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Bold And Beautiful

by Amber Fierce about a year ago in satire
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Silver And Gold

Bold And Beautiful
Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

There he is again. He's always in the library when I am.

He is incredibly handsome. His eyes flow, like the earths view from outer space. His hair is brown with a copper glow. His body, WOW! The shoulders of a bull, and arms of a lion. However, he is average height for a man. No matter, he is everything I've been looking for in a match.

He walks passed me in the library with some friends and he doesn't feel like he can be himself around them.

When he's alone he's adorable. He's shy, a little awkward, and he talks to himself. When he talks his voice sounds like he knows everything there is to know about Australia. SUCH an attractive accent. Just thinking about him talking is getting me exited, if you know what I mean.

He's wearing a leather outback hat today. With a baby blue plaid long-sleeved, dark jeans, and some dark lush cowboy boots. Sexy.

I've been waiting for him all week to come visit, he's always here on the same day. I don't know why but he spends his free time here like me. Aren't we perfect? EEE!

*cough, cough.* Anyway, maybe today will be the day that he notices me. He'll come around the corner like he always does at the same time, and there I'll be in all my bold beautiful blackness.

Here he comes!

He has a usual routine here. He delicately looks at the books around him and can undress their stories just by looking at their front covers. He definitely has a way with looks.

He slowly moved in my direction picking up books here and there, flipping through them quickly and getting bored of them immediately. Maybe if I tried falling to the floor he would catch me? It's worth a shot right? OF COURSE! He put a book down right beside me, that was my cue.

I fell towards him, and he heroically caught me before I hit the floor. He looked at my physique with a glitter in his eyes. He took me to a secluded area of the library.

He whispered "wow, you are beautiful. Do you mind if I take a closer look?"

I wish I could tell you to, but I can't. I hope my purposeful falling on you signal was enough of a clue.

He caressed my curves, ran his fingers along my every detail and rubbed the front of me. He then turned me over and checkout my back side.

How exciting! I've never been examined so closely by someone.

The look he was giving me suggested he wanted to get even closer. I've seen other couples in the library, that's their 'let's get it on' face. That being said he just has that natural smolder, maybe I'm reading it wrong.

Never mind, I was correct. He lightly dragged his finger down my frame and went for my opening, when he got there he hesitated. I'm not as easy to read as the books. He didn't know what to expect I guess.

Finally, he stopped waiting and went inside me. YES! Look at my beautiful blank lined pages!

"That is some nice, tough paper. And your lines are silver on one page then gold on the next. Your so versatile too. You can fit in my computer bag, my saddle bag. I've been looking for a journal to use for 2021, and you are perfect! I'll take you to the librarian and ask if I can purchase you."

HELL FRICKIN' YEAH! I did it! I got him to notice me and now he's taking me home. Awesome.

"Excuse me Mrs. Dlartin, could I please purchase this journal from your library?"

"Oh! My dear, of course, all journals are for sale."

"I just found this one on one of your book shelves, and it fell on me, that's why I asked."

"So, the book chose you, you didn't choose the book."

"Is that even possible Mrs. Dlartin?"

"You tell me how your luck will turn out the next time I see you dear. Have a good day!"

What an interesting day for me. First, I got the human I've wanted for months. Then the librarian said his luck could turn today because of me. I wonder what will come of that.

As of this moment I am in my humans pick up truck placed neatly on the passenger seat. We then stopped to get gas. "Hey Nicolas! Remember when you leant me $1,000 so I could pay my bills last month? I've finally caught up. Here's a couple extra for being so generous at the drop of a dime!"

"Thanks Carl! I'm glad you and your family are in a better state now."

Hmm, that was probably just a coincidence. Nicolas and I then stopped at the market, he only needed a couple things. When he got back in the car he dropped a lottery ticket beside me that showed he won another $3,000. Whoa that brings his total up to $6,000 already. Holy crap, does money come this easy to everyone?

Then there was a phone call. He connected his phone to his truck and hit the answer button. "Hello, Nicolas here."

"Hello, Nick, this is the Hillary calling from the Share Your Art competition for a chance to win $5000, and a mention in our weekly paper. I'm calling to inform you that you've won the competition!"

Wow... What are the odds. He's up to 11,000. What else could possibly happen today? He'll sell all of his cattle? (I'm just assuming because of the outfit).

We pulled up to his house, he got out of the truck with me in hand and walked to his front door. When we got inside he took me to his bedroom and gently laid me on his bed. Finally we can have some alone time together.


Oh for Pete's sake!

"What else could possibly happen today?" Nicolas sighed. He went to the front door and opened up. There was another man at the door. I can't see anything now and I could barley hear what was being said too.

Well, a few hours have passed now, and I just heard the front door open again. Nicolas made it back finally. He came to the bedroom and landed on his bed with a huff. He's talking to himself again. "I can't believe the events of today. First my friend pays me back with interest, then I win a lottery at the market. Third I win the art competition, and I just sold my horse Buckle for 9,000. In total I gained $20,000 today. Holy smokes." Oh, he's looking at me now. Nice of you to notice me!

Nicolas slowly reached for me, and took me to his desk. He then undressed in front of me. He sat down and slowly touched me. He was gentle with his touching and took his time going inside me again. He pulled out a pen from his drawer. He kissed my first page with his pen writing his name inside. Nicolas spent the rest of his night with me, writing everything that happened that day. Then he closed me, and put his hand on my cover. With sweat on his forehead, he huffed.

He looked at me and said, "you are a very bold, beautiful little black book. Good night."


About the author

Amber Fierce

I am Canadian, I’ve loved writing from a young age and wanted to see where it would take me. Now I’m testing myself by writing for different genres. I write song lyrics, and fiction stories the most. Happy reading! Xoxo

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