, and studying in college to become an Astrophysicist! Lol.

Yes, I'll be the best-dressed bitch in space!

As you can tell, I have some big dreams, but I also have a kinky side! My friends and I will just be hanging out at the mall, discussing the various kinds of rocket fuel, and I'll spot a poor man sitting on the bench holding his wife's purse, looking so depressed!

They look so doomed and sad that just the sight of them makes my nipples hard. I have to spread joy and give them a treat to cheer them up (and make their dicks hard)!

I'll catch his attention while he's sitting on the bench. Maybe I'm wearing a cute pink mini-skirt. I'll be on my tiptoes at the Juice spot, trying to see the menu. I have to lean over... just a bit to get a better look.

WHOOPSIE! Did he get a peek up my skirt?

Oh no! Here he comes! What if he's angry and tries to pull down my skirt? What if he yells at me for acting like a little slut? I would be so embarrassed! Instead, I feel him get behind me as if he's about to order something too. I feel his hard cock pressed up against the slit of my ass then I feel a hard BUMP.

Oh...he just wants to let me know he enjoyed the show. And as the barista makes the drinks, I feel his hand slide up to my breast to get a squeeze.

I was shocked! I wasn't expecting him to come over, let alone touch my breast! I just thought seeing up my skirt would give him a happy little thrill. He was holding a woman's bag. Does he not care that his wife could show up at any minute?

I also didn't expect I would get so excited so quickly. I could feel my panties getting moist as his hand pulled away, and the server returned with my drink.

A bit overwhelmed, I grabbed my drink and then left him there. I was a bit afraid of his wife. I just wanted to have some fun turning this old loser on. But whoever that purse belonged to, I didn't want her coming back and kicking my ass because I was teasing old dusty balls. LOL. Being chased around the mall but an angry wife was not the kind of action I was looking for today, and this idiot lost all his brains as soon as he saw my ass. I'm not getting my butt kicked for him!

I looked around for my friends, wondering where they were. Great! They disappeared! Now I'd have to waste time searching for them. I sipped my papaya smoothie and tried to guess where they might have gone. The smoothie was all I had for lunch, but I was glad I at least got that. I would need all my energy to go slut hunting. lol

I saw I was standing in front of a Men's clothing store. Remembering how Tracy said she needed to buy a gift for her dad, I figured she might have dragged Samantha with her in there. It was as good a place to start searching for them as any.

Inside the store were Big and Tall men's suits.

I looked around the place while sipping my drink.

GEEZ! Some of these guys must be literal GIANTS!

The thought of these big guys was kind of delicious and started making my pussy wet, until...

I felt a hand grab my arm, and before I could say anything, old dusty balls himself snatched me into one of the fitting rooms!

Crap! I realized how tall he was for the first time, now that I was looking at him face to face.

Well, face to chest.

I took another sip of my papaya drink, eyeballing him like he had some NERVE. He really did! And saw his cock was still hard, poking out despite his attempt to hide it with the idiotic Hawaiian shirt he was wearing.

"Your wife's gonna beat your ass, loser!" I chuckled. The smile that was on his face instantly disappeared. I laughed in his face.

"I'll just tell her I grabbed a bite to eat..." He mutters.

I bite my lip and start to look him up and down. This guy was pathetic, but he was BIG. He was a loser, and sometimes they accept that they are nothing but dusties. But sometimes they get violent with a smaller woman trying to control her. I had to be careful.

He's a washed-up beta, but I was kinda horny. Seeing how quick he reacted to my little stunt turned me on. It turned me on knowing how much he wanted me, he'd even risk his marriage just to get to my pussy.

Come on, girl, you can do that! Fuck a married man? Have some morals!

The little angel on my shoulder was always trying to spoil my fun! BAH!

Oh, you want to have some fun? The little devil said. I say we get our rocks off but still PUNISH this piece of shit!

A huge smirk slid across my face at the thought. Both the angel and the devil went silent at that as I looked the loser in the eyes.

"Well, you don't want to lie to your wife, right? You're going to eat." I lifted up the little cut-off shirt I was wearing and pulled down my purple lace bra, letting my nice round tits pop out!

FUCK! He shouted. I grabbed what was left of my papaya drink and spilled and poured it over my nipples. The frosty pink drink made me squeak a little. Without another word, he dove for my tits and started licking and sucking the sweet milky drink off!

Are you crazy? There's no way you're going to be able to say no after this! The angel scolded.

The loser's lips did feel amazing sucking my tits. He was desperate for it. Grabbing and squeezing my breast with one hand While nursing on the nipple with his lips.

"Watch me," I muttered out loud. But then he pushed me up against the wall of the fitting room and rubbed his hard cock against my vagina.

In response, I push him away, lift my skirt, and pull down my panties.

"Eat!" I command him. He stood there looking at me, stupified and fuck-drunk. Without another word, he got on his knees and started eating my pussy..

His mouth felt HORRIBLE. I don't know how I knew he would suck at giving oral, but I was right. It felt like he was literally trying to devour me! His tongue just felt slimy. But it was all a part of my plan. I knew him giving me oral would turn me off!

I took my foot and put it to his face, and pushed him away.

"That sucks! You can't even eat pussy right? Damn! Your wife should be the one cheating, lame ass!" I should at him. "Anyway, it's not as if I'd ever fuck a cheating bastard like YOU! Loser!" I threw the rest of the papaya drink in his face and laughed as I pulled my shirt and skirt down and headed out of the fitting room.

"Good luck explaining what happened to you, WIFE!" I shouted, making sure everyone in the store could hear. They all turned to see the humiliated man creep out of the fitting room with a papaya smoothie dripping from his face and disgrace written all over his body.

I laughed some more and ran out of the store. I'd destroyed a cheating loser! I've done my good deed for the day!

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