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My neighbor seduced me


By DSPublished 3 years ago 12 min read
My neighbor seduced me
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My name is Lonny. I have a wonderful story to share about my neighbor Sheila. She is a long-legged blonde with killer tits. Her body could be on the cover of Playboy. She has a true hourglass shape. She stands a little taller than me and her hair is down to her knees. She rarely wears a bra, and her breasts and nipples are usually in something see through. Just the overall package.

Sheila had married a much older man and they had a wonderful life and everything, but she did not see her husband much. He was always away on a business trip or at work.

I have been working from home for the past couple of months and during the day I would run into Sheila while doing my chores or going to the local store and things. She did not have a car so she would ask to go places or for me to pick her up some supplies which was great. I did not mind helping.

One day I was just getting up and received a call from Sheila. She said that she needed my help. She instructed me to come through the back door.

I throw on my shorts and grabbed my flip flops and headed next door. I walk in through the sliding glass door in back to see Sheila in a complete black and white French maid teddy outfit. She had on the shortest skirt that revealed crotch-less panties, long black fishnet stockings held by a garter belt. Her breasts were in a push-up bra with her nipples exposed and very hard. She was wearing jet black heeled boots that were knee high. It took all I had to keep a straight face. My shaft was already growing inside my shorts to a tremendous size.

Sheila looks up at me and stands up. She does a little spin to show off her body.

She then says, " I need your help to save my marriage. My husband thinks I am boring in the bedroom. He wants me to start giving him an oral. He has a whole list of stuff that he wants me to do. He sees the girls on the pay per view channels and wants me to do what they do to the guys in the videos. I want to borrow you if you do not mind learning with. I have never done anything except straight sex. "

Without even getting an answer she grabs my hand and walks me to the living room where she sits me down in a big recliner. She scoops off my shorts and shoes. She grabs my shaft and starts rubbing on it. She gets on her knees in front of me and slips my tip into her mouth. Her hands start rubbing my pole and she starts licking the head. It is wonderful but she has no clue how to give head.

I have Sheila toss me my phone from my shorts and I pull up some videos and share to her smart tv. She crawls up beside me in the big chair and starts watching the videos the whole time her hands were slowly stroking my rod so I would stay hard. We made it through about three oral videos from a porn site I found, and she slides down and starts back in on me.

She pulls my head into her mouth. She starts sucking on it and working her way down. She is really moving like she is just using her mouth like her pussy. She thinks the quicker the better. Her teeth were dragging on my shaft and beginning to get raw. I slowed her down and pulled her off.

I stand her up and move her to the couch where I lay her down. I spread her legs and start to lick her little nubbin. She begins to moan from the first lick. I keep going at a nice steady pace, slowly licking her love canal. She was creaming so much. Her juices were flowing out of her. I concentrated on her nubbin some more. I pulled it in my mouth and held it lightly with my teeth while my tongue flicked it. I had her moaning so loud. I slipped a finger into her rather tight love nest and massaged her as I licked and sucked on her nubbin.

Her whole body stiffened and her back arched. She was yelling and let loose such a climax I had never seen. Her waterfall of juices hit my face. They were so sweet and so warm. She about drowns me from her release. There was so much of a mess, her whole cushion was wet from her juices.

After about five minutes she set up and hugged me long and hard.

She said, " I have never had that done to me ever. My mom always said to not worry about myself. I think that was the first time I have ever actually climaxed. That was wonderful. I have an idea that will help me even more. "

Sheila grabbed her phone and called one of her girlfriends. It was Tammy. She was an average looking woman, but her body was that of a goddess. Her breasts were so big a regular bikini just covered her nipples barely. She asked her to come over right away and to wear her bikini.

Tammy arrived about five minutes later and the girls met at the back door. After about five minutes of whispering they both came into the front room and grabbed my hands and took me into the bedroom. They laid me back on the bed and they both climbed in beside me. They both were perched over my shaft which now was very hard.

Tammy grabbed my shaft and started stroking me as she took my tip into her lips. She started sucking with them and sliding her mouth down ever so slowly. Still sucking me in till she was on bottom. She licked my balls while she was there. My whole shaft was so stiff. She then came up and started sucking and bouncing her mouth up and down making huge sucking sounds every-time she would go down. Every now and then I would hear a pop where she would lose track of my head.

I began to throb and started bucking against her mouth to go deeper. Tammy came off and pulled Sheila down to my rod. She shoved me in her mouth. She grabbed her by the hair and started guiding her up and all the way down my shaft. She gagged a few times but got the hang of it.

I moaned a deep moan and unloaded my load into her mouth. She opened her mouth as I was dumping my juices into it, and they were all falling back onto my shaft.

Tammy started talking, " Sheila you let the best part get wasted. Use your tongue and clean him up, lick it all up. "

Sheila without a word used her tongue and slurped up every bit she had spilled. She then ran to the kitchen and came back with three glasses of wine for us. She had hers halfway gone by the time she walked in the room.

Tammy laughing said, " You will get used to the taste, even love it after a while. "

Tammy bent down and licked up a drop that was on my belly and swished it around before swallowing it. She then took a drink of wine.

Tammy said, " His is nice and sweet baby. I bet he has a nice diet of sweets in his diet. It is quite tasty compared to most guys. This time it is going to be all you Sheila. You are going to get him hard and suck him off and swallow his whole load. I want him to eat me out while you work on him this time. "

Sheila finished her wine and started by taking my tip into her mouth. She started sucking it and working down my shaft. She started rubbing my balls and taking me deeper as she went.

Tammy swung herself around and took off her bikini top and bottom. She placed her love nest right above my mouth and pulled my head to it.

