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Blonde and DILF Get Freaky in the Mountains

Age Gap Erotica Microstory

By Ted's TalesPublished 3 months ago 9 min read

As Lily, a ruddy-faced, blonde, university student, ventured deeper into the dense thicket of frosted firs, the crisp scent of pine needles filled her senses and melted away the monotony that clung to her soul like a damp blanket. Despite the cold nipping at her cheeks, her spirit soared at the prospect of discovering what lay beyond the thick foliage bordering her grandparents’ property.

She caught sight of movement between the trunks.

Drawing closer, she was met by a warm pair of eyes watching her through the branches. The suddenness sent her heart into an adrenaline-fueled race; instinctively, she stumbled backward before regaining her footing.

“Hello,” said a velvety voice that seemed to ripple outwards through the chilly air.

His tone held hints of mystery and adventure, stirring the depths of Lily’s imagination and piquing her interest even more.

“Are you lost?” he asked, leaning against one of the towering evergreens, crossing his arms across his broad chest.

Lily found herself drawn towards him despite her initial fear. “No… I wasn’t lost exactly.”

Her face flushed slightly, admitting how close she had come to being truly disorientated amid these unfamiliar surroundings.

Intrigued, she questioned further, “So why were you here?

Are you familiar with these woods?”

“Indeed, they hold many stories within them. I often find solace in wandering around these parts.”

A faint smile played upon his lips, as though amused by some secret joke only he could see. Lily couldn’t help but feel drawn towards this enigmatic man who shared such a profound connection with nature. She allowed herself to take a step forward, acknowledging her curiosity as much as her apprehension.

“Is there anything interesting to see in these woods?” she asked, allowing her own passion for discovery to shine through.

His eyes lit up with excitement, as if sharing secrets long kept hidden. “Well, my dear,” he began, gently taking both of her hands in his large, calloused ones, sending waves of comfort and protection surging through her veins.

“This forest holds countless tales waiting to be discovered.” With every word, Lily felt an invisible thread weaving itself between them, binding them together in this magical place where time appeared to stand still.

As they stood locked in conversation, neither noticed the gradual change in temperature, nor the darkness steadily creeping from the shadows. Instead, they focused solely on one another, finding solace in the company of someone who understood their fascination with the natural world.

Amid the falling of nighttime, Thomas offered to escort Lily back to her grandparent’s cabin. They walked side by side through the crunching leaves underfoot, leaving trails of footprints impressed deeply into the powdery white layer covering the ground. Their breath formed misty clouds above their heads, reminding them that even in these peaceful moments, nature remained unforgiving. She yearned to learn more about the wonders awaiting her in those woods, driven by the same curiosities that fueled Thomas’ wanderlust. As they approached her grandparents’ cabin, she turned toward him with wide eyes and trembling lips. “Thomas, can I see you again?”

*** — At Thomas’s Cabin

Thomas poured two steaming cups of apple cider, its fragrances filling the cozy confines of his cabin. Gently placing the warmed mugs upon the small wooden table separating them, he raised his cup to Lily. “To friendship,” he proposed with a sparkling twinkle in his eye. The room was bathed in a golden ambiance. Outside, the gentle whisper of wind through the trees brought an ethereal melody into the space.

“Tell me more about your past, Thomas,” Lily asked softly, feeling comfortable enough to broach the subject she had been keen to understand since their very first encounter.

She took a slow sip, allowing it to fill her mouth with sweet, heady heat as she waited for his response. There was a brief moment of hesitation, which passed almost imperceptibly, followed by a gentle sigh. As he spoke, Thomas revealed snippets of a turbulent yet rewarding past, laced with trials and tribulations that had sculpted his persona. Each word spoken reflected the wisdom acquired through years of experience, striking a deep chord within Lily. From his battle-hardened exterior, one would never guess the wealth of knowledge, vulnerability, and tenderness that dwelled within him. It became evident to Lily that there was far more to Thomas than simply met the eye. He radiated an intense energy that drew people in, compelling them to listen attentively to whatever he wished to convey. His magnetism made her want him sexually.

Like a moth to a flame, she moved closer to him. Before long, Thomas reached out gingerly to touch Lily’s hand. His fingers grazed against hers, causing goosebumps to rise along her skin. Electric currents ran throughout her body, making her heart beat faster, and her breath became shallow. Despite having known each other only hours, their chemistry seemed palpable, undeniably charged with sexual tension

“Take me to your room,” she said, his eyebrows bouncing, even if he knew the moment was eventually coming.

“And, you’re okay with sleeping with a 40-year-old man?” he needled, winking.

