Jizzemboweler (Part 02)

by Made in DNA about a year ago in fiction

Amidst the neon holograms and AR honeytraps of The_Floating_World, stalks a killer. Can Officer Momojiri stop him in time? / A sexpunk short in 2 parts.

Jizzemboweler (Part 02)

Her mouth closed over his meat in a wet, sultry heat he closed his eyes to. Her tongue slipped over his head, encircling it, while her hand continued to fondle his nuts. She mixed it all with timely administrations of slight teeth gratings that sent panic-tainted electric excitement through him. His cock bulged, growing until he felt the vein-laced, porous meat inside might burst from its skin. Finally, he could hold his buildup back no more. She brought him to climax.

His wad shot hard and fast, filling her mouth with hot jizz she eagerly swallowed. Unlike most girls though, she did not immediately remove his cock from her mouth. Just the opposite, her ministrations intensified after his ejaculation. Her hand worked his shaft in an urgent flurry of fingers while her tongue flickered over the underside of his head. It was a sensation he had yet to encounter in any sexual tryst thus far.

The whole of his cock and groin was overwhelmed by the sensation of intense pinprickle–the feeling of blood returning to a limb that had fallen asleep. His desire for her to continue just barely overrode his desire for her to stop. But as he closed on a second climax, he forcefully extracted himself from her.

The time had come to act.

Not wasting movement, he walked around behind her seated figure and playfully smacked her on her firm but somewhat smallish ass. "Up," he demanded. She obeyed, raising her rump. He pushed her head and upper body down until her upper body was at complete rest and stood in a crouched position.

Directing his erect cock downward, he placed it against her poophole, which had been whetted by juices flowing from her pussy, and plunged in.

She cooed in pleasure.

Pleasure now, pain later, death eventual. It was nothing personal. Just something he had to do. It would be painful, but it would be mercifully swift. Most women passed out from shock early on, bleeding to death in an unconscious state.

Engaging his AR again, one by one, he superimposed the other Floating World prostitutes he had dispatched over the years over her form. Their faux moans of pleasure harmonized with this woman's in a symphony of impending death. For when he blew his wad this second time, the bladed drill built into his dick would open and shred her colon. After which, the hydraulics in his abdomen would push his cock of death into her stomach.

The thought of it brought his fuck-rage potentials up until he was on the verge of orgasm once more. Just as buildup threatened to cascade, his cock was forcefully squeezed to a stop mid-stroke. He pushed back in; he was free. Back out; he could not move. Moreover, a crushing pressure was setting in. Panic washed over him. Pushed back in... No go... He was stuck. Completely! He struggled to remove himself from the whore's ass, but it was too late.

Laughter rose from the floor. Her voice was cool and dangerous, "Chinese Sphincter Trap, Mr Dester Lent." She turned to look up at him. "Oh yes, I know who you are. And I'm Officer Momojiri of Public Security, Pleasure Police Division."

Her lovely tits began spinning, flashing a perfect shade of cherry red. "You're under arrest for the murder of fifty-seven prostitutes in the Floating World."

A holo-tat badge and number appeared on her left ass cheek, while a list charges against Lent, including the names of the women he'd slaughtered, scrolled on her right.


"Not quite," she smiled.

Overriding the orgasm trigger, Lent started the drill.

But not before Officer Momojiri activated her Anal Black Hole and The Driller Killer was sucked beyond her event horizon.



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