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Can I Cum Now?!

Not till I say so!

By Kai StormPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

"I decided to do start doing little things for myself to not only feel good but to also feel like I'm enjoying every minute of my life. I always felt I had an artistic streak in me just waiting for me to release it but didn't know how or where until one day I walked into an art supply store. I was walking past it on my lunch break and decided to stop in and look around. I bought a couple of canvases, some paints, brushes, coloring pencils, and coloring books. All of it felt so exciting because at first I didn't know why I was in the store in the first place but once I had all the items in my hand I felt a sense of purpose for being there. While I waited on line at the cash register, I saw an advertisement on the community wall for a local masseuse parlor. All the information I needed was on the flyer so I quickly put the phone number and address in my phone so I could make an appointment. The flyer said that an hour massage was only a hundred twenty dollars and I figured that wasn't a bad price to pay for relaxation. After I paid for my items, I grabbed my phone and called the parlor for an appointment and luckily, they had an after work cancellation so I was able to get seen that day.

The parlor wasn't far from my job so I got there within five minutes of clocking out. I walked in, checked in with the receptionist and immediately was lead to the back rooms. I was shown where I could store my things, shower and get ready for my massage. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be completely naked for my massage but after I showered I put my panties back on then wrapped the towel around me. I entered the massage room and Dennis was already waiting for me. His gorgeous smile, massive muscled up shoulders and arms, his whole body had me saying YES, LORD! Whatever I did to deserve him as my masseuse I was truly thankful. I introduced myself while wearing the biggest smile and he responded in the nicest way, talked about his massage techniques and the types of body oils he uses. After his full and informative explanation, I laid down on the massage table and we got started right away. In the background, he had soothing jazz music playing and I was relaxed from the minute he touched me. He started on my legs as I did express to him that I do a lot of walking. He rolled and soothed every muscle in my legs and I was beginning to fall asleep, it felt that good. He worked his way up my thighs slowly and because I was already lulled into sweet sleep I really wasn't paying attention until he got to the top of my inner thighs. My eyes opened abruptly as soon as I felt my legs being parted a bit and the sound of moistness was released in the air.

For a quick second, I felt embarrassed because I wasn't even aware that I was soaked like that, never mind the fact that he obviously saw and heard it just like I did. I had on thongs so they were completely stuck to me and I knew he could see that too. Dennis continued to massage the top of my inner thighs and his large hands were slightly rubbing closely to my wetness. I wasn't sure if that was supposed to happen but nothing in me wanted him to stop. I was turned on and I had no problem with it. The rubbing and massaging was getting intense then all of a sudden I heard Dennis say, 'don't cum till I say so!' Everything in me stopped; my breath, my libido and damn near my heart. I wasn't sure what was happening but my body did as instructed. I rode the wave of the orgasm but I kept away from the final crash... until he said I could.

The more he rubbed and massaged the closer I got to cumming and I literally asked him, 'Can I cum now?'

And he kept saying no. I held on. I rode that wave and the ride was good.

I asked one more time when I felt like I couldn't hold it back any longer, 'Can I cum now?'

He finally said, "Yes!"

That's the kind of nasty goodness I like to read about! YES, SIR! Please do check out all of my blogs here and here, check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel and absolutely hit that LEAVE A TIP button and show me some love!


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