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An Appetizer

by Lenny Jacobs 2 months ago in erotic
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What happens when you're hungry, but have 15 minutes until dinner is ready...

As I walked into our kitchen, the aroma of another one of my brother's masterpieces filled my nose. I could not place exactly what it was he was making, but there was a hint of spice mixed with something sweet, yet smoky.

"What is that heavenly smell?" I said, startling him a bit.

"Hey, Lucy! Glad you're home. I'm making a new chicken dish. It's actually almost done. Maybe fifteen minutes tops." I had always loved how excited cooking made him.

"Alright! I'm just going to run my bag upstairs then." I headed towards the stairs.

"Oh, while you're up there can you holler at Josh? He was playing games in my room, I think. Just let him know dinner will be on soon."

I rolled my eyes and turned back towards the stairs. Josh was my brothers best friend since childhood.

Most of my childhood memories involved the two of them picking on me. Then the pair grew apart for almost all of high school and beginning of college. Now it was their third year of college and my first year. Josh transferred back to our hometown university last year which gave him and Logan the opportunity to renew their friendship. When I graduated, I chose to stay close to home also, so my brother and I found a small two bedroom house to rent together.

"Hey, Josh! Dinner will be on in fifteen!" I called out loudly as I hit the top of the stairs. No response came back and I rolled my eyes once more. Then I opened the door to my room and dropped my bag to the floor.

Perched on the edge of my bed was Josh. He was shirtless and I was shocked to see a six pack and a small tattoo just above his jeans, which were unbuttoned and pulled down a bit. Josh's right hand was wrapped around his stiff cock.

"Hey, little lady." I pulled my eyes away from his groin and caught the smirk on his lips and glint in his eyes.

I tried to speak, but no words came out. Panicking, I went to leave, but was stopped when I heard him say, "Stay. Watch."

Emotions and thoughts flooded my mind. My brother was literally downstairs and this was his best friend. There was no way. But that throbbing cock looked so damn good. When had Josh become so built, so sexy? I slowly turned around. His smirk grew into a smile. He rubbed himself up and down, up and down.

"Do you like that, Lucy?" He asked. I bit my lip and slowly closed the door.

Josh stood without removing his right hand and without stopping the stroking motion.

"I asked you a question." He was right in front of me now. Grabbing my chin, he gently pulled my gaze up to his. "Answer me."

"Yes, I like that." My voice was barely a whisper.

"Would you like to feel me?" I nodded. He took my hand in his and placed it on his throbbing member. A small gasp escaped my lips.

I welcomed the feel of his warmth and hardness in my hands. My ex and I split almost a year ago and I had not been with anyone since. Electricity flowed through me as I stroked him faster and faster. His hand was on the door behind me and he leaned into me, pushing my back up against it. Our lips found each other and he kissed me with such desire, my stomach fluttered and I felt a wetness between my legs I had been longing to feel again.

"Josh, dinner will be ready soon. Logan -"

"Shh, I only need a quick minute." He knelt down in front of me, then looked up with questioning eyes, as if he needed me to confirm this is what I wanted. I bit my lip again and nodded.

His hands started at my knees and trailed up my thighs slowly. Underneath my skirt, he found my silk thong, and pulled it down to my ankles. I felt his lips on my inner thigh, working up towards my moist pussy. His tongue finally grazed over me, causing a loud moan to escape my mouth. Josh reached his hand up and stuck a finger on my mouth. I instinctively sucked on it, knowing he did this to keep me quiet as his tongue danced all over.

I wasn't sure how much longer I could last. His tongue pulled away and I let out a small cry of disapproval.

"I'm going to make you come now, but you have to be a good girl and stay quiet. Okay?" Just him saying that almost made me explode, but I nodded. Keeping my eyes on his, I felt his fingers reach up inside me. He moaned. "God, you are so wet for me, little lady." This was killing me. I wanted to let it all go.

Josh pulled himself into a standing position and I reached for him, still stiff as a board. I began stroking him with the same intensity that his fingers were moving with inside me. He pressed his lips onto mine and I could taste myself.

Our breathing grew heavier and heavier until finally I came. The intensity of my orgasm was almost overwhelming. I bit the back of my hand to prevent myself from screaming out in pleasure. My thighs felt damp as wetness spilled out from me.

As I was coming back down, I opened my eyes and started at Josh. He sensually put his fingers that were deep within me moments ago to his mouth. As he tasted my sweetness he moaned a little. Then his face moved towards mine until our cheeks were touching.

"That was the best appetizer of my life." He whispered in my ear. Then he gave me a quick kiss, opened my door and went downstairs for dinner.


About the author

Lenny Jacobs

Just a simple girl in love with how writing one word can lead to a whole new adventure.

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