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Amputee Sex Fetish

Amputee sex fetishes give a new meaning to "the whole is not always equal to the sum of its parts."

By Vernon MaxwellPublished 8 years ago 11 min read

No matter how many times I hear it, the term "amputee sex fetish" always brings a smile to my face. In an age of pansexuality and transgender equality shows, I am happy to hear there are still boundaries to cross, things that have yet to be accepted for their delicious deviance and yet innocent nature. Should an amputee be held back from experiencing the pleasure of fetish sex? Absolutely not. Not in a world where guys in wheelchairs can shoot three point baskets like they were in the NBA. More importantly, with transhumanism on the rise, now is certainly the time for undiscovered country.

The things people say:

"When my girlfriend comes hopping out of the bathroom with her beautiful stump protruding six inches below her baby-doll nightie, my cock immediately roars to attention."

"Sitting in the movies, my wife removes her prosthesis and then lets me caress and fondle the stump of her right leg while she plays with my cock. It is the most erotic experience you can imagine."

"I love it when my fiancé wraps the sexy stubs of her legs around my hips and squeezes while we are fucking. I immediately get my rocks off."

"At first I was very self-conscious about my missing leg, but after two men told me that my amputee status was what turned them on originally, I realized that missing a leg was actually a great advantage and attracted some very nice men."

"My girlfriend loves to straddle the stump of my amputated left leg and rub her pussy on it until she has an orgasm."

All of the above quotes are from an extremely interesting and interested group of people—amputees and amputee lovers. What it is about the stump of a missing arm or leg that turns a lot of people on, is difficult to pinpoint both from a psychological view and for the people who are excited by it, but this reporter has made as thorough an investigation into the subject as possible.

I interviewed a number of psychologists and psychiatrists about the subject of amputees, and their conjectures and observations were both varied and interesting.

Photo via Aimee Mullins

Woman Seeking Man

A doctor "X" who specializes in treating and rehabilitating wounded veterans, particularly those who have lost arms and legs in battle, had this to say:

"Initially, the loss of an arm or a leg is a very traumatic experience for a young man. Some of them never recover. However, I have had patients who have adjusted extremely well and particularly those who have found a mate or lover who is actually attracted to the amputee."

"I think, being perfectly frank, that women who are attracted to amputee men, fall into primarily two categories. There are those who view the stump as a phallic symbol, which is what the stump of an amputated limb looks like. And those who are attracted to men who are crippled, and thus helpless in some way."

To explain this further—many women look for a "son" or even a baby symbol in their mate—someone they can care for and look after and even dominate. So they marry an amputee who depends on them a great deal more than a non-amputee individual would. Thus they have a lover and a child at the same time.

Man Seeking Woman

"In the reverse case, where a man is attracted to a female amputee, I have a couple of theories on that also. First, like the woman who is looking for a somewhat helpless man, there are men who look for extremely dependent women, and what could be more dependent than someone who is disabled in some way? Then there are the men who find the phallic stump of an amputated limb sexy. Since the stump is phallic, or rather, a male phallus, this would lead me to believe that these men have some repressed homosexual tendencies. Here they are with a cock of their own and they are getting excited by a woman because she has a large stump. I may be somewhat in left field on this one, because there are, of course, people who are sexually titillated by the bizarre or the abnormal and they get off on a stump simply because it is something that your average guy (or woman) deems sort of taboo."

"However," the doctor tells me, "I don't personally give a damn what it is about amputees that some people find sexual. All I can say is that it's great that this particular fetish exists because the amputee finds it pretty rough to get along and be accepted, so if he or she finds a mate who likes the amputee, it's good for both of them."

The amputees and amputee-lovers I talked with were not, for the most part, too sure what the attraction was, but they were certainly emphatic about the attraction.

One woman, whose boyfriend is an amputee, is very frank about the fact that she likes his stump because it is sexy. "It is a big phallic looking symbol," she says, "and reminds me of a rigid cock. And, to be perfectly honest, I have even tried to shove it into my pussy. It's too big because his stump extends to just above the knee, but I sure would like to have it inside of me, along with his pretty big cock, too, of course."

One of the most unusual cases of amputee fetishism that I ran across was the girl who was not an amputee but wanted to be one. "Sometimes," she confessed, "I even thought seriously about lying down on the railroad track with one leg on the rail just so I could be an amputee." Now this sounds really crazy, but the girl was, in every other respect normal—she just wanted to be without one of her legs. Probing deeply into her subconscious in a number of sessions with a psychiatrist, the interesting fact that she had had an amputee girlfriend when she was a child, came to light.

"The other girl got all of the attention, and people were always extra kind and considerate of her and she even got dates with boys who felt sorry for her. I guess I just built up so much envy of all of the attention she got that it became an obsession with me," she said. All of the sessions with the psychiatrist did not curb her desire to be an amputee, though, but at last knowledge about her, she still hadn't gotten her heart's desire.

Additionally, while I can not diagnose this girl as I am not a doctor, there is a condition called apotemnophilia, which is a neurological disorder which causes individuals to desire for the amputation of a specific limb. While we’re here, let's cover a few more definitions. A separate definition of this term is related to the erotic desire to be an amputee. Looking back, a person who is attracted to amputees is acrotomophilia.

