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Camping in the backyard

Babysitter ambush

By DSPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Camping in the backyard
Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

What a night I had. My name is Larry. I am currently a divorced man in his late thirties. I have four children that I get to see on the weekends. The weekends which I still must work during the day because of so much child support and spouse support. The list goes on and on. You know a typical day in the life of an everyman. I have a babysitter that is twenty-three years old who comes over every Friday night and stays till the kids go home Sunday night.

My babysitter is a slim girl with a great set of breasts. She has long read hair that is always feathered back like the styles of the eighties. She has a wonderful body and most of all she is not shy. My twin boys are age twelve and worship her. My younger two are a girl of three and another boy of five years old.

So now you see why I had to camp in the backyard. Not to mention I had work at ten in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday started great. I got home and me and the kids put up my big tent. It has two rooms with a screened in section up front. We got everything set up and had a small cookout on the grill. Made it as close to camping as it could be. When it came to bedding down the babysitter whose name was Cindy took the younger two inside and put them down after their baths.

Me and the twins set up their cots with a sleeping bag just outside my room. I kissed them goodnight and went into my room and went to bed.

A few hours later I awake to Cindy completely naked with my hard shaft only inches from her mouth. She noticed I was awake and crawled on top of my body. Straddling me with her legs. She pressed our bodies together and her nipples were like knives. They were poking me so hard. They were like solid rock.

Without saying a word, she sets up and reaches down and grabs my rod. She slides my half hard staff into her love nest. She pushes me in as far as she can. Then she started sliding me in and out making me hard again. Taking my rod deeper with each stroke. She arches her back and moans with every stroke. Nice and steady an even pace she moved. Feeling every inch of my shaft in her. She was savoring the moment.

I reach up and grab each of her breasts with my hands and start massaging them. Rubbing her nipples between my finger and thumb. This just made her moan even louder. She kept moving her slow steady pace. She was squeezing my shaft with her velvety insides with every stroke. She rode me for a long while and finally dropped me all the way into her body and moaned extremely loud as she let loose a waterfall of juices.

She collapsed on my chest and started hugging me and kissing my neck and lips. It was very passion filled. Like a lost lover that you have not seen for ages.

She slides off my still hard shaft and slides it into her mouth. She starts sucking me down into her wet lips massaging me with her tongue. She wraps her tongue around me and starts slides up and down. She would purse her lips and press against my head as if I were entering her nether regions. She was very talented at playing with tools. She even very gingerly took both my balls into her mouth at one point and stroked my rod with her hands. When she noticed I was ready to blow my juices she put her lips around me. She started milking my rod as my juices poured into her mouth. Swallowing down each drop as it was freed.

Having satisfied herself and me she crawls up beside me and puts a leg across me just under my tool. Her hand reaches over and starts rubbing my very hairy chest.

Cindy started to talk to explain herself. She said, " I have watched you many nights with your hard staff lay in bed. I would strip down and imagine what I would do to you if I ever got the chance. You would lay moaning for hours. Your rod would keep forcing juices out your little hole and I would watch them slide down to your balls and soon puddle on your sheets. After a couple hours of moaning, you would shoot your load all over the place. It was like you were being done by a ghost. It was always a great show. Your juices taste sweet with just a hint of salt. I could tell when you were ready after a couple times, and I would catch your load in my mouth. It would make feel so warm inside. Your body and mind miss having relations so much that they create them for you. I want to be here for you and not just as a babysitter anymore. I have fell in love with you. "

I replied, " Oh Cindy you do not know what that means to me. Those dreams you witnessed were dreams of you and me making sweet passion filled love till the dawn. So many nights I have watched how you have taken care of the kids and me. You are everything a guy would want in a wife. I never knew you felt this way, or I would have asked way before this. Will you honor me and be my wife Cindy. “?

Cindy replied, " Yes I will. First though we have some ground rules though. My mom will have to live with us as she has nowhere to go if I move out and she cannot be alone anymore. Next you are quitting your job and will spend your time at home with me making your family bigger. I have a few more but those are for starters. "

I said, " How will I afford my child support and spouse support and all the other things here if I do not work? It is fine if your mom moves here too. "

Cindy giggling, " Well baby I am wealthy as ever, my father made sure that his family was taken care of completely. He wanted to have grandkids, lots of them. Now there is one thing that my father put in the will that may seem strange to you and me and usually causes problems but here goes. If we do this and get married, you can continue to see your kids as usual the only difference will be you can spend time with them now. My father also looked out for his wife too, my mom. He said if I were to marry, I would get the family fortune, but my husband would have to keep my mother happy as well as carry on a respectful relationship with me. In case you are wondering yes that means you must satisfy my mother in bed too. Do you still wish to marry me? "

Laughing like crazy I answered, " Cindy I have always wanted to marry you from the first day. If this is a joke or whatever I am game. I would do anything for us to be together. It is Saturday morning soon why don't we get the kids up and get married? "

Cindy rolled over and hugged me super hard. She pulled up a picture of mom and she looked just like Cindy but a little bit older.

We got dressed and went and woke the kids and got them all ready. We hopped in the car and drove across the line to Las Vegas and got married. On the way home we grabbed mom and she was happy as ever. We went home and celebrated as a family.

Sunday night my wife came to pick up the kids and Cindy answered the door in a bikini. She wanted to tell her that we had married, and I let her. My ex-wife congratulated us and gathered the kids and took them home.

Cindy was online making reservations for our honeymoon at the breakfast bar next to the living-room. I was sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts channel surfing when her mom, Beth came in the room wearing only a thin see-through robe.

Beth looked at Cindy and asked, " Can I have some now Cindy, Please, please? "

Cindy looked over and said, " Okay mom but I have us down for an early flight so do not keep him all night. "

Beth wasted no time. She had my tool pulled out from my shorts and in her mouth. She was even more talented than her daughter. She had my staff erect and was mounting me before Cindy could even make it to the couch.

Beth was riding me like a pro and had already been dumping a ton of juices on my rod. She was banging me at warp speed. My rod was driving deeper and deeper. It was like she was a wild woman having her first meal. I only was able to hold off for about five minutes of her mother’s intense workout. I exploded deep into her body.

Beth looked at Cindy and said as she was hugging me out of breath, " He is bigger than daddy and he lasted longer to baby. I think you made a wonderful choice. Did you show him what daddy left you? You should see it; it is so much. Since my bed and stuff is not here yet I think I will sleep with you two tonight. "

Cindy grabbed her phone and pulled up the bank account on it. She had already had a card sent out to my name and changed her name on the account. There was enough money in the account to live three lifetimes. She then pulled up her stocks and that account was huge as well. She pulled up the honeymoon and we were to be flown to Paris, France and stay close to the Eifel tower. It would be a wonderful three-day four-night honeymoon. It was for three though. But I had agreed, and it was not all bad anyways.

This could be happy times finally for me. It has been five years now and we have a set of twin girls who are four now with another on the way. My mother-in-law wakes me every morning by sucking my rod off into her mouth. She then makes sure to take a shower with me every day where she takes my rod deep in her love machine while she washes my hair. She loves it hard and deep. After she makes herself orgasm, she speeds up and makes me dump my load deep into her body. At night, my mother in-law watches the twins and other kids if they are here so me and Cindy can have some fun.

The End or is it?

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