Analog Photographer Kid Richards

Kid Richards is part of the resurgence of analog photography.

Analog Photographer Kid Richards

Since the beginning of time, or at least the dawn of the daguerreotype, one subject has captivated artists of all mediums and movements alike with its beauty, intrigue, and mystique. It is the female form, and for many, there is nothing more beautiful than a naked woman. Erotic photography has captivated artists, theoreticians, and consumers for over 150 years. Prior to 1839, nude renderings were namely produced via drawings, paintings, and engravings, all of which lacked the detail and veracity of the photograph. Thus, there was something inherently more illicit about an erotic photograph than a painting of the same subject, for they were considered closer to real life. Kid Richards is inspired by the same subject matter and his photographs are unique in not only their genre, but also by the film he uses, which has an underlying tone of romance. Much like Bob Guccione and the other masters that came before him, Kid Richards embraces the beauty of the female form.

What inspired you to shoot erotic images?

Well, I began shooting film some years ago. For some time it was like a therapy for me, to get out from a huge heartbreak.

It was a diary-type photography thing. I was with my Canon F1 all the time. At the end of the day, THAT is my type of photography. But, I’ve been always a curious person, and always checked out a lot of tumblrs and cool things and photography on the internet. Some day, I decided to make a “self-challenge” with myself and try to make something beautiful, something sexy, that communicates all the beauty that lies in a woman. I so I began! There is a lot of people doing erotic images today. Some of them are amazing, others not. But I think, in my humble opinion, that there are too many look-alike type of erotic photos. I am not saying with this, that my type of photography is different, or better than someone else, not at all…but I tried to search for something more personal, and I am still in that search, always.

Why do you only use film to shoot? What film do you prefer to use?

I think it’s a romantic thing. It’s different, it’s more magical. I refuse to use filters to emulate the grain and the dirt. I have the opinion that if you want that pretty light leak, or that beautiful grain…man, just buy a cheap point and shoot camera and a film roll, and start doing it in the original way. It’s so beautiful! You can control everything, but you never know what you gonna get from the rolls! And it is pretty challenging to not have a display in the back of your camera, with the “play” button. You have fewer chances to have the right photo…you can’t shoot thousands of rolls, and then choose 10 and delete the rest. Well, at least if you don’t have a LOT of money to buy tons of rolls ahah

For the last months I’ve been using the Kodak Elite 100…some slide rolls that I bought, really, really cheap. They have around 20 years…I bought around 80, and they are so awesome. But I don’t really care what type of rolls do I use…There are a lot of great film to use, but it’s not cheap, so…

Most of your work has a dark edge to it, what pushes you in that direction?

I really don’t know. In part, the kind of light that you see in the Sludge Series, was the only light I was able to afford. So that was the only I had to shoot. But I really like the idea of not being able to see everything, and to have all that noise and dirt from the film. I really like it! But I like the luminous thing too, outside.

Why do you like analog photography? Do you ever see yourself stepping away from that?

Hum, that’s a really tough question, but I don’t see me buying a digital camera. Well, I have one, but only use it to do movie.

I think that it don’t have the same magic. I am doing this primarily because I LOVE doing it. So, if it’s because of my passion, I will be doing it the way I like it more: with film.

What is the most memorable photo shoot to this date? Can you pick just one?

Another tough question. That’s really difficult, to choose one photoshoot. I had so many cool shoots. But I prefer to not pick one. Would not be fair for all the people I already shot. With all this, I already met such amazing people, and that’s really awesome.

What plans do you have for the future? Any big projects that we should keep an eye out for?

Well, I’ll be doing all this ideas that I have, and they are a lot! I already have a little book with some sludge series, my first Printed Pages (you can buy it here)

Later this year I’ll have some cool prints to sell. And will have some limited editions too, for example some 3d prints with home-made glasses, and a book with my first diary photos, from some years ago, like a compilation of the first years.

Will have a really awesome project, made by me, but with a lot of guest analog photographers from around the world, it’s called FILMXFILM and it will be RAD! Keep attention to it, cause in the next few months it will be released.

Oh, and I am planning to release a bi-annual magazine/book too! So, a lot of cool things going on!

When did you first start photography?

With my ex-girlfriend. She told me all the basics. Then I bought my first camera, read all the manuals, and start burning film.

Who influences you?

Everything that surrounds me. Really, I can’t pick just a name of a photographer. Of course that the classics influence me, as all the photographers, but you have so much information, and so many great things happening around you now, that you could be influenced by all of it!

What advice could you give to those that want to pursue a dream in photography?

Do what you like, keep trying, try, try more, try harder. Don’t let anyone say to you that your work is not good enough. Do it with love, with passion. Don’t give up, even when the sky is full of black clouds, it would be better tomorrow. At the end of the day, you are the first one that has to love your work.

What genre inspires you the most? Women? Society? Landscapes?

So many things. My main activity is music, I am a rock n roll musician. As a musician, I get inspiration from so many and different things. I think you should always have your eyes open for everything that surrounds you. The inspiration could come from a music, a person, a book, another photo, a color, a girl, a street. I don’t know. I have a book where I write all the ideas that I have to do later, and they came from so many different parts.

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