Variety of Attraction

There are many forms of attraction to the amputee, such as those who get off on the idea of a girlfriend or boyfriend having a "cute little stump" as they describe it, to the attraction to prosthesis—either artificial limbs or the old-fashioned peg leg. Although there are artificial limbs which are much more attractive and utilitarian, some people still prefer a peg, though the practice of having a peg inserted is almost non existent.

One man, who has had a number of amputee girlfriends, says that he gets off on seeing a woman naked with only one leg. "When I get my girlfriend home, I usually get her to sit down in the living room first and during the course of petting, I unstrap her artificial leg and then have her hop into the bedroom. What really gets me off is watching her move. When she hops along on one foot, her breasts and ass jiggle and bounce so incredibly and it immediately gets me all hot and steamed up. I like to run my hand over her stump while we are fucking and feel it pressed under me when I lie on top of her."

He says that he also thinks that her helplessness is part of the attraction. "Maybe," he says, "it has something to do with being totally in control of her while her artificial limb is missing. I know that she's not going to go very far with only one leg. Sometimes we get to playing around and she gets up and goes hopping away from me and I chase her around and catch her and sometimes just throw her down on the floor and we have sex right there with her stump waving helplessly in the air."

"I thought my life was over when I lost one of my legs in a motorcycle accident," Jessica says, "For months, after I came out of the hospital, I just sat around in my apartment and moped. Then one of my friends brought me a pile of magazines from her house and I began looking through them. Well, the friend had obviously mistakenly left one of those sex tabloids in the pile of magazines. I was thumbing through it and fell upon an advertisement in the personals column that said, 'Young Man Wishes To Meet Partial Or Total Amputee Women For Fun and Games.' What fun and games, I thought to myself, could this weird dude possibly have in mind?"

"I didn't think that being an amputee was much fun. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was an amputee and that there was nothing wrong with me. I wasn’t weird or anything."

"Before my accident I had been a really fun-loving person and staying locked up inside was really getting to me. Well, to make a long story short, I called the number in the ad and this guy sounded real nice and so I invited him over for a drink. I have to confess that I was a bit nervous because what if he turned out to be a real kook or even a murderer? As it turned out—his name was Alexhe wasn’t a murderer but he was a bit weird. He was crazy about amputated limbs and that's all he wanted to talk about. I didn’t get the feeling that he liked me at all... all he was interested in was my stump. But, for some strange reason it gave me a big ego boost to be found attractive by a man even though I did have a handicap. So, I went to bed with him. I wanted the lights out and he wanted them on so he could examine my stump. He caressed it, licked it, kept rubbing his hands all over it. At first I was really uptight, but at the same time he was also fondling my breasts and playing with my pussy. After a while, we fucked and then he played with my leg some more and that was the end of that."

"The next encounter was in a bar after I got the courage to go out. Some guy picked me up and I went home with him after being sure that he knew I was an amputee. He said that he knew that when I walked into the bar, by the way I moved. He was turned on by amputees too, but seemed to appreciate me as a person and as a woman also, so that one turned out better. I have dated a lot of guys since then. We amputees and amputee-lovers have sort of an intimate circle here in New York and we go around together and date each other a lot. So our handicaps rather than making us outcasts has made us sort of an intimate unique club."

Photo via Rebekah Marine

Amputated Above the Belt

While most amputee fetishists seem most attracted to amputated legs, there are those who are more interested in amputated arms or hands. "You should see what my boyfriend does with his stump," says one lady. "He lost his arm halfway between the hand and elbow and that left him with the sexiest stump. He wears an artificial limb during the day but at night he takes it off and uses it on me like a dildo. I love the feeling of him rubbing his arm all over my body and down there, where it feels so sexy and big. He usually screws me and then uses his arm to get me to reach a climax. Whoever says that bigger isn’t better is crazy. If I could find a guy with a dick as big as my boyfriend’s arm, I’d marry him in a minute."

Photo via Rebekah Marine

The More (Amputated), the Merrier

Even double or quadruple amputees have their following. One man explained that his girlfriend has no limbs at all, that she has two tiny "flippers" protruding from her shoulders and no legs. The missing limbs were not a result of an accident, she was born that way. "When I met her, she was wasting away at home, a really beautiful girl, twenty-two years old, confined to bed or a wheelchair which had to be pushed by someone else. I had become friends with her brother and met her when he invited me to his house. The girl, Laura, is very intelligent and we spent hours talking before I asked her out on a date. She refused a couple of times, but finally agreed to go to the movies with me. Afterwards, I talked her into coming up to my apartment for a drink. We sat and talked—with her propped up on the sofa beside me and I gave her a couple of strong drinks to get her loosened up and the next thing, I was putting my hands all over her."

"Then I carried her into the bedroom and removed her clothes and laid her down on the bed. I don’t know why it was so sexy, seeing her lying there with her beautiful breasts and body. I began kissing her all over until I got her really hot and ready for me. It was a fantastic sexual experience and I decided right then I wanted to take care of her. We aren’t married yet because she still has some hesitation about it, but that's what I want to do—marry her and take care of her for the rest of her life."

It's interesting that regardless of who you are or what you have going for you, if you look you will always find someone who is interested in you. Amputees are just one segment of the population with a handicap they are seeking to overcome. Nature compensates by providing people who are interested in different things; There are masochists for sadists, slaves for bondage enthusiasts, girls for girls and boys for boys, and amputee-lovers for people with missing limbs. As they say, "there's a cover for every pot... even the ones that don't have handles."

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