I started eating Tammy out. I started licking her nubbin with soft gentle strokes. Making sure to run my tongue up and down her whole slit. She was moaning low and quiet.

Sheila was busy gagging on my now hard shaft and Tammy heard her. Tammy spun herself around so she could reach my tool. She reached out and pulled me from her mouth and showed Sheila her secret. She then put me in her mouth and buried me to the bottom of my hilt. She had Sheila feel where I was in her throat, and she moved her hair and showed her a dozen more times nice and slow. She moved up and down my shaft taking me deep.

Sheila took back over as Tammy watched. She had me deep into her throat without gagging and was doing so with some speed. She pursed her lips and started sucking my tip in and out. It would make me flinch each time she popped me in and out of her mouth. She sped up and watched her teeth this time. She was taking my shaft up and down to about halfway while gliding her tongue on my underside. I was ready to burst. I let out a muffled moan and started dumping my hot juices into her mouth.

She swallowed every drop this time. She kept milking me with her hand and sucking my juices from my tip till I started to go limp.

Tammy was having one orgasm after another from my tongue. I found out later she has not had any sex since her husband passed away about six years ago.

Sheila and Tammy laid down beside me and started going over the list that the husband sent home. Sheila said all she has ever done was missionary style and she did not know what any of the things on the paper meant. Tammy was nice and went through the list with her explaining every one of them. They both decided that Tammy would show her how to do it first and then it would be Sheila's turn.

Tammy reached into her purse and pulled out a tube of cream and a nice leather strap. It looks as if Tammy was more than a hairdresser.

Tammy went down on me and revived me back to my rock-hard self. She placed the strap around my member so that it would help keep me stiff and ready. Then she put the cream on my member. It felt extremely strange. It numbed my whole head of my shaft along with the rest of it. She bent down and bit me to prove I would not feel it.

Tammy straddled me and started riding me to show her the first position. She rode me so hard, plunging deep on my rod. I could feel her juices hitting my balls with every stroke. Her movements produced a nice squishy sound with each stroke. She was moaning in pleasure and just burst into an all-out scream of delight as she collapsed on my chest.

Sheila traded places with her, and Tammy laid beside me watching. Sheila stuffed my numb shaft into her wet love nest. She started off super slow and sped up a little at a time.

I reached up and grabbed her hands while she started picking up her pace. She started grinding into me with such gusto. She was pounding the hell out of my shaft after about five minutes. She was moaning and breathing hard. She raised up and slammed down hard on me. The whole bed shook, and the frame fell on the floor. She was screaming in pain and pleasure. My balls felt a gushing waterfall flow over them while she nearly tore my hands off my wrists squeezing them.

We kept switching through the positions until the cream wore off. I was so ready to blow my load and Tammy undid my strap and let me enter her from behind doggy style. I kept pumping away. Slipping into and out of both Sheila and Tammy as they were both laying together. I kept switching, choosing one of four holes each time and finally my orgasm hit me. I was in Sheila's backdoor, and I exploded a massive load deep into her. I lay across both Sheila and Tammy out of breath and exhausted.

We all jumped into her big tub and cleaned each other up and had some more wine. Tammy said she would order some food before we would finish up her list for the night.

She ordered pizza from the local shop. We all dried off and walked into the living room and set on the couch together. It had only been like 20 minutes and the delivery girl was there. Tammy let her in and closed the door. We were all still naked and we made the delivery girl blush. She was 22 and had been working there a while. She usually delivered my pizza when I ordered. I got up and walked over to my jeans and got out my money and paid her. My thing bouncing all about as I walked around. The girls were giggling at me.

The Delivery girl handed me the pizza and drinks with the bread sticks. She accidently dropped the money and bent down to pick it up. Just as she picked it up, she looked up to see my tool just bouncing.

Tammy hollered, " Go ahead girl take him for a ride if you want to, we do not mind one bit. "

Lori's eyes lit up and she crawled over and took me in her mouth and started sucking me hard. The girls came and grabbed the pizza and started eating and watching us.

The delivery girl Lori had me standing tall quick and just dropped me on the carpet right there and spun around doing a great reverse cowgirl on me. She was pounding me so fast. She did not even pull off her clothes she just pushed them aside and screwed my brains out. Her pussy was so tight I could feel her every move on my shaft. I know she was feeling it too. She was moaning loud and slammed down on me. Her juices flowing down my shaft onto my balls and the carpet.

I was waiting to finish, and she wasted no time and spun around and started sucking me again. She sucked me so hard I was filling her mouth with pre-come so fast. She took my shaft all the way down and bounced her throat with my shaft. Her lips wrapped around my base. I was throbbing in mere minutes. I grunted a loud grunt and she pulled up and kept her mouth open. She jerked me off as I spurted my load into it. Swallowing every drop of it.

Tammy and Sheila started clapping and hollering. It made Lori blush. She picked up her money and went to give me my change and I just told her to keep it.

I went and sat on the couch and grabbed some dinner. The girls decided it was too late and that I needed a break after Lori had pounded me into the next world. They invited me to bed, and we would continue tomorrow with Sheila's lessons.

It was a magical time. Even though Tammy and Sheila were older women they sure knew how to please a man. Sheila was a fast study and we studied almost daily. We would hold group sessions with Tammy and sometimes even have Lori over for some young blood fun. Lori even taught Tammy a few tricks she did not know.

I am sad to say that Sheila was unable to save her marriage as her husband had a twenty-two-year-old assistant that was travelling with him to all these business trips. He was gracious though and did not divorce her or stop paying for the home and her way of living. He merely wanted an open relationship and Sheila was fine with that now that she had me next door.

The End.


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