Ask Wendy: About TEDDY LOVE and Medicinal Benefits

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Ask Wendy: About TEDDY LOVE and Medicinal Benefits

The TEDDY LOVE BEAR was launched successfully as a novelty gift that provided sexual benefits to those that were fortunate to receive TEDDY. TEDDY LOVE was created by chance and the utility of TEDDY LOVE has been found to provide anecdotal benefits well beyond those of a sexual nature.

I had several friends that unfortunately had major strokes, where they were paralyzed on one side of their body. Stroke rates in 2010 for men were 37% per 100,000 people and 29.6% per 100,000 for women (Patel, Narayan, Ali, & Mehta, 2014). In a different study looking at stroke the authors found that from the ages of 50-79 the prevalence of stroke was 2.21 (Solé-auró, Michaud, Hurd & Crimmins, 2015). Each state varies as to the prevalence due to behavioral lifestyles and risk factors and it is a common condition throughout the states. This is a pervasive problem and one that I am seeing more frequently as the years progress.

While visiting friends after their strokes in rehabilitation, my one friend explained that although she was paralyzed, she still had tingling and feeling in her limbs but she couldn’t move them. I gave her a TEDDY LOVE BEAR and a TEDDY LOVE BEAR PAW Tickler/Slapper and turned the motor on. We placed the Vibrating Bear on her hip while she lay in her bed…. A big, huge smile of relief came over her and she said that she hadn’t been this happy since the stroke hit her. I then used the slapper/tickler to increase blood flow on her legs and she loved the feeling of both on her limbs. She said that both TEDDY LOVE products made her extremely happy and provided pain relief.

Another stroke patient was debilitated and said that she felt since she had her stroke, her husband no longer was attracted to her. She said he barely visited her in the nursing home and she had pain in her limbs, as well. She used the TEDDY LOVE BEAR for pain relief and also for comfort to hold and stroke with her good arm. She too said how much she loved the bear and slapper/tickler to relieve tingling pain.

TEDDY LOVE is a unique gift that has 10 speeds controlled by TEDDY LOVE’s ears. He is cuddly and will provide years of comfort, companionship, pain relief and sits right on the bed, next to the patient. It is a great “GET WELL SOON” gift that is active in a patient’s recovery from a stroke.

Love and Comfort,

Wendy Adams-CEO


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