Blowad Bow Shock (Part 01)

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Sex regret in the year 50,000. Brutal crabs and space-time STIs as a pair of lovers do sex-battle among the crust-platform oases of a rent planet. / Sexpunk short in 2 parts.

Blowad Bow Shock (Part 01)
Image captured by Spitzer. Credit: Spitzer’s 12th Anniversary Space Calendar, NASA.

She had crabs. Very large, very brutal fuckers.

The very sight of them engulfed his flesh in an uncontrollable burn-itch that mushroom-clouded forth from his groin. Chagrined, he quickly waved the cloud away.

It was the first time he'd ever resented sticking his dick in another being. It had been a millennium since he'd last had sex and the thought of having caught mutant dimensional crabs from a chance one-night stand on Earth consumed him with a self-loathing. Had she caught them here in the city? How long had she been here?

It had been several millennia since he'd visited Earth himself. He hadn't expected it would it be so decrepit. But what could you expect from planetary senility? It was cozy enough. And true, the nanoconstructs infesting the planet were doing a fair job of upkeep, but all things come to an end.

He'd fucked just about every kind of being in the galaxy–aliens, clones that claimed to the very last vestiges of pure humanity, beings without genitals or even bodies, but she had been his first fellow transhuman. And it burned him that it was because of her that he was sitting in the countenance of a dead society, balls-deep in a diseased cunt.

He sighed in contemplation. He really didn't want to have caught a space-time STD from this woman. His star-vehicle was outright claustrophobic; he didn't need a case of crabs further cluttering things.

He moved to pull out, but she clamped down on his erection with powerful cunt muscles that held him fast.

A maniacal giggle filled the gritty, stained love hotel room they'd occupied. It was a tinny, mechanical laugh currently making the rounds as an annoying holonet meme on the wormhole channels.

She called to her minions and they side-skittered into the room until they towered over the couple.

The lead crab, a beast with a monocled antennae array replacing its left eyestalk, was outfitted with pop-open multi-tool kit compartments and I/O interfaces for everything conceivable–the ol' plug n' zug for communications, power, repair, and assimilation.

Next to it, stood its sib enforcer which boasted a claw that streamlined into the head of a massive moray eel. A clear drool dripped from between the moray's rows and rows of foot-long, razor-sharp teeth. To support the weight, the entire mass covered in the melted heads of baby dolls–the eyes and hair still intact in random patches. The entirety was then wrapped in barbed wire and reinforced at the 'shoulder' with the rotting groin of a male cadaver.

The flopping, flaccid penis in the crook of its limb winked conspiratorially.

His mood spoiled, his rock-hard meat rocket spiraled into derection.

"Oh no, can't have that." Her labia formed a pair of deep-blush red lips that extended over the part of his dick she didn't already have inside her and began a methodical massage that revived the fucking thing.

Shoving his thumb, index, and middle fingers of both hands into her eye sockets, he held her gaze, "Don't make this harder than it already is."

A titter crossed her lips and a serpentine tongue whipped out over her eyebrows, "Does it get harder?" Her vaginal canal formed a vacuum seal between them. Their naked, wet flesh slapped and crackled.

He gritted his teeth.

She gruntgasmed, gripping his torso for support as she arched her back until her nuclear-powered nipples blazed a fierce, neon green–the heat of which gave him an instant facial sunburn.

Between after-shudders, she gasped-laughed for breath. "Soooo gooood..." she croaked. "We are so gooood..."

From her reclining position on the bed, "Mmm, baby, let my crabs infect you..."

The beasts clicked audibly as they hovered over the wide bed of jellied dreams the entangled couple laid upon.

Frowning, he reached down and cocked his shotgun cock. "Don't make me–"

His words were cut off by the trauma of having his left shoulder schlurked away by hundreds of densely-packed eel teeth.

The fountain of blood from the wound painted the ceiling a dripping-crimson gore. He howled in pain and anger as it rained down them.

"There, there..." Sitting up, she vomited on the hollow where his shoulder had been, cauterizing the wound, and worked the acids, blood, and fluids into a new, thin limb of blackened, jagged destruction. "We can have such fun. Fucking forever."

"Bitch," he roared, belching a gob of bile flechettes that ripped through her abdomen. Exiting her back, they severed her spine.

She screeched, flop-jerking involuntarily in the mess of their love. The force rent ribbons of flesh, widening the cavity until very little held her together.

Frog-leapping out of the pulverized remains of her lower half, he scuttle-crashed to the ceiling and down the wall opposite the door; a maneuver that saved him a 1UP clone.