“Hey, I’m in college…I’m supposed to be wild, right?”

Heavy with anticipation, they broke off their conversation, standing, holding hands as they made their way to his bedroom. Candles flickered in the corners, casting soft golden rays over the surfaces, painting silhouettes around the room. The air was thick with lust as they stood face to face. Thomas’s rugged features were bathed in the warm glow of the candlelight, his eyes dark with desire. Lily’s heart thundered in her chest as she felt his hands roam over her body, sending shivers down her spine. She moaned softly as he traced the curve of her hips, his touch setting her ablaze with need.

Without a word, Thomas led her to the bed, his large hands pulling her close. Their lips met in a fiery kiss, tongues tangling in a dance of passion. Lily’s hands roamed over his muscular body, feeling the firmness of his body. She could feel the bulge in his pants twitch against her, and her desire was heightened as she felt the weight of his erection against her skin.

As they began to caress one another, they slipped out of their clothes, standing naked in front of the other. Thomas’s face reddened as his eyes grazed over Lily’s 18-year-old body; her modest breasts, her cute snow-white buttocks, the youthfulness of her face, along with her vagina, which hadn’t yet been subjected to too many penile assaults. She was gorgeous in the fact she was offering herself for sex with a middle-aged man!

Feeling a rush of sensual exhilaration, Lily’s hands worked quickly to unbutton Thomas’s pants, fumbling with the zipper. She wanted desperately to feel his cock pulsate against her hand, and to wrap her lips around his throbbing stiffness, while losing herself in the carnal oblivion of the moment.

Anxiously, she unzipped his pants, then pushed them down his hips to his knees. Thomas’s cock sprang forward, slapping against her belly before coming to rest in front of his crotch.

“Oh, my god,” Lily gasped, her eyes wide with anticipation. Never had she seen a cock so big! It was so thick! She reached out a hand to grasp it, feeling a rush of excitement as she gripped it firmly. Her large green eyes gazed into Thomas’s expectantly, and he smiled.

“You’ve never had a big cock before, huh?” Thomas asked teasingly. Lily shook her head, biting her lip as she stroked the long thickness of his shaft. As she looked down at it, she noticed the pink mushroom-shaped head which emerged from his foreskin. Thomas chuckled, then pushed Lily gently onto the bed, crawling on top of her. Kissing her passionately, he moved between her legs, pushing them apart. Lily shuddered as she felt the hardness of his cock press against her pussy.

She was so wet and ready!

Thomas pushed the head of his cock against her opening, and Lily groaned as he penetrated, pushing it deeper inside. They kissed deeply, his tongue probing her mouth. She brought her hands to his back, then down over his buttocks, squeezing his firm flesh, pulling him deeper into her. She moaned as he pumped his big shaft in and out of her, faster and faster, stretching her. Every time Thomas thrust himself forward, Lily could feel his cock shove deep into her. She screamed, his big dick unlike the small-to-average sizes she had taken thus far in college.

Thomas pulled his mouth away from hers, gazing down at her hungrily. With his cock pumping in and out of her like a piston, he cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing them, his thumbs pressing against her dark nipples. Lily moaned with pleasure, feeling waves of ecstasy rush through her, as she rubbed his shoulders and back.

“You like this, don’t you?” Thomas growled, his voice thick with lust. “Tell me how much you like it!”

“I love your big cock,” she whispered, “I love it so much!”

Thomas groaned, increasing the pace of his pumping.

“I’m gonna cum,” he whispered.

Lily’s hands flew to his shoulders, gripping him tightly. “Cum inside me,” she ordered.

“Make me cum!” Thomas grunted, pumping his cock deeper and harder.

Lily’s pussy was on fire now, and with each thrust, she felt as if she were going to explode. Her heart pounded as Thomas groaned with pleasure, the muscles in his shoulders tensing.

“I’m cumming,” he growled, and Lily moaned as she felt a hot rush of liquid shoot from his shaft into her pussy. Soon thereafter, orgasm hit her, as their screams filled the bedroom. Thomas pumped his warm semen into her, groaning with pleasure. When he finished draining his spunk into her, he pulled out, looking down at his thick, red-tinged member.

Lily’s arms and legs felt like jelly, and she slumped against the bed, with Thomas moving behind her, holding her tight in their post-coital embrace.

“Where did you tell your grandparents you were going?” he whispered, kissing her ear.

“I told them the truth…that I was coming to a sexy older man’s cabin to hang out. But, they didn’t believe me, and assumed I was going out to use the hot tub.”

“Haha, that works for me.”



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