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Morning Sex for Cute Couple

18+ Erotica

By Ted's TalesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Morning Sex for Cute Couple

Credit: Sexy.aiThe first rays of sunlight crept through Roger and Maria's bedroom window, the soft light illuminating their intertwined bodies. Maria felt a tingle between her legs as she pressed herself closer to him and into his embrace. The warmth of his hand sweeping across her lower back sent shivers up her spine.

She slowly pulled away, presenting him with an eyeful of her slender figure in just a white T-shirt that hung from her shoulders and a pair of barely there panties. His gaze dropped to the apex of her thighs, where his fingers had ignited passion within her moments before. He was also only wearing underwear, his toned chest rising steadily with each breath he took, highlighting the hard bulge in his crotch.

"Good morning, sexy."

"Morning," she replied, her lust obvious.

Maria straddled his lap, her body pressing against him. She leaned forward, pressing her lips to his and running her hands along his chest. His fingers left a trail of fire as they moved from her hips down to where her panties rested low on her hips. He pulled them down slowly, exposing her bare ass cheeks to the cool air.

Maria moaned in pleasure at the sensation of his touch, unable to resist the urge to take hold of his hard cock which was now standing straight up like a flagpole. She stroked it gently, feeling its velvety smoothness beneath her fingertips, sending shivers of anticipation through Roger's body.

He could feel her warmth radiating from her skin, and it only intensified the desire that already was coursing through him. She looked so gorgeous, he wanted to devour her whole.

Maria felt his excitement, felt his need for her coursing through him. She wanted more, wanted to feel him deep inside of her, pushing himself into her depths, filling her completely with his passion.

She continued to stroke him, feeling his length grow in her hand. Her pussy was throbbing and aching with desire.

Her skin was feverish and hot to the touch.

He reached up and kissed her deeply, passionately, running his hands through her hair. His tongue darted into her mouth, caressing her own tongue before pulling away and leaving her panting for more.

Maria's heart raced in anticipation as she felt Roger's hard manhood slide deep within her, pleasure spilling over her body like molten lava. His hands caressed her curves and explored her depths, building a fire of desire in her core that threatened to consume them both. Moans and cries escaped her lips as he expertly drove her higher on the edge of ecstasy, until finally his tongue sought out hers and their mouths joined together in a passionate embrace.

Breaking away, Roger's breath came in shallow gasps as he looked down at Maria with an intensity that caused her to blush.

"You are so gorgeous," he said, his voice low.

The heat between them was palpable as Maria marveled at how lucky she was to have found someone who could make her feel this way.

Maria let out a strangled scream as Roger filled her completely, pushing her to the brink of exquisite pleasure. Her body trembled and tightened around him, inviting him even deeper inside her. His hands roamed over her feverishly, sending sparks of sensation coursing through her veins with each caress. Maria's moans grew louder and more insistent as their lovemaking intensified. She could feel every inch of his hardness as he thrust himself into her again and again, pushing her towards the moment of ultimate rapture.

With one final surge of energy they both detonated in a simultaneous orgasm, consumed by swirling waves of pleasure that enveloped them in its heat. Maria screamed in ecstasy, her voice echoing through the room like thunder, their bodies collapsing onto the bed.

"Now, that's one way to start your morning!" he quipped.

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