The moray-crab was mid-stroke when its object of ire did the unmanly thing and pulled out too soon. Forge-birthed with the attention span of puking, one-eyed worms, it lost interest in him and snatched up its mistress' perfect, smooth legs instead. Its anteater tongue began to lick between her toes.

An angered croak left her throat as she hung limp and powerless from the serrated jaws by stubborn flaps of skin, sinew, and fat.

Curious eyestalks visually sniffed over the ruins. Inhaling the glory of gory holes, it bubbled excited excrement from its ass.

She gurgled in protest; fuchsia ichor shot with reflective black flecks weeping from her mouth in thick cords.

Dicksquid-crab chittered forward to bodyslam its brother. Between them, tattooed patterns flashed nefarious glow-in-the-dark slime-green, and a struggle over the remains of their mistress ensued.

The reek of seared flesh caught his attention. He looked down to see the ruins of his foreskin and the head of his dick smoldering. Victim of his own desperate, yet necessary escape from the tramp trap.

His bid to dipquick through the door was canceled when the moray-crab elbowed its brother with a piercing shriek.

In a pinwheel of exposed multi-tools in battle-pose, the dicksquid-crab stumbled backward.

Eager to exploit the advantage, the moray lunged, dropping their mistress in the process, and the monstrous pair burst through the transparent paper-glass wall of the large Jacuzzi aero-bath.

Slick from an earlier rendezvous with the now-estranged couple's fuck juices, the tiling proved a challenge. Both creatures squealed madly.

He watched them flop, slide and exchange lopsided blows in the confines of the cubicle.

On the floor to his right, the woman. She established a lock on his eyes before he could turn away. Gurgling and coughing, she reached over to the lower half of her cleaved body. A macabre smile stretched across her face, literally ear to ear.

He watched her choke and spasm, wondering if she might die right there, but it ended when she hocked a large, glowing loogie that slipped down her tongue and chin to the aging, discolored carpet.

It slimed across the floor in painstaking inches until it disappeared behind the cruel rip in her belly. Her legs began to quiver and jiggle, rapidly reaching a violent tempo.

Abruptly, her legs flopped up to a stand, ass to him. Her top half hung loose, swaying slightly, as if a light breeze had caught it. Grabbing her ankles, she continued to leer at him with that smile, holding his gaze.

He grew light-headed as he watched her approach backwards. The firm, rosy ass cheeks of her dissected lower body drew his gaze from the elongated gash in her face for a smile. The crackling pain in his shoulder and arm faded. His dick betrayed him, swelling in anticipation. It extended and twisted like the rickety space elevators still encircling this dead planet. It filled with yearning and blood until he felt it might pop, spattering the room in cock giblets. Instead, it aligned itself with the hypnotic pink-brown, puckering epitome that was her sphincter.

It dawned on him that she was going to take him forcibly; bond with his genetic structure to engage them in permanent fornication. He struggled in vain to tear his eyes from the power of her rectal vacuity. Hollow giggles echoed in his ears as she sensed the frustration at his inability to do so.

Then a deep breath, and she lowered her poopchute onto his cock; positioning, wiggling, pressing, lifting, and lowering once more until the excited pre-ejac juices from his belly rose to the tip of his menacing cock. Tight, yet slick with a thousand body juices.

Simultaneously, from her ankle-grab position, she popped one of his nuts into her mouth and began to roll it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth with unmatched expertise.

He growled in anger, but could not contain the grunt of pleasure that escaped his lips as her warmth of both her body and mouth hammered him into unbreakable submission.

Unable to control himself, he grabbed hold of her hips and vigorously pulled her down on to his solid meat as far as his dick would journey, easily penetrating the perforations in her colon and lower body. Such was his erection that he nearly exited the goo and gore as it settled upon him, yet she willed it to keep him prisoner.

Grinding her rosy, firm ass in his lap, she tickle-tortured him. Her cunt had been a delight. Before the minions of dimensional disease had burst the lust bubble, they'd fucked for days on end without pause. He'd filled her uterus until it flowed as freely from her as it had from him. Now her ass was a fine thing. Beautiful to behold in its curvature and color. Without reservation, he began clawing it, digging his fingers in deep and dragging them along. Runnels of red flesh rose on porcelain white.

Warm, wet, silky soft–the meat, fatty tissues and fluids of her body drove him to unparalleled erotic tension. Buffering and massaging the sensitive meat of his cock. The natural perforations of her intestines and the solid grip of her sphincter insured he would enjoy every stroke. Up and down in rhythmic serenity, she took the length of his shaft within her. Not a single atom of his meat was spared the poisoned pleasure of her body.


Continued in part 02

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