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Are There Rules to This?

When being horny leads to being awkward.

By Art CreepsPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
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We had had sex multiple times this particular day. No one had knocked on the door to attempt a sale. The neighbors hadn't come to let us know one of our tires had looked a bit flat. Our phones were on silent from the night before, yet neither of us had received a call or a text the entire day anyway.

This was the perfect Saturday. We watched the newest movie on demand, which we interrupted with 35 minutes or so of oral sex trading off throughout the duration. The movie was good, but she was better. It held my interest enough to pause but nonetheless I wanted her again badly.

I positioned myself at the foot of the bed, where I met her outstretched legs. I aligned myself with her center. My eager hands clenched her legs and bent them towards her stomach as if telepathically telling her to do a sit up. She began to look at me pretending to not know what I was getting ready to do. I ignored it.

I kissed her feet first and then her calves. I wanted to send the message to her timid vagina that my lips were on the way to say hello. Though this would not be a surprise attack, she gasped as the first lick took position on her already wet vagina.

I will stop there, because me pleasing her is not the point of this story. Sorry.

After a day of sex with the love of my life, the time arrived that she would have to leave. I knew I wouldn't see her again for a few days, maybe a week. We kissed, hugged, laughed about something and she was in her car and long gone.

I scanned all of my television streaming apps, but settled on just playing my latest music playlist. I was hungry so I ate a quick breakfast. Suddenly the phone was ringing again. People were popping up at my place. I could hear cars drive by, some with loud music, some with out. That magical and intense Saturday was truly gone.

When things died down again, I picked up my phone to give her a text. I wanted to say something thoughtful and sweet, I wanted to thank her for having that in-house adventure with me. I wanted to let her know that I knew that she had used one of her spells to cut us off from the world for a day.

She texted me, "thank you, I had fun."

That seemed a bit light to my taste but I matched the tone and said, "yes that was a great time, miss you already." She replied with a kiss emoji, and I knew that was all I was getting until she missed me enough to text more than 2 sentences. I wasn't upset or mad, it was the way things were. It was us.

In all actuality though I was still horny. I wanted to cum one more time before I headed to bed. So without any hesitation I grabbed my tablet, clicked the already saved porn link, and scrolled through the top videos. Nothing made me grab the lotion that was conveniently staring at me from my night stand.

I then thought to myself, "I don't have any nude pics of her, but I'll look at her regular pictures that she's sent. This will work. It didn't. Not because she wasn't dressed provocative enough or because she wasn't the sexiest most beautiful woman I knew, but because it just felt so wrong! Is it weird to masturbate to your girlfriend? When I've had no visuals or wifi, I've masturbated to the thought and memory of her, but not to pictures.

How could I masturbate to her pictures? She wasn't some porn star or a social media model with see through panties on holding her breasts, not showing nipples but full display of areolae.

Social media. Yes. I'd just be a creep and scroll social media to see what I needed. A few minutes of frustration would lead me to a picture of someone I'd met in my past. We had never officially dated but we had met on occasion. Never had sex. Just went out to a movie, had lunch. We exchanged texts for awhile. Then like so many relationships of today, she never responded one day and that was that. I was into her sexually, but I never knew how to officially cross that friendly line.

I grabbed the lotion. I stared at her picture. Immediately feeling a sense of guilt. Should I at least heart the picture? I did. Should I show my approval of this picture with a few emojis, maybe send a direct message just saying hello?

My penis was already out and erect. I had gone too far. It would take her too long to respond anyway. I did it anyway. I said "Hello." That was all.

I began to stroke my penis fast, by now I had made my way to her actual profile and was able to scroll through numerous pics. She was so pretty. In some pics she wore nothing but a bikini, some pics, tight yoga pants. My eyes shot out of my head when I saw a video of her bent over dancing and laughing in a mirror. As typical as this was it came at the right or wrong time depending on your current perspective.

I watched the video two more times and ejaculated.

I felt disgusted, but made justification for my actions. I told myself I'd done it because my girl hadn't given me enough attention. I told myself well maybe she should have worn more clothes. Whatever the case it was over. I had reached my goal for the night. The guilt had worn off and I had fallen sound asleep.

A chime comes from my phone. I wake up. The notification lit up my dark room. I go for my phone, not only had I missed a very sexually charged text from my girlfriend, but above that amazing text I see -Direct message from...

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Acceptor of failure, change and success. Lover of one woman and the future. A father of an intuitive young man. Writer, singer and I started a garden a month ago.

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